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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 50,341

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Trump to Kelly: 'You’ve been called a lot worse' than bimbo

“Bimbo?” Kelly asked, referring to tweets that had appeared on Trump's Twitter timeline calling her a bimbo.

“Well that was a retweet, yeah. Did I say that?” Trump asked.

“Many times,” Kelly said.

“Oh, okay excuse me,” Trump said. “Not the most horrible thing … Over your life Megyn, you’ve been called a lot worse. Isn’t that right? Wouldn’t you say?”


Trump University Honor Students


Bagley Cartoon: Dogpatch, Utah


‘People don’t realize how handsome I am!’

Back in 2004, a model named Victoria Zdrok gave an interview to a guy named Chaunce Hayden. In it, she detailed the way that Donald Trump had called up her bosses at Playboy and requested to meet her…”First of all, he’s really arrogant. He’s really into himself! On a date all he does is talk about himself. He loves himself! The first thing he says to me on our date is that he’s taller and better looking than what he looks like in pictures, and that people don’t realize it. He said, ‘People don’t realize how handsome I am!’”…Naturally, Trump wasn’t too excited to hear that this interview would be coming out…He called Hayden himself and said, “(Zdrok) looks like a fucking third-rate hooker. Gimme a break. I never took her out. She’s full of shit. Chaunce, look, I have good taste in women. Take a look at her picture. It’s all bullshit. I never took her out …I never took her out, and based on that picture I would never take her out. She’s not even attractive, she’s not a good-looking girl… Who the hell wants a Penthouse Pet? Penthouse is gone, it’s bankrupt, it’s over.”

and yes, I will keep cutting & pasting Trump's shit everywhere I can:
Audio & more:


1. It’s old news because everyone knows Trump treats women badly?
In Just One Day, Fox News Offered 15 Different Excuses For Trump’s Disgusting Treatment Of Women

Remember the a-LOO-mo?

Dan Patrick is not just any homophobic schmuck — he’s the Lieutenant Governor of the state of Texas.

Dan PatrickVerified account
Texas will not give in to President Obama's attacks on our values


My husband isn't Hitler either

Melania Trump also said Donald Trump shares no similarity with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler after proposing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

“We know the truth,” she said of the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee. "He’s not Hitler. He wants to help America. He wants to unite people. They think he doesn’t, but he does.

“Even with the Muslims, it’s only temporary,” Melania Trump added. "Maybe he need to say it in a softer way. He doesn’t go after religions.

“He feels like we need to know who’s coming into this country. If not, we don’t have a country. That’s how he feels. We see how he is, and he wants to unite the country and bring people together and bring jobs back."



O'Reilly: Feminists Should Not Be Allowed To Report On Trump “Because He Is Antithesis Of Feminism"

Bill O'Reilly: Feminists Should Not Be Allowed To Report On Trump “Because Trump Is The Antithesis Of” Feminism

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): She is a feminist. Trump is a beauty contestant purveyor. Do you let a feminist report on a beauty contestant person who is now turned politician?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, of course. That doesn't condemn somebody and say they can't report on X or Y. Somebody is a conservative or a liberal, that doesn't mean they can't report. As we learn over the decades, the best reporters may have feelings and personal conclusions, and they can edit those and filter those things out.

O'REILLY: Well maybe so, but there were a lot of charged words in that article.

WOODWARD: Yeah. I didn't think it was one of their finest articles.

O'REILLY: Wait, wait. If I'm an editor and I know there is a feminist woman in my newsroom, who is brilliant because I think this woman is an excellent reporter, I don't let her report on a guy like Trump because Trump is the antithesis of that. And so I don't want any margin of error here, there are plenty of reporters who can do the story, do you not see that?

WOODWARD: Yeah, look, I really disagree. There are feminists on the left and the right as you know, and somebody can put their personal feelings and conclusions in their back pocket and keep them there.


