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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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You're Missing One...Satan!?


This Indie Jewelry Brand Wrote A VERY Bold Letter To Ivanka Trump

We’ve been hearing a lot about Ivanka Trump lately because her dad happens to be running for president.

Now, the progeny of the controversial GOP nominee is making waves on social media because of a recent purchase.

After Ivanka placed an order for the Helix Ear Cuff from indie jewelry brand Lady Grey, the brand’s cofounders Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader decided to take the opportunity to send a message while fulfilling the order.

They posted what they sent Ivanka on Instagram:

The handwritten note to Ivanka reads as follows:

Dear Ivanka,

Thank you so much for your web order! We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey .


Jill + Sabine

Lady Grey



GOP speechwriter "Only prospect more terrifying than voting for Clinton is not voting for her"

BY: Richard J. Cross, III

"I personally drafted the speech of the "Benghazi mom," Patricia Smith. In that speech, I concluded with the following line: "If Hillary Clinton can't give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency?" As a political speechwriter, that was something of a home run moment for me. The New Yorker called the speech "the weaponization of grief."


While I'm proud of my service to the Republican party, I am not proud of the present state of American politics. I look around me; everything just feels awful and sad. The divisions in our national discourse are great, and there is no political hero waiting to rescue us from ourselves. Instead, we're confronted by the awful spectacle of a "Mothra versus Godzilla" election. And, just like in the movies, no matters who wins, Tokyo suffers.

Regardless, the reality is, I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I could never vote for Donald Trump


Still, the prospect of voting for Hillary Clinton is uncomfortable to me, as if Dr. Van Helsing were compelled to vote for Dracula.

But the only prospect more terrifying than voting for Hillary Clinton is not voting for her.

The reality of American politics today is, she is the only choice.


Message from a despondent GOP operative:

'I'm beginning to think someone is just messing with us.'


Clinton on Trump shake up: "He can hire/fire anybody he wants from his campaign-he is still same man

"There is no new Donald Trump, this is it" #2016'

Clinton alludes to the deckchair rearrangement on luxury liner Trump and says it does not matter:

He can hire and fire whoever he wants from his campaign. They can make him read new words from a teleprompter. But he is still the same man who insults gold star families, mocks people with disabilities and thinks he knows more about Isis than our generals. There is no new Donald Trump – this is it.


God Destroys Tony Perkins’ House

August 17, 2016 Hate Groups, Religion

As we are repeatedly instructed, God uses hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and lethal diseases to punish people for sinning. This week the Lord Almighty aimed his Holy Wrath at Louisiana, where among the thousands of people made homeless by flooding is hate group leader Tony Perkins, who reports that he had to escape his destroyed home by canoe.

Perkins is on vacation this month, but today he called into his own radio show to lament the “biblical proportion” disaster that will allegedly force his family to live in a camper for the six months it will take to rebuild his home. Today’s guest host for Perkins’ show is former Family Research Council vice president Ken Klukowski, who now works for Breitbart.

Listen below as they spin this natural disaster as an opportunity for Christians to rejoice that God considers them “worthy of suffering for his sake.” And to “use this as an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise to take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.” Including destroying the fuck out of thousands of houses.


OMG: 1 hour ago No joke. This is the lead story right now on Drudge:

Not crazy to think that Drudge will be brought in to run campaign by late October.!






As Trump appealed to black voters yesterday, people in audience said this:


Scientific American Takes A Stand Against Trump’s “Lack Of Respect For Science”

The U.S. presidential election shows how far the political conversation has degenerated from the nation's founding principles of truth and evidence
By THE EDITORS on September 1, 2016

Scientific American is not in the business of endorsing political candidates. But we do take a stand for science—the most reliable path to objective knowledge the world has seen—and the Enlightenment values that gave rise to it. For more than 170 years we have documented, for better and for worse, the rise of science and technology and their impact on the nation and the world. We have strived to assert in our reporting, writing and editing the principle that decision making in the sphere of public policy should accept the conclusions that evidence, gathered in the spirit and with the methods of science, tells us to be true.

It won't come as a surprise to anyone who pays even superficial attention to politics that over the past few decades facts have become an undervalued commodity. Many politicians are hostile to science, on both sides of the political aisle. The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has a routine practice of meddling in petty science-funding matters to score political points. Science has not played nearly as prominent a role as it should in informing debates over the labeling of genetically modified foods, end of life care and energy policy, among many issues.

The current presidential race, however, is something special. It takes antiscience to previously unexplored terrain. When the major Republican candidate for president has tweeted that global warming is a Chinese plot, threatens to dismantle a climate agreement 20 years in the making and to eliminate an agency that enforces clean air and water regulations, and speaks passionately about a link between vaccines and autism that was utterly discredited years ago, we can only hope that there is nowhere to go but up.

In October, as we did four years previously, we will assemble answers from the campaigns of the Democratic and Republican nominees on the public policy questions that touch on science, technology and public health and then publish them online. We will support ScienceDebate.org's efforts to persuade moderators to ask important science-related questions during the presidential debates. We encourage the nation's political leaders to demonstrate a respect for scientific truths in word and deed. And we urge the people who vote to hold them to that standard.


i expect a lot of this:

Trump campaign press release:


Actual tweet:

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