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REMEMBER TO STAY AFRAID so we can keep this up.....

13 years ago today,
the US launched airstrikes in Afghanistan. The front page of the @washingtonpost from 10/8/01:

Second leaker in US intelligence, says Glenn Greenwald

Second leaker in US intelligence, says Glenn Greenwald
Citizenfour, new film on spying whistleblower Edward Snowden, shows journalist Greenwald discussing other source

The investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald has found a second leaker inside the US intelligence agencies, according to a new documentary about Edward Snowden that premiered in New York on Friday night.

Towards the end of filmmaker Laura Poitras’s portrait of Snowden – titled Citizenfour, the label he used when he first contacted her – Greenwald is seen telling Snowden about a second source.

Snowden, at a meeting with Greenwald in Moscow, expresses surprise at the level of information apparently coming from this new source. Greenwald, fearing he will be overheard, writes the details on scraps of paper.

The specific information relates to the number of the people on the US government’s watchlist of people under surveillance as a potential threat or as a suspect. The figure is an astonishingt 1.2 million.


and also interesting:

Next time your creationist friends reject evolution, show them this video



A new video from science advocates Stated Clearly provides an 11-minute examination of the evidence behind the theory of evolution that should come in handy for anyone debating the issue with creationists.

“Thousands of observable facts from completely independent fields of study have come together to tell us the exact same story: all living things on Earth are related,” the group’s founder, Jon Perry, states.

The video focuses on cetaceans, using evidence gathered through fossil records and findings from embryologists and comparative anatomy studies supporting the theory that whales and dolphins evolved from large land-based mammals.

“Strangely, whales have arm, wrist, hand and finger bones inside their front flippers,” Perry says, comparing their bone structure to those found in the appendages of bats, hippos and people.


Vote suppression is in their DNA

Vote suppression is in their DNA

by digby

Keep in mind that there is zero evidence of any systematic voter fraud in this country and zero evidence that any election has been illegitimately won on the basis of voters pretending to be someone they are not:

Arkansas Tossed Ballot Of 79-Year-Old Woman Who Has Been Voting Since Jim Crow

In a small one-story house filled with knickknacks and stuffed animals, Joy Dunn sat at her dining room table going over her absentee ballot. Turning the pages with long fingernails painted fire engine red, she said she wanted to make sure she had everything in order, as the vote she cast in March’s special election was never counted.

“I got a letter saying my vote wasn’t counted because I didn’t have ID. But I’ve been voting in this state since 1954 and I never had to have ID,” she told ThinkProgress. “I didn’t know I was supposed to send in an ID this time. Nobody told me.”

Dunn, who just turned 79, has several forms of valid ID, but says she was never notified that she had to include a copy of it with her absentee ballot. Arkansas is one of a tiny handful of state to require copies of ID from absentee voters, and the only state in the nation to make those over age 65 do. The only exceptions to this rule are for active duty service members and their spouses and residents of long-term care or residential care facilities.

This time, Joy is aware of the requirement, but it hasn’t been easy for her to meet it. Because of a foot injury that left her unable to drive, she had to ask a neighbor to take her drivers’ license to the library and bring her back a photocopy to include with her ballot. “I had to depend on somebody to go do it for me and that’s a hardship on me,” she said. “And most people don’t even have that kind of help! I think it’s unfair for a lot of us older people.”

She said this hardship reminded her of the very first time she cast a ballot, in Little Rock in 1954. She was forced to pay a $2 poll tax, which she said was “not much more” than people made working a full day’s shift. “It was a little white slip, looked like a rent receipt,” she said. “You had to have that slip to vote.”


The idea then was the same as the idea now: to keep African Americans and Latinos from voting. And when one roadblock falls they figure out a way to put up another one. It's so obvious that I cannot believe they can deny it with a straight face. But they do --- and then they start screaming something unintelligible about black panthers.

Believe me when I say that voter ID isn't the end of it. Even if every voter in the country gets bar-coded the conservative party will find another way to suppress the vote of their opponents. It's in their DNA at this point.