I can explain porn sites on my screenshot, says politician – really, I can

The explanation is 2,000 words long. It does not make a huge amount of sense, but apparently blames the pornographic images on an experiment Webb was performing to see whether or not someone was using malware embedded on porn sites to infect electoral candidates with malware that would prevent them from filing their candidacy before the deadline:


"For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations." Psalm 100:5

I must have recited or heard that verse a million times in invocations in my youth, alone, in that Psalmist's praise to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. But, until, today, I never really knew the power of what that meant. Today's notorious post reached almost 200,000 people. The succeeding post reached a little more than a tenth of that, and all through the viral infection of social media and word of mouth. And, I certainly received my share of "interesting" comments, but no more out of the ordinary than what I have received since beginning this quest. But, the truly amazing thing about today was that "I saw also the Lord, high and lifted up," and I was very much moved by the love and support of those who expressed their encouragement and support, even some in the national and local press.

Lessons affirmed today include that we do expect our leaders to be examples of our highest ideals, but also, as we have seen for almost a year in non-traditional length posts, people are interested and motivated by truth and substance, not flash or even scandal. In the month preceding the nomination convention, our following on Twitter grew at a rate of 50%, but today, in just one day on Facebook, we grew in page likes by 25%. Perhaps, what does not kill you does make you stronger. And, that quote that has remained with me since the very beginning of this quest tells me that I have much work ahead to fulfill the faith placed in me: "My trust is in the mercy and wisdom of a kind Providence that ordereth all things for our good."

In 2016, it's about choice; it's about leadership; and it's about time. I am Mike Webb, and I am running for U.S. Congress. Honest.


Huffington Post Headline: "IT'S NOT AS BIG AS HE THINKS"

Trump Claims He's Growing The GOP... Evidence Says Otherwise...


While Trump’s insurgent candidacy has spurred record-setting Republican primary turnout in state after state, the early statistics show that the vast majority of those voters aren’t actually new to voting or to the Republican Party, but rather they are reliable past voters in general elections. They are only casting ballots in a Republican primary for the first time.

It is a distinction with profound consequences for the fall campaign.

If Trump isn’t bringing the promised wave of new voters into the GOP, it’s far less likely the Manhattan businessman can transform a 2016 Electoral College map that begins tilted against the Republican Party
. And whether Trump’s voters are truly new is a question of urgent interest both to GOP operatives and Hillary Clinton and her allies, who have dispatched their top analytics experts to find the answer.

“All he seems to have done is bring new people into the primary process, not bring new people into the general-election process … It’s exciting that these new people that are engaged in the primary but those people are people that are already going to vote Republican in the ,” said Alex Lundry, who served as director of data science for Mitt Romney in 2012, when presented Politico’s findings. “It confirms what my suspicion has been all along.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/05/donald-trump-2016-polling-turnout-early-voting-data-213897#ixzz48vBMUiDb
Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

The "Know-Nothing" Party

The enthusiastic embrace of ignorance
05/17/16 08:40 AM
By Steve Benen


Don’t vote for Trump despite his obliviousness, support him because of it. The Know-Nothing Party may have faded into obscurity 150 years ago, but it’s apparently making a comeback with a new standard bearer.

There’s been a strain of anti-intellectualism in Republican politics for far too long, and it comes up far too often. House Speaker Paul Ryan last month dismissed the role of “experts” in policy debates; former President George W. Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have publicly mocked those who earn post-graduate degrees; Jeb Bush last year complained about Democrats using too many “big-syllable words.”

As a rule, prominent GOP voices prefer to exploit conservative skepticism about intellectual elites to advance their own agenda or ambitions. They don’t celebrate stupidity just for the sake of doing so; anti-intellectualism is generally seen as a tool to guide voters who don’t know better.

Trump, however, has come to embody an alarming attitude: ignorance is a virtue. If the president believes otherwise, it must be seen as proof of his awfulness. The Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee intends to lead a movement of those who revel in their lack of knowledge.

History will not be kind.

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