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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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"shade the poles with upper atmosphere particulates"

Or with large umbrella-like sheets of thin reflective material which could be retractable and controllable. Expensive but very doable - by NASA. This solution was suggested by a NASA physicists last year. The uppity-ups laughed at him!!!

The ignorance and inertia is pervasive in so many places and levels. It's heartbreaking.

Thank You! I always value your knowledge, GG.

I agree with all you've said.
I hope, however, that civilization has perhaps 35 to 40 years. Probably not realistic, I know. But because my one and only child, my son has just finished grad school and embarked upon a career, I'd like to think he could live a longer life. In that way, I'm like every other mother, our children are our first concerns, or should be. At least I have only one offspring to grieve for. I contributed only one more polluter. /

❤ to you for Valentine's day.


"Aid and comfort" has been interpreted as giving info. Why has the U.S. convicted some citizens of crimes of treason when they passed secret info to the Russians? We do not know what info has been passed to Russia. We need to find out if they interferred with our Democratic Process, our elections. Any private citizens, having done what Rump's administration has done would already be under investigation.

By its very nature, dogma is exclusionary.

Which tends to foster hate.

All, I think, religions have their own dogma.

Jainism might be an exception.

It's so sad when they find these things...

We are nasty primates littering, polluting, and destroying habitats.

Yes, please. I'm a Bernie supporter but always need any info

which is stated as fact to be credibly documented.

I stuck SCYTL in snopes search and the only thing that popped up was this:


Now I'm skeptical.

Exactly. "Narcissistic dramas....unable to cope with reality"

Well stated.

Yet I take a small exception in that I think many are as confident as they are ignorant. When approach with facts, they close their eyes, cover their ears, and metaphorically scream liar.

ALL the reasons the Bush Admin. protected the Saudis

should be exposed.

This was state sponsored and did not just involve the hijackers from Saudi Arabia. I realize that the issue is complex but the American people deserve to know the truth. I also realize that too many just don't give a crap and are content to believe the simplistic lies.

And why has the Obama Admin. continued the cover-up?

Why must we always wait 50+ years for major truths to be exposed?

Another helpful link...


IF fishermen "adhere to STRICT science-based CATCH LIMITS"

As if that's going to happen. Japan, Chnia, and other countries do not adhere to the catch limits now imposed.

Plus, these authors have limited their consideration of dire global warming events.

My neighbor, a PhD researcher with the Institute of Marine Sciences spends six weeks every December and January studying plankton and krill in Antarctica. She is not this optimistic. Sadly. Plankton and krill are at bottom of the food chain for fish and their populations are waning due to acidification, pollution, and rising ocean temps. This is indeed reversable IF countries and people make MAJOR changes now. What are the chances of that happening? 0 to none.

I would love to be more hopeful.

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