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Jeb Bush: "Please don’t give more than $1 million right away."

Awash in cash, Bush asks donors not to give more than $1 million – for now

An unusual request has gone out to wealthy donors writing large checks to support former Florida governor Jeb Bush: Please don’t give more than $1 million right away.

The requested limit, confirmed by multiple people familiar with the amount, may mark the first time that a presidential hopeful has sought to hold off supporters from contributing too much money.

The move reflects concerns among Bush advisers that accepting massive sums from a handful of uber-rich supporters could fuel a perception that the former governor is in their debt. The effort is also driven by a desire to build as broad a pool of donors as possible among wealthier contributors.

So even as Bush (R) is headlining a series of high-dollar events for a super PAC backing his bid, fundraisers have been instructed not to ask donors to give more than $1 million per person this quarter.


Presenting: The GOP Front-Runner


The GOP frontrunner for the 2016 Presidential campaign has already taken up the role of Republican Party Leader. Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu not only addressed his GOP Congress, but also seems to be an ideal GOP candidate: He loves to bomb the Middle East, he will do anything to win an election, and enjoys meddling in other countries affairs!


Netanyahu Speech Flops As Democratic Senators Withdraw Their Support For Iran Bill

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress continues to backfire, as key Democratic senators have withdrawn their support for a Senate bill that would have reviewed any nuclear agreement with Iran.

The Washington Post reported:

If Hill Republicans thought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address would build broad support for having Congress review any nuclear deal with Iran, they thought wrong.

By the end of the day Tuesday, key Democratic senators had pulled their support for just such a bill after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced he was fast-tracking the legislation, bringing it to the Senate floor for debate as soon as next week, short-circuiting committee deliberations that Democrats say are necessary to perfect it.

Sen. Bob Menendez announced on the Senate floor last night that he was pulling his support for the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Menendez said, “There is no emergency, this deal – if there is one – won’t be concluded until almost summer. Let’s do this the right way. I know I cannot object to the Rule 14 process under the rules, but I say to my colleagues, if this is the process then I will have no choice but to use my voice and vote against any motion to proceed to the bill.”


Proof -you cannot stereotype any creatures on this planet - Not even pit bulls...

23 more reasons:

Horrifing: How "routine misconduct" by Ferguson police can ruin someone's life.



For the first time since 1984, unemployment fell in every state and D.C. last year

For the first time in three decades, unemployment fell in every state and the District of Columbia last year.

The last time that happened, in 1984, Apple was unveiling the original Macintosh. Nearly half the nation — 24 states — saw the unemployment rate drop by one percentage point or more last year. Illinois saw the biggest decline, of 2 percentage points. Colorado, North Carolina and Ohio each saw a 1.8 point decline. North Dakota and Alaska saw the smallest declines of 0.1 percentage points.


lots more:

5 Reasons Conservatives Wouldn't Actually Want Netanyahu To Be Our President

The GOP is enamored with the Prime Minister, but Israel endorses many policies that Republicans would loathe:


1. Israel's Universal Health Care: While American conservatives rallied en masse in 2009 and 2010 to try to stop the modest Affordable Care Act, even Israel's most right-wing parties don't object to that country's universal health care system. Health care there today is managed by the 1995 National Health Insurance Law, which mandates that every Israeli citizen has a right to be covered by one of the country's four non-profit HMOs, with about 40 percent of the costs being covered through taxation from income and the state paying for the other 60 percent.

2. Israel's Government Directly Pays for Abortions: In the United States, even most Democrats do not call for state subsidies for abortion and numerous other reproductive health care options. But Israel last year included abortion into the basket of health services covered under state-approved HMOs; The Times of Israelnotes that this makes Israel's abortion law “among the world's most liberal.”

3. Israel Allows Sharia Courts to Whoever Wants to Use Them: The fear of “Sharia law” being imposed upon hapless Americans animate much of the Islamophobic right here, but in Israel, it's simply the norm. The country allows for Sharia courts for its Arab Muslim citizenry to resolve personal issues, as sort of civil arbitration courts. No major figure in Israel's political system including Benjamin Netanyahu opposes them.

4. Israel Has No Constitution:Conservatives have used the Obama years to proclaim that just about everything the president does is unconstitutional. They endorse a theory of the Constitution that prevents the government from acting in the public interest, and view it instead as a tool to limit the social welfare capacities of the federal government. This is why American right-wingers would be horrified to find out that Israel actually doesn't have a constitution, meaning that the majority of checks on the government's power comes from the legislature itself, not courts trying to uphold basic restrictions on government power.

5. Israel Has a Powerful Labor Movement: Unlike the United States, where conservatives have succeeded in minimizing the power of labor unions particularly in the private sector, Israel's labor movement remains strong. Union density there is about a third of the workforce, what it was in the heyday of America's labor movement. Going into the parliamentary elections, Israel's main union has made threats of shutting down part of the economy if a major company does not go back on its move to reduce its workforce.


Darren Wilson will not face federal charges in Michael Brown shooting

Source: The Guardian

Darren Wilson, the white police officer whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, led to months of unrest and revived a debate on race and law enforcement in the US, will not face federal criminal charges.

The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that after a six-month inquiry it has concluded no civil rights charges should be brought against Wilson for killing Michael Brown. A grand jury in St Louis decided last November not to indict Wilson on state charges.

The decision concludes the second half of a politically-charged investigation into Wilson’s shooting of Brown on 9 August following an altercation in a residential side-street.

It was widely expected by protesters who allege that Brown’s killing was a criminal act.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/04/darren-wilson-federal-criminal-charges-michael-brown-shooting

A GIF Is worth a 1000 words: WaPo Columnist: Rand Paul Wasn't Clapping For Bibi Nearly Enough

A GIF is worth a thousand words, at least according to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

A shot of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) clapping on Tuesday during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress made the rounds among conservatives almost immediately after the moment aired.

Standing among his colleagues, all of whom were vigorously applauding the speech, Paul could be seen delivering a slow clap while looking relatively detached amid the cheers.



RedState.com writer Dan McLaughlin, alias Baseball Crank, compared it to the popular GIF of Orson Welles clapping in "Citizen Kane." National Review rounded up reactions from various Twitter users.
http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/414746/unenthused-rand-paul-lifelessly-applauds-netanyahu-speech-brendan-bordelon … pic.twitter.com/4yPBcga7NI

War & More War, Yeah!

Conservatives react to the NetanyahuSpeech:
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