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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 21,527

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Let’s see . . . .

The average real dollar wage hasn’t been keeping pace with productivity or the cost of living in 32 years . . .

Americans cannot save a dime of their earnings because they have too much month at the end of the money . . .

This year breaks the longest extended period of low top marginal tax rates on the wealthy this century; which, by the way, resulted in the weakest 10 year period of job creation since that statistic's been measured, along with the worst chasm of wealth inequality between the have-too-littles and the have-way-too-damned-muches . . .

Debt and deficits somehow don’t matter when Republicans want to borrow and waste, but any notion of economic repair via spending/influx by a Democratic administration results in fictional cliffs, ceilings and (insert cute prefix here)pocalypses . . .

Back in 1969, an average house cost 1.5 to 2 times as much as an average household income. Now, it’s nearly 3-5 times as much . . .

Corporate America’s response to average Americans getting even one crumb speck of a break in their fiscal situations is to raise prices on everything . . .

We’re expected to fund our educations, our job training, our child care, our health care, our life/auto/home insurance, our retirements, our deaths and our accidents, all while somehow paying for our necessities, which are killing us . . .

Men with 9-to-11-figure net worths and their own planes can somehow spare nearly a half a billion dollars to influence a presidential election but finger-wag heavily at any suggestion of economic fairness towards their workers, stating it will stifle profit, competition and shareholder value . . .

Corporate America will lobby and propagandize the American public on an austerity-stained, faith-based trickle-down model of wealth transfer, when they don’t even practice any such nonsense in their own businesses. . .

Corporate America wants you to continually buy, but doesn’t want to hire you or raise your wage so you can buy . . .

Corporate America expects you to supply them with perpetual productivity and profit, but doesn’t want to give up even one red cent of the spoils when they get it . . .

Corporate America can now get Mom and Dad for the same relative wage as they used to get Mom OR Dad, and both Mom and Dad are now working longer average hours than their 1970s counterparts. To make matters worse, their newly-college-degreed kids live with them and can’t find work because the unable-to-retire Grandparents either have to stay at their jobs until they’re slopped on the gurney or have to take even the entry-level fall-back service jobs so they can eat and get medicine . . .

. . . “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

Dish Network, the Meanest Company In America.


Still, the volume of miserable tales about Dish is impressive; 346 former or current employees had taken the time to write not-so-nice things about the company. On a scale of 1 to 5, they ranked their company an average of 2.2, beating Dillard’s (DDS) and RadioShack (RSH) for the spot at the bottom.

The most common complaints were long hours, lack of paid holidays, and way too much mandatory overtime. Some posts suggest that merely setting foot in Dish’s headquarters is a danger to the soul. “Quit” was the recommendation to one Dish employee who sought management advice. “You’re part of a poisonous environment … go find a job where you can use your talents for good rather than evil.” The roundup noted one other thing: The share price was up more than 30 percent for most of the year.


Ergen founded Dish more than 30 years ago, installing satellite systems with partner Jim DeFranco. Dish is now the second-largest satellite TV provider in the U.S., with 26,000 employees. Ergen, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has an estimated net worth of $11 billion. That puts him among the world’s richest men and makes him one of America’s greatest entrepreneurial success stories. He’s also a living rebuke to a library of management textbooks that suggest fostering happy, self-actualized employees in a transparent environment of trust and communal effort is the path to wealth.

Judianne Atencio left Dish not long after. As head of communications for a decade, she had witnessed some of the company’s biggest triumphs, including the successful launch of its satellites and the signing of its 10 millionth subscriber. She had also been around for some of its most crushing defeats, such as Murdoch’s last-minute cancellation of a planned merger and the federal government’s denial of another with competitor DirecTV.

“I didn’t have a life for 10 years,” she says. “I couldn’t even have a dog.” There were times when Ergen screamed so loud at Atencio that she packed up her stuff and had to be persuaded in the parking lot to return to work by an apologetic board member. A friend who had worked in the White House even tried to comfort her by saying, “Charlie’s like Clinton—he only screams at the ones he cares about.”

