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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 21,178

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Spotted the first "ROMNEY 2012" bumper sticker of the season . . .

. . . and I just laughed my ass off so hard, I almost swerved off the road.

My God, I just got to see what kind of human would go out of their way to display on their minivan their support of the absolute worst candidate for the highest office of the Washington Puppet Show in recent history.

You're PROUD to vote for Mom Jeans and his ramping up of Bewsh 43 Trickle Down? You support this Brylcreem bloodthirst and his Likud-fueled war-drum pounding? You WANT social services to be defunded and eliminated? You WANT Health Care (snicker) to be set back another 4 decades? You WANT a whole Supreme Court of Ninos and Alitos? You WANT a President Romney and a compliant Tea House rubberstamping every piece of horrid anti-human rights, pro-Corporate American regressive legislation that will nail progress shut for the next FIVE decades, a la 2001-2006?

You're into an empty suit who'll be nothing more than a signing hand for Grovel Nerdquest and His Magic Plutonomy?

You're DOWN with that? REALLY?

(siiiiigggghhh) . . . Better get some new shoes, peasant . . . them bullet holes will be awfully drafty in an Ohio winter . . .

The next time someone says "most liberal" as a prefix to Washington, challenge them:

"I want you to name me 20 progressives, out of 535 members of the House and Senate.



When I say "progressive", I mean "Bernie Sanders" or more leftward. Hell, let's say Al Franken and Sherrod Brown (both of whom support the odious SOPA and PIPA bills, BTW). NOT economic centrists/social liberals or vice-versa. I mean honest-to-goodness, old-Democratic-values-having, FDR, Democratic Socialism-favoring progressives.


Why do I ask this?

Well, because if your problem is with 'BIG GUBMINT', which anyone with a functioning brain stem knows is your cutesy little dog whistle for 'LIBRULS LIBRULS TAX N SPENDOCRATS!!', it stands to reason that the Gub'mint must be just chock LOADED with people who think just like me!

Here's the problem with that.

You're a TeaHadist Republican? You got representatives. IN DROVES.

You're a moderate Democrat slightly to the left of center who likes them some Laissez-fail? Hell, you got plenty of those.

Milquetoast sensible centrists? Come join us, it's beige in here!

You love guns? NRA Republicans are on your side, Rambo.

Hate taxes? You got your men by the hundreds.

Likes you some Jesus? Come to the US Cathed . . . er. . . Capital.

Free Trade? Over half the House and Senate LUUUUURVES it and thinks it's either 'protectionism lite' or 'pandering' to even suggest reform, let alone repeal!!!

Want to see corporations rule the world, Friedmanites? DC's THE GATEWAY DRUG TO THAT!!!

"One Man, One Woman"? Hell, there are WOMEN in Da House and Senate who are down with that.

Global Warming Hoaxers? Austerity-pushers? Anti-Europe? Birthers? Bible Literalists? Creationists? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES.

Now, here we go . . .

Strong enough support for universal health care to push forth legislation once and for all? A handful at best.

Stronger bankster/CEO regulation? Not seeing it. The Lloyd Bankfiends and CEO Industry are just as brazen with their lottery pay and corporate fuckery as ever.

Higher taxes than Clinton-era levels on the wealthy? Not in THIS House, chumpstain. It's gonna be gridlock, gridlock, gridlock until we get what we want!

TRULY, as in pull-the-hell-out-NOW ending these useless, purposeless, pointless, tax-wasting Bewsh 43 occupations? There's still a military presence in each one and Afghanistan still continues as the 10 year meatgrinder it's always been. These wars cost nearly 3 trillion . . . where's your outrage?

Not in the House. Not in the Senate. Not in the Executive, and especially not in the purchased Judicial.

You say you're 'anti-government'?

DITTOHEAD, PLEASE. You're more 'government' than I am. You got more regressive bastards in your government on your side than I have knowledgeable thinkers by a country mile.

20 progressives. All that you think's wrong with this country, suppressing your delicate ass.


I'll consume my left arm if you can."

Don't be surprised if you hear various night time insects.
Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Aug 1, 2012, 01:16 PM (6 replies)

Oooops, I forgot in the midst of this busy day (DIAL UP WARNING) . . . .

7/31/2012: Happy 100th Birthday, Uncle Milton!!!

I invited some people, but for some reason, they had other plans.

I'm sure all of these people celebrated with their quiet voices.

Oh, and I got you a couple of cards . . .

CUTE designs, no?

Thanks for all that you and your followers have done these past 4 decades.

Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Aug 1, 2012, 11:54 AM (8 replies)

Since when has it been considered "weak" to ask, want, apply for or seek help/monetary assistance?

Is that what this is about with the assholes who shout "WON HUNNRT PERCENT SELF-MADE, YEW LIBRUL PANSY!" the loudest?

