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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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PPP: Voters Nationally Say Clinton Won Debate 51/40

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 26, 2016

Voters Nationally Say Clinton Won Debate 51/40

-By a 17 point margin, 55/38, voters say Clinton has the temperament to be
President. On the other hand, by an 11 point margin, 42/53, voters say Trump
does not have the temperament to be President. Among independents the gap is
even wider- by a 56/36 spread they say Clinton has the temperament for the job,
while by a 41/54 spread they say Trump does not.


Trump's New Hat


Jerry Springer: Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House

Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House
Donald Trump belongs on my show.


Trump: "If somebody would call up Sean Hannity...."

Sean Hannity, a popular radio host,
would only have a debate about opposing the Iraq invasion behind closed doors and not on his show?


*sniff* is the new *sigh*


Love this pic


Talk about being unfair! Debate tix misspell Hillary's name:


Here are the excuses Trump may give tonight when asked why he won't release his tax returns


Holocaust survivor, 100, takes the oath in order to vote for Hillary

Holocaust survivor, 100, takes the oath in order to vote
After 16 years in the US, Menia Perelman of South Florida, a Romanian-born Holocaust survivor, becomes a citizen in time for November elections

I am Jewish, my name is Perelman and I went through many difficult times for so many years, Perelman said after the ceremony.

Perelman was born in Romania and survived the Holocaust, including four years in a concentration camp. After World War II she was not able to enter the United States due to restrictions on the number of refugees, and instead moved to Panama then Peru and later Venezuela. She came to the United States in 1993 to be closer to her daughter after the death of her husband.


Perelman was joined by four generations of her family at the swearing in: her two daughters and their husbands, her granddaughter and her husband, and her six-month old great-granddaughter.

Asked by the CBS local affiliate whom she would be voting for, Perelman replied that she preferred the Democratic nominee. You know, its a personal secret, but I will tell you. Hillary. Hillary Clinton.


This is real.

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