Deadly Force-in Black & White---ProPublica analysis-Young Blacks Being Killed At Disturbing Rates

Deadly Force, in Black and White

A ProPublica analysis of killings by police shows outsize risk for young black males.
by Ryan Gabrielson, Ryann Grochowski Jones and Eric Sagara
ProPublica, Oct. 10, 2014, 11:07 a.m

Who Gets Killed?

The finding that young black men are 21 times as likely as their white peers to be killed by police is drawn from reports filed for the years 2010 to 2012, the three most recent years for which FBI numbers are available.

The black boys killed can be disturbingly young. There were 41 teens 14 years or younger reported killed by police from 1980 to 2012 ii. 27 of them were black iii; 8 were white iv; 4 were Hispanic v and 1 was Asian vi.

That's not to say officers weren't killing white people. Indeed, some 44 percent of all those killed by police across the 33 years were white.

White or black, though, those slain by police tended to be roughly the same age. The average age of blacks killed by police was 30. The average age of whites was 35.

way, way more:

Jon Stewart blasts ex-AIG chief: ‘Go f*ck yourself’ for crying over $184 billion bailout

“Hello, Mr. Greenberg,” Stewart said, impersonating a loan officer. “You’ve asked us for $184.6 billion for 90 percent of your company, which is only worth $15 billion … go f*ck yourself.”

Stewart pointed out that, while the U.S. paid more than 1,000 percent of AIG’s market value at the time of the bailout, Greenberg filed a lawsuit painting himself as a victim of government extortion.

“You’re angry that they wouldn’t lend to you at less than 14 percent,” Stewart said. “Yeah, we hate it, too, only we call it having a credit card. And we don’t sue over those rates because we can’t.”

As a rule, Stewart said, extortionists and kidnappers try to extract money from their victims — not take their dog, force them to accept a large cash payment and then return the dog anyway. He also shot down Greenberg’s claim that AIG’s bailout terms were less favorable than those offered to banks like Citigroup and Morgan Stanley.


The Southwest Has Been Gassed

This map, from the study published Oct. 9 in Geophysical Research Letters, shows anomalous U.S. methane emissions averaged from 2003 to 2009 as detected by a European Space Agnency satellite.
Credit: American Geophysical Union

The hot spot the researchers found, which was validated by ground instruments, covers about 2,500 square miles over the Four Corners area, where coal-bed methane development in the area released about 650,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere annually for each of the seven years. That amounts to 10 percent of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s official estimate of methane emissions for all of the U.S. during those years.



Oct 9, 6:45 PM EDT


WASHINGTON (AP) -- A surprising hot spot of the potent global-warming gas methane hovers over part of the southwestern U.S., according to satellite data.

That result hints that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies considerably underestimate leaks of methane, which is also called natural gas.

The higher level of methane is not a local safety or a health issue for residents, but factors in overall global warming. It is likely leakage from pumping methane out of coal mines. While methane isn't the most plentiful heat-trapping gas, scientists worry about its increasing amounts and have had difficulties tracking emissions.

A satellite image of atmospheric methane concentrations over the continental U.S. shows the hot spot as a bright red blip over the Four Corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah. The image used data from 2003 to 2009.

Within that hot spot, a European satellite found atmospheric methane concentrations equivalent to emissions of about 1.3 million pounds a year. That's about 80 percent more than the EPA figured. Other ground-based studies have calculated that EPA estimates were off by 50 percent.


Pakistan's Malala Awarded Nobel Peace Prize As Youngest Winner Ever

Pakistan's Malala Awarded Nobel Peace Prize As Youngest Winner Ever

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for risking their lives to fight for children's rights. The decision made Malala, a 17-year-old student and education activist, the youngest-ever Nobel winner.

The news set off celebrations on the streets of Mingora, the main town in Pakistan's volatile Swat valley, with residents greeting each other and distributing sweets. At the town's Khushal Public School, which is owned by Malala's father, students danced in celebration Friday, jumping up and down.

When she was a student there, Malala was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two years ago for insisting that girls as well as boys have the right to an education. Surviving several operations with the help of British medical care, she continued both her activism and her studies.


"It was a legal technicality"


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