Charlie Ergen is not the solution. "Charlie Ergen" is the problem.

This Modern World: Generic Cartoon, To Be Reused Over and Over Again, Unfortunately.



So, CNBC. You know, the "MISSION CRITICAL FISCAL CLIFF" Channel. What's the End Game?

Is this station, with all of it's Republican anchors and Republican guests paying disgusting hourly fealty to Wall Street and Trickle Down, seriously trying to imply that keeping the Bewsh Tax Cuts permanent and starving/squeezing/screwing/austeritizing the middle/working/poor Boomers, Busters, X-ers and Millennials is the most feasible solution in this over-contrived budget "crisis"??

All in the name of not harming their precious, hard working, benevolent and "better" wealthy? All in the name of not harming Beeg Beezness? All in the name of not harming their national treasure war machine?

We're 16 trillion in debt. This was in large part caused by the Borrow-and-Waste disaster of the Bewsh Administration. Those tax cuts are costing us billions each year. They're not even doing what they're hypothetically (or mythically, if you ask me and anyone else with a brain stem) supposed to be doing: providing incentive for the "Job Curators" to pull some hiring out of their asses. How much is our bloated war machine costing us? How much are these occupations of choice costing us? How much is corporate pork/welfare costing us? How much is ChinaMart costing us??

What did they think . . . that you'd never raise taxes ever again, no matter what? No matter that corporations and businesses aren't hiring like they used to, no matter that wages have been stagnant in real dollars for 33 years, no matter that we have a serious revenue problem?? What if we had a war? What if we had a national emergency? What if we had another financial crash like 2008?? How would we pay for it?? How would we build? How do you run America with no additional business and no revenue??

What's CNBC's End Game to this ginned-up "crisis"? "Euro-style austerity for thee, Sultan-quality mansions and caviar for ME"?? Who is buying it? Chances are, if you're hosting or guesting on CNBC, you're part of the top 3% of earners in America and you're a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. Are these the people YOU'RE going to be listening to when you want to know what YOUR best interests are?

Do we just sit and take this childish, Grover Norquist crybaby nonsense?? Are WE the ones that are expected to pick up the bill; a margin call, if you will, for this real-life game of "Kick the Can"??

Do me a favor.

Get a Lego set of a building, try to construct it starting from the top without support or holding any of the bricks and see how far you go.



Where's the Advil . . . .

Ask Your Favorite Conservative: If the U.S. system of "health care" is "NUMMER ONE" . . . .

. . . then name for me just ONE, or several, industrialized nations working as we speak to switch OVER to a completely for-profit model.

I'll be here all DAY.

Oh yeah, "President-Elect Romney" will be coming to my kid's HS tomorrow.

The joke is, I'm not kidding. In the e-mail they sent out to the parents, they referred to him as "President-Elect Romney".

Uh . . . don't you have to, you know, actually WIN a presidency before you can be a "President-Elect"?

An -elect is a political candidate who has been elected to an office but who has not yet been sworn in or officially taken office. These may include an incoming president, senator, representative, governor and mayor.

Oh, that's right, you DO.


"Work Hard! Millions of Obama Supporters Are Depending On You!"

- Seen on the tree lawn of a Bay Village, OH home. Bay Village is a mighty Repub-urb in Cuyahoga County.

You know, of all shite catchphrases conservatives come up with, this has to be one of the DUMBEST and most insulting. I can call a conservative all kinds of things . . . such as "astronomically stupid", "foot-shooting", "selfish", "hateful", "gullible beyond redemption" . . . but I would never call them "lazy" or question their work ethic.

What, people who vote Democratic don't WORK? REALLY??

Also . . . I saw . . . in Bay Village, of course . . . my first "Joe the Plumber" sign. Except it's under his real name, in white letters with red background: "WURZELBACHER"

Not Joe the Not Plumber who did NOT buy a plumbing business has as much a chance to beat Marcy Kaptur in our district as I do in beating LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball match.

