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Member since: Thu Aug 12, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 30,365

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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

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Axelrod tweets about 47% videographer.

@TheLastWord: #Lastword from @davidaxelrod: It's fair to say Scott Prouty has no future in bartending. Politics, yes.

Enough said?

Unfortunately we will probably have to drag the SOB, screaming.

This person is one of the most ethical persons I have ever experienced. His story is, and I hope, always will be the same.

I wish him well. There are those who wish he would run for Congress. My advice is that we don't need him in Congress, we need him, and many others just like him, on the front line.

What Scott did is oh so much more important than anything that Congress even attempted.

I would advocate to let the guy do what he wishes, even if that means he fades into obscurity. He's already done a great service to the country.

Celebrate what he did. But, let him decide what he wants to do. This thing has utterly changed his life. Only he can decide what to do with this situation.

In other words, let's not presume he wants to be President. Or even Congress Critter.

But I would encourage him, if he thinks he could do some good. If I were a House Democrat, I would be ringing his phone.

Young Earth Creationist Duane Gish has died.

Here's the story from the NCSE:
(Sorry! Wouldn't let me copy/paste an excerpt.)

Of course, PZ Myers wasn't going to be quiet about this:
The Gish Gallop finally comes to a halt
A notorious old fraud has kicked the bucket: Duane T. Gish is dead. He was a true pioneer in the art of lying: he was infamous for his “Gish gallop” style in which he’d simply rattle off distortion after lie after BS at a rapid-fire rate, trusting that any intellectually honest opponent would never catch up with him. He mastered the Chewbacca Defense before it was even named.

I saw him debate a biologist at CalPoly Pomona a few years ago. Gish was without a doubt the most dishonest charlatan I have ever witnessed. Churches bussed in devotees from all over the area.

I cannot say that I am sad that he is gone. But at 92 years old he did a lot of damage before went.

PBS will not carry Ayn Rand Paul's response. nt

Did Nugent get on camera? Or...

Is he cooling his heals outside on the Mall.

I didn't see him. I'll bet he wasn't there.

Wow! Two people love me!!

I love all you DUers back.

Thanks to all you beautiful people.

Michiganders, hunker down, here comes the snow!

First major storm in two years. Forecasts here are for a foot, more than I can shovel way out here in the stix.

I am holed up here with plenty of food, heating oil, and wine. Now if the snow plow clears my road soon and my neighbor can get his tractor going to clear my driveway, I may be able to get out by Friday.

I have movies, lots of books to keep me company.

Hope the power stays on.

Al Gore, passionately: It's pitiful! PITIFUL!

Concerning global climate change and the fact that not one question by the media in the past election campaign addressed climate.

On Charlie Rose.

It's 50 freaking degrees here tonight and it's raining like Hell!

I am used to weird weather here in the Manistee National Forest, but I have never experienced what I have the past two years. Last week it dipped below zero (fahrenheit) for the first time this winter -- most unusual. Usually January nights are nearly all below zero. Today, the mercury on my thermometer hit 50F and it is raining like hell.

Two days from now we will again see winter temperatures, so the forecasts say. Global climate change is not always warmer. The models say that it will likely be different. That's what we're seeing here. They're forecasting freaking thunderstorms in January here -- something I've never seen in my 64 years.

It sure is raining a lot, though.

"The Revisionaries" on Independent Lens.

I love me some Eugenie Scott. She's the real deal, fighting the battle against the idiocy put forth by the Texas textbook rubbish and his 6,000 year old universe, where Fred Flintstone dictates science. (I want those ribs which capsize the car... As long as they are served with spicy sauce.)

Great program. See it. And realize the extent to which religious lunacy has invaded our country.

on edit: title correction. Thank you, WhoIsNumberNone!

OMG! It's the Devil Chef!

Notice that, too?

Total gross out.
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