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"Working At The WH?" ---NOT---




All the reasons to believe Flynn has flipped...

Asked spokesman for Flynn if he is cooperating w/the FBI. He said he is not responding. Not denying or confirming, I asked. "Not responding"




NBC: How Trump the Closer became Trump the Loser


Startling nugget-Wolsey told Biden that DOJ might have put him on watch since Sep

44) Buried in it, another startling nugget – Woolsey told Biden thru' a friend! ▶️ DOJ likely knew & might have put Flynn on watch since Sep

Mr. Woolsey said he didn’t say anything during the discussion, but later cautioned some attendees that trying to remove Mr. Gulen was a bad idea that might violate U.S. law. Mr. Woolsey said he also informed the U.S. government by notifying Vice President Joe Biden through a mutual friend.

The mutual friend confirmed to the Journal he told Mr. Biden about the meeting. Mr. Biden’s spokeswoman declined to comment on the matter, other than to say Mr. Biden felt the Gulen matter should be handled through the courts.



The Post goes for the jugular


OMFG. Flynn was in talks w/Turkish officials to KIDNAP Gulen & deliver him to Erdogan.

OMFG. Flynn was in talks w/Turkish officials to KIDNAP Gülen & deliver him to Erdogan. While on Erdogan's payroll.

Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S.
James Woolsey says he attended a September meeting where other participants, including then-Trump adviser Mike Flynn, talked of moving Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey without going through U.S. extradition process


Rep. Mark Pocan: I've Seen Damning Evidence on Trump-Russia Coordination in Classified Reports

Rep. Mark Pocan: I’ve Seen ‘Damning Evidence’ on Trump-Russia Coordination in Classified Reports
by Andy Towle
March 24, 2017 | 12:35pmShare1593
Mark Pocan

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) appeared on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM this week and said that there is much more to come out in the Trump-Russia investigation and said that he has seen “damning evidence” of collusion.

Said Pocan:

“There are things that I know just that I’ve read in classified reports that I’m sure will still come out that will continue to be damning evidence when it comes to this relationship between the Russians trying to influence our elections and ultimately I think the Trump campaign’s potential coordination on it.”


From a GOP staffer with a good sense of the vote:


We Redacted Everything That's Not a Verifiably True Statement From Trump's Time Interview re: Truth


PELOSI smacks Donald" "Rookie's error, Donald Trump Clearly you're not ready."


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