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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

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Boston Bombing Hero Who ID'd Suspect. Friends ask for Support.

From Think Progress. I don't like the title of the TP post -- It's inaccurate.

Here are some excerpts.
In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, Jeff Bauman’s image was seared into the American consciousness. An extremely graphic photo of Bauman being escorted in a wheelchair with most of his legs blown off quickly went viral. Bauman’s stock rose even further after reports surfaced that he had looked into the eyes of one of the bombing suspects minutes before the explosion, and that the moment he awoke from emergency care, he gave law enforcement critical information that substantially narrowed their field of suspects. But while police continue to scour the streets for at-large suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 27-year-old Bauman is scouring the internet for donations to help pay for his outsized medical bills.
Bauman’s friends created the page “Bucks For Bauman!” on the gofundme.com crowdfunding service. The money raised through donations to the site are meant to help Jeff and his family pay the exorbitant costs of his surgeries, ongoing medical care, and physical therapy. Since Tuesday, when the site was launched, Americans from across the country have poured in $158,294 in donations — over half of the overall $300,000 goal.

So, poor reportage contradicts itself within the first two paragraphs. Jeff Bauman is not responsible for this. It's his friends.

Nevertheless, this is an important issue. People have been maimed to an extent that their families will be profoundly affected. Bauman's friends have started a worthy movement to help those whose lives have been cast into turmoil with huge consequences for their families.

The original version of this story stated that Jeff Bauman does not have health insurance. This is incorrect. That claim was based on a quote from Bauman’s uncle, Dale Maybury of Westford, that was cited in The Boston Globe on Thursday. Not only does Bauman have employer-sponsored health coverage through Costco — the company “is also matching donations made by colleagues at the chain’s Nashua location,” according to a more recent Globe article from Friday. Bauman is being forced to raise funds despite this assistance due to the extraordinarily high costs associated with the amount of current and ongoing care that he requires.

And one more.
Bauman has been fortunate enough to receive an impressive number of donations to help him pay his bills, and his uncle plans to buy him his first pair of prosthetic legs. But many other victims in the Boston bombings may not be as fortunate. The cost of treating the bombing survivors’ injuries is expected to exceed $9 million. The out-of-pocket costs associated with that treatment could bury many of the victims financially, even if they do have insurance — unless hospitals, insurers, and charitable foundations swoop in to help, as they did after the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Here's Bucks for Bauman.

I am sure that there may be places to donate for others effected by the Marathon Bombers or even West, TX. I invite others to add other pleas herein. Please provide adequate descriptions. Thank you.

And please keep this late night thread kicked.

Link to Think Progress post: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/04/19/1896951/bauman-crowd-funding-medical/

It's difficult holding tears back at times like this.

Tears of relief, even happiness.

Thank you to all here who helped us all get through an extraordinarily stressful situation.

I raise a glass to all DUers here who played their part in this.

It ended, after all, well. Especially given the utter chaos of yesterday.

DU needs to applaud Bostonians and their law enforcement people for their unmistakeable professionalism. I would support to the best of my meager abilities any effort on their behalf.

FBI reporting one in custody, per ABC.

Tune in for details.

Suspect connected to Marathon bombing, per Brian Ross of ABC -- two sources.

ABC has just confirmed Marathon bombing link.

Brian Ross on the scene.

One perp in custody, obviously #1.

Although Ross said white cap guy. But that's not what I saw with guy on the ground.

They're talking about explosives *everywhere*

How could this be yet another couple of crazy pair of dudes with explosives?

ABC is being circumspect about confirmation, but how many bombers can Boston area harbor?

One is in custody, confirmed. Per ABC.

ABC just reported UNconfirmed suspect #1 in custody.

This is in conjunction with the MIT brou-Ha-Ha.

ABC is reporting that this is confirmed.

Live TV coverage. No link yet.

ABC has unconfirmed this in a matter of five minutes. They originally cited Boston Globe unconfirmed, then confirmed it, only to retract that confirmation within minutes.

West Michiganders stay safe: Big storm coming in.

Also Tornado watch in effect for much of Michigan lower peninsula until 6PM.

