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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 54,215

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Short Fingers, pissing off Uncle Rupert is not a good idea

"We said nothing. All we did was quote a certain, very talented legal
mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television," Trump
responded. "I didn't make an opinion on it. That was a statement made by
a very talented lawyer on Fox. And so you shouldn't be talking to me.
You should be talking to Fox. Okay?"


"How did this (Trump) happen?"


Terrifying email from school advising students from Muslim countries not to go home for spring break


Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

A Reuters review found that at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida.


“I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia,” President Trump said at a news conference last month. “I have no loans in Russia. I don’t have any deals in Russia.”

But in the United States, members of the Russian elite have invested in Trump buildings. A Reuters review has found that at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida, according to public documents, interviews and corporate records.

The buyers include politically connected businessmen, such as a former executive in a Moscow-based state-run construction firm that works on military and intelligence facilities, the founder of a St. Petersburg investment bank and the co-founder of a conglomerate with interests in banking, property and electronics.

People from the second and third tiers of Russian power have invested in the Trump buildings as well. One recently posted a photo of himself with the leader of a Russian motorcycle gang that was sanctioned by the United States for its alleged role in Moscow’s seizure of Crimea.


Note to self: Never wear a green tie on TV.


On my way to PetSmart to get that canary before they sell out


Trump backer Robert Mercer is fine with dropping nukes, said they made Japanese citizens healthier




Donald Trump Challenges The Cousins and Loses Bigly

The President tried to blame the Brits for his own self-created debacle. That wasn’t smart.

Wednesday was a bad day for the White House, but Thursday turned out to be even worse. First, Rep. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, sided with his team against the president, explaining forthrightly that “no such wiretap existed.” Then the Senate joined in, with its intelligence committee’s leadership releasing a statement even stronger than its House counterpart. It minced no words:

In other words, nobody in the Intelligence Community was spying on the Republican candidate or president-elect, period.

By midday Thursday, President Trump was fully exposed before the world, including by upset members of his own party who are clearly frustrated by the White House’s inability to shoot straight on issues of the gravest importance to our national security. It must be particularly frustrating that this distraction is occurring just as his approval rating is finally starting to tick upwards.



This West Virginia newspaper front page should scare Republicans


"The Wall"

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