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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
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Yahoo Comment Clowns: Our Hatred Burns Like An Eternal Flame, No Matter WHAT the Subject Is.


Utterly amazing that, even on a story so apolitical as this one, the Yahoo Comment Clowns will come up with SOME creative way to get around saying "I hate (insert racial slur here)s, expeshially that (racial slur) in the White House!!1!!!"

What must it be like to live with such blatant contempt and hatred and willingly never change or turn it off for even a second?

Remember when casino magnate Steve Wynn, in 2012, said "Obama so anti-biznezz!! (sob)"

“I’m afraid of the president. I have no idea what goofy idea, what crazy, anti-business program this administration will come up with,” Wynn said. “Every business guy I know in the country is frightened of Barack Obama and the way he thinks.”


Wynn Resort's stock return under President Obama's terms: 1,300.65%


Remember Romney supporter Ken Langone saying how misguided the pope was talking about inequality? Remember his equally idiotic and fascist partner Bernie Marcus shilling for Romney, stating Obama is "choking recovery" and Obamacare will bring doom to us all??

Home Depot's stock return under President Obama's terms: 272.93%.

Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan . . . All of them enjoying 135% or better returns since 2009. Even GE, a relatively flatline, stable stock, was a smart long in 2009: 120%.

Oh, and our favorites, the Koch boys? While they've laid off workers and campaigned heavily against all things to the left of Joe Lieberman, their net worths are now 36 BILLION. APIECE.

"Democrats are bad fer biznezz??" O.F.F.S.

How long is America going to continue to believe these guys?

How long is America going to let the predator class run roughshod over them?

Surprised no one's posted this yet re: The Death of Net Neutrality.

Granted, this is an extreme hypothetical.

Or is it?

Ralph Nader's Open Letter to former President George W. Bush: "The Country You Destroyed"


None DARE call it a scam . . .

PAY WHAT YOU OWE, MIKE DUKE. I'm quite positive the ChinaMart family can afford it.

I said "Whatever gets rid of the Re-branded Feudalism".

That doesn't necessarily mean "Armed and Violent Revolution". But make absolutely no mistake: You need to get RID of Re-branded Feudalism, and you need to get rid of it FAST.

While it's likely a given that in 'Murica (a country where the wealthy and the government have zero reason to fear their workers) a violent revolution would lead to a TheoFascist takeover, you cannot continue with "Capitalism As Is" and expect people to be perfectly OK with it. You cannot. People are getting supremely tired of the excuses of the wealthy and the corporate boards they incestuously slither in and out of as to why an economy on the upswing, an economy that sees an unprecedented skyrocketing in profits, productivity and stock market numbers has an 11-year period of such weak wage and job growth.

And sorry, it all boils down to PAY. It was recently written that 40% of all American workers now make LESS than the inflation adjusted 1968 minimum wage. Y'all are going to sit there and tell me that's FAIR? There are degreed profressionals making less than 30-35k a year. That's criminal. That's THEFT. That's a major break in the social contract. That's pretty much lying to a generation.

You're going to sit there and tell me that this "equitable, fair and prosperous" system that severely undercuts wages and looks for any excuse to move work to cheaper shores is going to somehow survive long-term? You still believe that?? COME on. A linear system that depends on infinite growth, resources, wealth and labor whose architects and executors do everything in their power to limit the access of all four to the producers and consumers that HAVE to keep it going will not succeed if the ability to produce and consume is taken away. You expect people to just be OK with all of that?

I know that these profiteers all have this jack-off-a-thon fantasy of achieving continued profit, growth and wealth without that pesky "additional business", "hiring", "expansion" or "progressive taxation" . . . but it's not happening. You're kidding yourself if you think it is.
Posted by HughBeaumont | Fri Nov 1, 2013, 06:26 PM (1 replies)

Just now on CNBC: "Bank CEOs Arrive at White House".

I guess it's time for the bi-annual check on their employees . . .

Uninsured friend on FB had to go to ER, was rejected for a needed colonoscopy.

He's been having abdominal pains and bloody stools.

He has no health insurance and his employer doesn't offer it. The administrator told him that the specialist needed cash up front.

So much for the favorite conserva-meme "The Emergency Room takes EVERYone! There's no problem with teh poors not gettin health care!" . . .

If someone uses the word "Statist" in their dialogue a lot . . .

. . . do you usually think "Few Twinkies Short of a School Lunch" or is it just me?

Seeing it come up way too much as of late . . . like it's another coordinated slight.

Say what you want about George Zimmerman, but he really sticks to his guns.

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