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I’m With The Banned by Laurie Penny

Great read..creepy and intense

What my evening with Milo told me about Twitter’s biggest troll, the death of reason, and the crucible of A-list con-men that is the Republican National Convention.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a charming devil and one of the worst people I know. I have seen the death of political discourse reflected in his designer sunglasses. It chills me. We met four years ago, before he was the self-styled “most fabulous supervillain on the internet,” when he was just another floppy-haired right-wing pundit and we were guests on opposing sides of a panel show whose topic I don’t remember and can’t be bothered to look up. Afterwards we got hammered in the green room and ran around the BBC talking about boys. It was fun.

Since that day, there is absolutely nothing I have been able to say to Milo to persuade him that we are not friends. The more famous he gets off the back of extravagantly abusing women and minorities, the more I tell him I hate him and everything he stands for, the more he laughs and asks when we’re drinking. I’m a radical queer feminist leftist writer burdened with actual principles. He thinks that’s funny and invites me to his parties.

“Feminism is cancer” is one of Milo’s signature slogans, and yet it took him only seconds after learning we’d both be at the Republican Convention in Cleveland to offer me a lift to his ‘Wake Up!’ rally, billed as the most fabulous shindig at the end of America. This time—god help me and the things I do for journalism—I said yes.

So here we are at the Convention, where howling psychopath Donald Trump has just been confirmed as the presidential nominee, to the horror of half of the party and every remaining moderate conservative in America as well as the 15,000 members of the international press who flocked to see the circus in realtime. Milo is loving every second of it. He lost no time climbing on the back of the clown car of the billionaire demagogue who, with ghoulishly oedipal glee, he calls ‘Daddy.’


EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege

Yesterday I was tagged in a post by an old high school friend, asking me and a few others a very public, direct question about white privilege and racism. I feel compelled not only to publish his query but also my response to it, as it may be a helpful discourse for more than just a handful of folks on Facebook.

Here’s his post:

“To all of my Black or mixed race FB friends, I must profess a blissful ignorance of this “White Privilege” of which I’m apparently guilty of possessing. By not being able to fully put myself in the shoes of someone from a background/race/religion/gender/ nationality/body type that differs from my own makes me part of the problem, according to what I’m now hearing. Despite my treating everyone with respect and humor my entire life (as far as I know), I’m somehow complicit in the misfortune of others. I’m not saying I’m colorblind, but whatever racism/sexism/other -ism my life experience has instilled in me stays within me, and is not manifested in the way I treat others (which is not the case with far too many, I know).

So that I may be enlightened, can you please share with me some examples of institutional racism that have made an indelible mark upon you? If I am to understand this, I need people I know personally to show me how I’m missing what’s going on. Personal examples only. I’m not trying to be insensitive, I only want to understand (but not from the media). I apologize if this comes off as crass or offends anyone.”

Here's my response;


#Brexit disaster: A great night for Anime Nazis, Trump fans, and dudes who say “cuck” a lot

As always, Dave gives his almost unique, interesting and very valuable insight. This is scary. Terrifying actually.

Well, this is a bit of a shock. The UK has voted to leave the EU — a victory for the forces of racism and unreason that could mean disaster for the UK economy and the EU as a whole. The pound is crashing; markets are poised to plunge.

So naturally the internet’s worst people are thrilled. Let’s start with a literal Anime Nazi before moving on to some more familiar names.


Owners of Seattle’s vandalized Bettie Page house say ‘some feminists’ missed the point

I drive by this a lot. And I admit--it, the first time I saw it, the feminist in me sniffed and rolled her eyes and thought--"great, that's just great, a pin-up on the side of a house" but over the years, I've come to love it--First, I am a fan of street art in all its forms, second, there was something powerful about the image--it covers the side of a house, so it's huge, the sexuality of the image seems larger than the forces that would exploit it, it's a in-your-face image that screams "woman" and "I own this--you don't" --it's hard to explain. I am very glad the owner is replacing it and I'm glad she sent a feminist message of her own. While I don't think women are anywhere near "autonomous sexuality"--I could go off on a huge tangent here--feminists everywhere are working toward it.

The gray paint splattered on the side of Jessica Baxter’s house already had dried by the time she learned of the vandalism to her family’s mural of Bettie Page.

She had seen the same paint on her car days earlier but didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until her husband, Chris Brugos, saw it on their home in Seattle from the bus last Friday that they discovered paint over the 10-year-old mural of the 1950s pinup model Bettie Page, visible to drivers on I-5 as they approach the Ravenna neighborhood.

“Stop exploiting women’s bodies,” the vandals wrote, signing their work, “some feminists.”

The first thing Baxter, a 37-year-old mother of two, did was cover their message with one of her own, reading “autonomous sexuality is empowerment. Telling a woman to cover up is oppression.”

“I knew it was going to be a while before we could actually do anything about it and I didn’t want to leave the message up there,” Baxter said. “I felt so strongly that they misinterpreted Bettie or possibly didn’t know who she was, so I wanted to put a counter statement over their message.”

The couple saw Page as in charge of her own image, and as Baxter put it, a pioneer “well ahead of her time.”

To restore the mural, Baxter said they plan to strip the entire side of the house of its siding, replace it and go through the process of projecting the image onto the side of the house at night and hiring a friend to paint over the projection.

It will be a sad sight.

Like a small storm, those who reject researching politics in all its complexity in favor of memes, dubious sourcing and what-ifs--as well as a profound lack of knowledge of basic civics--more and more conspiracy-minded individuals gather will around his name (they are already doing it)not good for his revolution, as his credibility will be shot. The revolution will be on the back pages of the Internet.

What a waste it would be.

Finally got my woman card in the mail!

Worth the wait. My husband, who thinks he's funny says "you're a woman, ugh, you didn't need a card to tell you that" (ugh is one of my nicknames--don't ask--I call HIM hunnybunny. Heh) Never mind what I said back. We are a twisted couple, still in love for just about forever

California 100% counted if anyone is interested.

55.7 to 43.3

I find I'm not good at on-line psychology

I use to play that "what the hell is a matter with those people" game. Outside of a very few, very obvious types with their.. challenges..we are dealing with human beings with very bad information.

I spent some time chasing some of that information--there are legitimate criticisms of Hillary Clinton--but those aren't even the ones brought up. The ones brought up are spun bias, paranoid, repeat-it-until-you-believe-it memes that require little thought, much less analysis. Chasing ludicrous "links" that supposedly prove some '"progressive" point and ultimately finding right wing sources is not an enjoyable pastime, but I've done it.

I've noticed what you are referring too over and over. I struggle with a name for it, but I'm tired of naming bullshit as though bullshit deserves a special name.

It's why I've trashed GD-P--although I think I will untrash it now.

AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination

How sweet it is...

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton has commitments from the number of delegates needed to become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president, and will be first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party. An Associated Press count of pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses and a survey of party insiders known as superdelegates shows Clinton with the overall support of the required 2,383 delegates. Now the presumptive nominee, she will formally accept her party’s nomination in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


Hmm. Some of the replies are attempting

To project a level of mature discourse and failing, because of the nature of the subject matter. Always sad to see logic fails that attempt this yet are, because of the situation, temper tantrums.

"Allow me to retort"-- Jules Winnfield

"Bashing" Trump, is what one is left with when in-depth critical analysis becomes impossible, because there is no depth to analyze. We are not in a complex situation here, but a very dangerous one.

Hillary is not just slightly better than Trump, or whatever the ridiculous meme de jour is, she is a vastly experianced liberal politician, a-one-of-a kind opportunity, who is following another one-of-a kind opportunity, President Obama. There's your revolution folks.

There's your revolution.

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