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Gun deaths outnumbered motor-vehicle deaths in Oregon & 13 Other States-in 2011, study shows


Oregon was one of 14 states where gun deaths outpaced motor vehicle deaths in 2011, according to a study by the Violence Policy Center.

Data was compiled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.


Gun deaths include suicide by firearm, homicides, and fatal unintentional shootings. Motor vehicle deaths include both vehicle occupants and pedestrians.

The 13 other states where gun deaths exceeded motor vehicle deaths in 2011 were: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Washington state, as well as the District of Columbia.


Arizona politician mistakes 'Y' campers for migrant children

Source: Arizona Republic

Republican congressional candidate and state legislator Adam Kwasman had just raced up to Phoenix Tuesday morning from the protest in Oracle over the expected arrival of dozens of migrant children at a shelter.

He had tweeted from the scene, "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law." He included a photo of the back of a yellow school bus.

Kwasman later told me he saw the migrant children. "I was actually able to see some of the children in the buses. The fear on their faces.... This is not compassion," he said.

But there was a problem with Kwasman's story: There was no fear on their faces. Those weren't the migrant children in the school bus. Those were children from the Marana school district. They were heading to the YMCA's Triangle Y Camp, not far from the Rite of Passage shelter for the migrants, at the base of Mt. Lemmon.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/story/brahm-resnik/2014/07/15/arizona-politician-mistakes-campers-for-migrant-children/12701279/

NYT: Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats

Last Wednesday night, as he stood on a hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot and watched the bombardment of Gaza on the plain below, a Danish newspaper reporter snapped an iPhone photo of about a dozen locals who cheered on their military from plastic chairs while eating popcorn.

Allan Sørensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent for Denmark’s Kristeligt Dagblad, then uploaded the image to Twitter with a sardonic caption that described the macabre scene as “Sderot cinema.”


Tea Party Founder Told Live On Air ‘It’s Impossible For You To Have Been More Wrong’

.....the predictions Santelli made about the economy and government policy are getting called out, by one of his CNBC colleagues no less. CNBC commentator and economist Steve Liesman responded to yet another Santelli rant by saying:

It’s impossible for you to have been more wrong, Rick. Your call for inflation, the destruction of the dollar, the failure of the U.S. economy to rebound. Rick, it’s impossible for you to have been more wrong. Every single bit of advice you gave would have lost people money, Rick… There is no piece of advice that you’ve given that’s worked, Rick. Not a single one… The higher interest rates never came. The inability of the U.S. to sell bonds never happened. The dollar never crashed, Rick. There isn’t a single one that’s worked for you.

It would have lost you money if you bought the propaganda about how the economy worked, but it certainly did not lose those money who wanted government paralysis. The Tea Party’s advocacy of austerity served their 1% backers, such as the Koch Brothers, well and helped widen the already yawning wealth gap. No new taxes and no debt relief.

Instead of a populist movement to punish the banks and redistribute their ill-gotten gains there was an attack on economic stimulus and raising taxes.This despite many Tea Party members relying on public assistance and social insurance programs themselves – which they support.

Given the results of austerity economics and its failure to help the people like those in the Tea Party, one might think reconsideration was in order. But as long as people like Santelli are trying to yell over reality the show must go on.


San Diego- minimum wage going to $11.50 by 2017

SD minimum wage going to $11.50 by 2017
Council opts for ordinance over ballot measure in 6-3 vote

SAN DIEGO — Thousands of San Diego workers got a big pay raise Monday night from the City Council, which voted 6-3 along party lines to increase the city’s minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by January 2017.

The council considered presenting the wage hike to voters for approval in November, but decided to move forward with an ordinance instead.

Supporters of raising the minimum wage, including all six of the council’s Democrats, said it will help local business by boosting the buying power of many thousands of low-wage workers. They also say it’s not acceptable that people working full-time can’t afford the basics in San Diego.


Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case (Felony Conviction-Burglary/Weapons)

Cliven Bundy’s Son Facing Arrest In Separate Criminal Case
July 14, 2014

The Nevada rancher who hosted armed protesters against federal agents in April because he didn’t’ want to pay his bills, is having a family problem. His adult son acknowledged on Monday that he faces arrest in a separate criminal case stemming from his felony conviction on burglary and weapon charges.