I'm starting to think that it is. God forbid you need financial assistance in some period of your life, for your (or someone else's) health or to start a business; you don't want to be thought of as a "lazy, depependent pussy who can't stand on thur own two feets!!"

Has anyone ever asked these TeaHad cretins this?

I'm just bringing it up because for a group of people who claim to be rugged individualists, it seems they care an awful lot on how others view them on this issue.

For the Republicans, it just doesn't get better.

They're stuck with pushing out-of-touch, corporate Reaganite jerks who value stack ranking, competition, divide-and-conquer social strategy and ruthless Darwinist Corporatism in an age where a majority of the working people are desperate and far more in need of cooperation and progression. Nobody wants war. People want long-term fairness over an instant and unlikely lottery. Only the bitter, paranoid and hateful care what or who someone is, worships or loves. Only the idiotic and stubborn consider it a weakness to ask or seek help of any kind.

Until the modern Republican can come to grips with 21st century reality, they're not going to have much luck with hateful rhetoric and laissez-fail disguised as world-solving hope.

2010 was a dying gasp.

Phenomenally Stupid Ass Birfer Horseshit The Plain Dealer Prints, Volume I.


They want Mitt Romney's tax records going back 12 years, but Barack Obama's Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard University records are sealed. His Columbia thesis paper? Sealed. Selective Service and medical records? Sealed. Illinois Senate schedule and records? Sealed. Law practice client list? Sealed. Certified copy of birth certificate and signed and embossed certificate of live birth? Sealed. Baptism record? Sealed.

Now, who do you think has something to hide?

David A. Belin Aurora

Davey? Tax records are kind of important in a presidential candidate that's purported to have lied either to the FEC or the SEC, by their documents and by his many sketchy statements regarding his past.

All the horseshit you listed is part of a giant conspiracy in the cavernous minds of the REST of the "President Ni&&er" people like yourself and Sheriff Joe, perpetuated even AFTER it's repeatedly been debunked.


FUCKING moron. I have no use for the willfully stupid, and that includes this worthless fishwrap for even giving these paranoid Klansmen a voice. NONE.

Great Facebook Status RE: Sally Ride

"America is a magical place where Sally Ride found going into space less scary than revealing she loved a woman."

JFW Department: "Outsourcing is Good For America" - Cato's Michael Tanner.

JFW = Just Fucking WOW.

Talk about going beyond not trying to hide the fact that your party just straight up hates the American worker into plain-and-simple brazen disregard for this nation's future . . . Cato's spook house of Free Traitor-Loving wonks can scientifically justify infant consumption and the Koch's will supply them with tons of cash to make 5-minute infovids on why it's beneficial. Amazing. Simply Amazing.


The number of U.S. jobs lost to low-wage countries has never been officially calculated — U.S. companies are not legally mandated to report such statistics. Boston-based global research and advisory firm Forrester predicts that more than 400,000 service jobs have been moved offshore since 2000 — and that number will rise to 3.3 million by 2015. More than 2 million manufacturing jobs have been outsourced abroad since 1983. Economists estimate that the number of jobs leaving the U.S. ranges between 12,000 to 20,000 per month.

Relocated U.S. jobs end up going to workers in developing nations like China and India, countries that pay their employees much less than their American counterparts.

Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the libertarian think-tank Cato Institute, argues that low-skill jobs (such as product assembly and call centers) are not cost effective for U.S. companies anymore. In an interview with The Daily Ticker, Tanner says outsourcing has allowed U.S. companies to penetrate foreign markets, be more competitive and hire more U.S. workers at home.

"Countries outsource to establish a presence in a country in which they plan to do business," he says in the accompanying video. "If we're going to sell cars in China it makes sense to build a plant in China." Overseas profits are brought back to the U.S. "and then those new profits enable them to hire new and more skilled jobs in this country."

Laissez-Fail Republicans and Friedmanite RepubliDems are killing this country.

A massive tragedy just happened. Gee, what's CNBC got on?

Joe Kernen . . . "interviewing" Grover Norquist . . . pushing the out-of-context "Obama hates Prosperity" meme . . . and urging people to vote for Romney unless you want to see a $500 billion tax increase.


Well, count Yahoo firmly in the Romney camp.

Shilling pro-Romney stories left and right, to the delight of their Red-Meat consuming pigshit hog waller commenters:

"Star of Pro-Obama Ad Can't Stand Obama"

"Study: Obama's Tax Plan could Cost 700,000 Jobs"

"Sununu: The Obama campaign is a ‘bunch of liars’"

"Peek Behind Smoke and Mirrors: Everything from hay bales to pies are carefully chosen for President Obama's message."

"When Mitt Romney Attacks:The candidate unleashes on Obama, suggesting the president wants people to be "ashamed of success"

"Romney: Tax returns are just ammo"

How many more months of this crap?
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