I am going to move my car into the garage as this storm has been reported to have 3/4 inch hail.

We've had a lot of shitty weather here the past two months or so. The last week has featured flood warnings and advisories. All we need is more rain. The ground is saturated and a heavy storm isn't going to do us any good.

Spring comes hesitantly here in rural MI.

Thunder and lightning, a sure harbinger of MI Spring, is what prompts this post, although recent winters have also given rise to thunder snows. But those aberrant weather occurances aside, I know it's finally Spring here in the Manistee National Forest because we have a great thunderstorm rolling through.

This may not excite many DUers, but after a not too snowy but nevertheless extended winter, to hear the thundering bellows of a springtime storm rolling across the forest here is welcome relief from a cold, dismal winter.

I've been hearing Red Wing Black birds setting out their territory and mourning doves (with their seemingly soulful cries) the past few days. They will be here throughout the warm seasons; their arrival provides hope as much as their songs, both strident and mournful. The trees have begun to bud.

It's been a tough year here in the national forest. But nature's power being expressed here gives me hope. It will soon warm, in spite of snow forecasts for later this week. The annual spring cleanup is already in progress. And nature will provide an occasional reminder, whether through flora, fauna, or meteorology, that there is good in the world. I can hardly wait for the morel mushrooms to show themselves. Mmmm! Mushroom barley soup is perfect on a late spring evening.

Thanks to all DUers in helping get through the bitterness of winter and giving all hope for a better time. More than once, you all have made my day when nights were cold.

Skäl, my friends.

Here's to warmer months.

Bronowski's ethical argument.

In the late 60's I became a fan of The Ascent of Man, the BBC's production of 13 essays by Jacob Bronowski, a mathematician and humanist. These video essays were a revelation. But of the 13 essays, none expressed the philosophy of science more precisely than Knowledge or Certainty.

In this one, Bronowski lays down the quantum physics in a way that no one has ever done before, nor will ever again. Furthermore, he lays down an ethical framework within science operates.

It is both a passionate and ethical argument, one in which answers can only come from a base of something like the scientific method.

Here's a quote from Bronowski's essay:
It's said that science will dehumanize people and turn them into numbers. That's false, tragically false. Look for yourself. This is the concentration camp and crematorium at Auschwitz. This is where people were turned into numbers. Into this pond were flushed the ashes of some four million people. And that was not done by gas. It was done by arrogance, it was done by dogma, it was done by ignorance. When people believe that they have absolute knowledge, with no test in reality, this is how they behave. This is what men do when they aspire to the knowledge of gods.
Science is a very human form of knowledge. We are always at the brink of the known; we always feel forward for what is to be hoped. Every judgment in science stands on the edge of error and is personal. Science is a tribute to what we can know although we are fallible. In the end, the words were said by Oliver Cromwell: "I beseech you in the bowels of Christ: Think it possible you may be mistaken."

I owe it as a scientist to my friend Leo Szilard, I owe it as a human being to the many members of my family who died here, to stand here as a survivor and a witness. We have to cure ourselves of the itch for absolute knowledge and power. We have to close the distance between the push-button order and the human act. We have to touch people.

The Ascent of Man is a great collection of essays. But Bronowski really lays it all out on this one.

Just putting this out for other DUers.

Axelrod tweets about 47% videographer.

@TheLastWord: #Lastword from @davidaxelrod: It's fair to say Scott Prouty has no future in bartending. Politics, yes.

Enough said?

Unfortunately we will probably have to drag the SOB, screaming.

This person is one of the most ethical persons I have ever experienced. His story is, and I hope, always will be the same.

I wish him well. There are those who wish he would run for Congress. My advice is that we don't need him in Congress, we need him, and many others just like him, on the front line.

What Scott did is oh so much more important than anything that Congress even attempted.

I would advocate to let the guy do what he wishes, even if that means he fades into obscurity. He's already done a great service to the country.

Celebrate what he did. But, let him decide what he wants to do. This thing has utterly changed his life. Only he can decide what to do with this situation.

In other words, let's not presume he wants to be President. Or even Congress Critter.

But I would encourage him, if he thinks he could do some good. If I were a House Democrat, I would be ringing his phone.
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