34-year-old Cliven Lance Bundy told the Associated Press in a telephone interview that he knows he is named in a contempt-of-court warrant issued July 8 in Las Vegas for failing to appear before a Clark County District Court judge who oversees a drug diversion program.

“I’m trying to get ahold of my counselor to see what I’m supposed to do,” Lance Bundy said.

According to the younger Bundy, he underwent outpatient surgery the day the warrant was issued and has been recuperating at his parents’ home in Bunkerville.


Texas GOP’s secret anti-Hispanic plot: Smoking gun emails revealed

Texas GOP’s secret anti-Hispanic plot: Smoking gun emails revealed
Rick Perry and GOP state leaders go on trial today -- and the verdict could mean big things for Voting Rights Act

On Nov. 17, 2010, Eric Opiela sent an email to Gerard Interiano. A Texas Republican Party associate general counsel, Opiela served at that time as a campaign adviser to the state’s speaker of the House Joe Straus, R-San Antonio; he was about to become the man who state lawmakers understood spoke “on behalf of the Republican Congressmen from Texas,” according to minority voting-rights plaintiffs, who have sued Texas for discriminating against them.

In the Nov. 17, 2010, email, Opelia asked Interiano to look for specific data about Hispanic populations and voting patterns.

“These metrics would be useful to identify the ‘nudge factor’ by which one can analyze which census blocks, when added to a particular district (they) help pull the district’s Total Hispanic pop … to majority status, but leave the Spanish surname RV (registered voters) and TO (turnout) the lowest,” Opiela writes to the mapmaker.

Interiano responded two days later: “I will gladly help with this Eric but you’re going to have to explain to me in layman’s terms.”


In a follow-up email on Nov. 19, 2010, Opiela explained to Interiano that he called his proposed strategy: “OHRVS” or “Optimal Hispanic Republican Voting Strength.” Opiela defined the acronym-friendly term as, “a measure of how Hispanic, and (,) at the same time (,) Republican we can make a particular census block.”


Never enough is it Dick?

During an event sponsored by Politico, Cheney said the next president needs to "turn around the whole trend" of cutting defense dollars.

"That ought to be our top priority for spending. Not food stamps, not highways or anything else," Cheney said. "Your No. 1 responsibility as president is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Obama is the commander-in-chief and he's absolutely devastating the United States military today."


Never enough is it Dick?

This Cashier Told Obama A Gay Sex Joke And Got The Best Reaction

That cashier -- Daniel Rugg Webb, a comedian and part-time employee at Franklin Barbecue -- told the Austin Chronicle the fist bump was a reaction to a gay sex joke:

As the president approached, Webb threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically. "Equal rights for gay people!"

"Are you gay?" the president asked.

"Only when I have sex," Webb said.

"That's when he laughed and said, 'Bump me,'" Webb says.

really fascinating stuff here:

This Photographer Wants To Shatter the Stereotype of the Absent Black Father

This Photographer Wants To Shatter the Stereotype of the Absent Black Father
by Clutch — Jul 14, 2014


From Lee’s site:

For a long time, holding on to the pain of that discovery was easier than dealing with it: As long as I was able to project my misgivings onto a negative stereotype, I could justify my anger and hurt. But I also realized that a huge part of me was curious to know more about my Black father, wanting to understand, get to a place of forgiveness. And that longing had informed my creative process all along. Without any information about my father’s identity or whereabouts, the only way to come to terms with my feelings was to examine them through photography.

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve developed relationships with several Black fathers from different walks of life and in different cities in the US and Canada. Every father I met spoke with his own voice. They expressed their swagger, life rhythm, and ways of relating with their kids and partners in very unique ways. And perhaps more importantly, as I observed these families, another truth manifested loud and clear: Contrary to the prevalent media caricature of Black men as aggressive, violent, and irresponsible, the fathers I met were loving, affectionate, and dependable. They readily shared their feelings and emotions, their concerns and fears. They were vulnerable enough to allow me to photograph them in moments of joy and times of frustration. They were by no means perfect, but unsung everyday heroes nonetheless, committed to being present one fatherly act at a time.

More Pics:
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