"Binders Full of Women", "47%", "Fire Big Bird". That's what he's going to be remembered for.

And it's not even over yet.

A guy who for the past 6 years has been running for president on an economic platform that he's never practiced in his life just got made a non-entity tonight. His face showed it and the Corporate-purchased media is working overtime to spin it.

All I gotta say is, I'm glad tonight, but watch out.

This means the Sheldon Adelsons and the Koch's and their Supreme Court and the corporations just may be getting more ornery and nastier . . . and possibly illegal. This means you're going to see more and more "2016"s, more Jerome Corsi-Donald Trump crapola, more CNBC and Faux with every right-wing shitstick they can dig up from Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Leisure and Big Retail.

They aren't going to stop until we're ruined . . . one way or another.

OK, Explain This to Me Like I’m A Complete Idiot, Part 11: Republican Peasant Voter Logic.

Our series today focuses on a conundrum which has yet to be answered:

How do voters buy into a presidential candidate's economic philosophy that even the candidate doesn’t think makes logical or business sense?

Let me ask you something. How did wealthy people like Mitt Romney become wealthy?

Did he put humanity over profit? Was he a kind soul, caring of job creation and workers needs? Did he put community responsibility and worker livelihood first and foremost? Did he get wealthy by being charitable . . . or, to quote certain slobbering pundits, “redistributionist”? Did the workers benefit from his generosity in the form of job security or a living wage that met their cost of living increases?

You and I know what the answer would be to all of those questions. Wealthy people didn’t get extraordinarily wealthy by being generous. They never have, they never will; not in business, not in life. Someone who thinks of money and profit when they wake up and thinks how to make more money and profit before they go to bed isn’t thinking about the overworked employee’s mortgage that she can’t make or the wage slave that has to choose between paying the electric bill or buying food. They’re only thinking about how they can game the system even further to gain more money and profit, and that in turn means gaming the government by lobbying, PACs or running for office themselves (see: Whitman, Meg and Fiorina, Carly).

After all, wasn’t it former WalMart CEO Lee Scott that said, regarding the Employee Free Choice Act: "We like driving the car and we're not going to give the steering wheel to anybody but us”?

They don’t steer with you.

Now, if we know that the 1% by principle aren’t going to give any quarter unless they’re forced to (via taxation, which, in turn means they’ll toss some lucre into their businesses or charities to avoid paying taxes), how can they logically expect us to believe that by lowering taxes on the wealthiest Americans (essentially giving them free money), they’ll have some kind of awakening and rain jobs on the poor and unfortunate? Isn’t that exactly what Mitt Romney’s campaigning on and hoping you’ll believe . . . that he all of a sudden WANTS a "win-win" for thee and thine?

So let me get this straight: The best solution for the country’s ills is a parasite capitalist that, via offshoring jobs and leveraged buyouts, ruthlessly plowed his way to a quarter-billion-dollar fortune . . . on the premise that “government needs to be run like a business” and “as a businessman, he knows what it takes to create jobs” when, AS a businessman, he practiced no such benevolence because it’s not in the best interests of a parasite capitalist or a corporation SUCH as Bain Capital to BE that way?

How do his peasant supporters square this nonsense up, especially since he’s already vowed to drastically slash the social safety net, eliminate even more government jobs, institute a voucher system for Medicare, expand military occupations and give even more and more of the country’s largesse to the wealthy, thereby either expanding the National Debt or raising taxes on the middle/working/poor (since there is no way this plan is “revenue neutral” and there’s no way he’s selling out his handlers)??

If this sort of hogwash hasn't worked in 32 years, and the peasantry either pretty much knows this or are just plain too stupid to breathe, what makes them think that ReaganBushonomics on Steroids is going to thrust all of America to greatness??

If nothing else, maybe the uneducated and low-info voter can be reached by this simple phrase on a recent FB image going around:

Don’t employ the problem and expect a solution.

Not going to duck the tough issues???


Here's an example . . .. WHERE ARE Mitt's TAX RETURNS?????
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