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liberal N proud

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Wall Street's Third Party - Will Americans Elect upend the presidential election?

This November, when Barack Obama faces off against his Republican opponent, there will be a third candidate in the race, too. This candidate has already qualified for the ballot in 14 states, including California. The campaign to ensure the candidate’s ballot access in all 50 states has raised $22 million (more than the campaigns of every Republican presidential candidate except Mitt Romney), with which it has employed 3,000 paid signature gatherers and enlisted 3,000 volunteers.

This third candidate probably doesn’t have to do all that well to affect the outcome of the presidential election. Most polling shows that the general election will be close, both nationally and in a number of swing states. It takes no great imaginative leap to envision a scenario in which this third candidate tips a key state to Obama or his GOP opponent, much as Ralph Nader tipped Florida to George W. Bush in 2000.

Only this time around, there’s one signal difference: We have no idea who that third candidate will be or what he or she stands for. For that matter, we also have no idea who the donors of that $22 million are, though the organization they’ve given to has published a list of “leaders” chock-full of private-equity executives and hedge-fund managers.

The group that is working to put this yet-to-be-identified worthy before us come November is called Americans Elect. It is the creation of financier Peter Ackerman, a 65-year-old private-equity executive who made his fortune working alongside Michael Milken at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the 1980s—and who is also a leading advocate for and financial supporter of Gandhian nonviolent political change around the world. Like Ackerman himself, Americans Elect seems to have two distinct identities clumped into one. On the one hand, it seeks to update the nominee-selection process for the digital age through online voting. On the other, it looks to create a political vehicle for the socially tolerant, fiscally conservative financial establishment that Ackerman, and the colleagues he’s persuaded to join the organization’s leadership, personify.


This is the first I have heard of this, how do you get qualified and not be known?

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Feb 10, 2012, 03:47 PM (4 replies)

A bunch of grumpy old perverts want to deny women the right to contraception

New York Times:

Bishops Were Prepared for Battle Over Birth Control Coverage

When after much internal debate the Obama administration finally announced its decision to require religiously affiliated hospitals and universities to cover birth control in their insurance plans, the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops were fully prepared for battle.

Seven months earlier, they had started laying the groundwork for a major new campaign to combat what they saw as the growing threat to religious liberty, including the legalization of same-sex marriage. But the birth control mandate, issued on Jan. 20, was their Pearl Harbor.

Hours after President Obama phoned to share his decision with Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, who is president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the bishops’ headquarters in Washington posted on its Web site a video of Archbishop Dolan, which had been recorded the day before.

“Never before,” Archbishop Dolan said, setting the tone, “has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. This shouldn’t happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the Bill of Rights.”


I suppose calling the Bishops perverts is sacrilegious since I have nothing to prove they are child molesters themsleves.

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Feb 10, 2012, 06:41 AM (12 replies)

Kodak moments are coming to an end

The company that invented home photography has tossed in the towel on it.

Eastman Kodak, the bankrupt inventor of the hand-held camera, plans to stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012 in a bid to cut costs.

The move marks the end of an era for Kodak, which is seen as one of the biggest corporate casualties of the digital age, after it failed to quickly embrace modern technologies such as digital photography, a product that it also invented.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection last month. It said Thursday that its plan to stop making cameras and frames would mean “significant” job losses at the business, which employs 400 people, mostly in Rochester, N.Y.


Sad to see this happen!
Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Feb 9, 2012, 12:47 PM (13 replies)

Here's what I don't get: this whole controversy over contraception

I would think the bean counters at all these insurance companies would be all over this and have been giving Birth Control away years ago. It would save the companies millions because they wouldn't have to pay for the healtcare of those children.

This country is so twisted, everything is about greed except the unborn, and they are more protected than the Commander in Chief.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Feb 7, 2012, 04:37 PM (13 replies)

'Time of my life': Last known WWI veteran dies at 110

Born Florence Beatrice Patterson in London in 1901, she joined Women's Royal Air Force in September at age of 17

LONDON — Florence Green, the world's last known veteran of World War I, has died at the age of 110, the care home where she lived said Tuesday.

Briar House Care Home in King's Lynn, England, said Green died Saturday, two weeks before her 111th birthday.

Born Florence Beatrice Patterson in London on Feb. 19, 1901, she joined the Women's Royal Air Force in September 1918 at the age of 17.

She went to work as a waitress in the officers' mess at RAF Marham in eastern England, and was serving there when the war ended in November 1918.

Green remembered her wartime service with affection.


Frank Buckles, the last surviving U.S. veteran of World War I, has died. He was 110.

Buckles, who also survived being a civilian POW in the Philippines in World War II, died peacefully of natural causes early Sunday at his home in Charles Town, biographer and family spokesman David DeJonge said in a statement. Buckles turned 110 on Feb. 1 and had been advocating for a national memorial honoring veterans of World War I in Washington, D.C.

Buckles lied about his age to join the army at age 16. The Missouri native was among nearly 5 million Americans who served in World War I in 1917 and 1918.


Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Feb 7, 2012, 01:51 PM (3 replies)

Romney’s minimum wage proposal sparks conservative backlash

Romney’s minimum wage proposal sparks conservative backlash — Steve Forbes: ‘He’s still very defensive about his own wealth’

Mitt Romney's position on the minimum wage has some on the right sounding the alarm about his candidacy--and it could expose a dangerous fault line between Romney and some of the Republican Party's most reliable backers.

Romney said last week that he supports regular increases in the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation, a position he took as a candidate for president in 2008. Six years before that, as a candidate for Massachusetts governor, Romney supported linking automatic increases in the state's minimum wage to inflation. "I haven't changed my thoughts on that," he told reporters.

Indexing the minimum wage to inflation is a goal of many labor-backed groups and liberal Democrats, who say it would help millions of working people. In recent years, Republicans, backed by their allies in the business community, have opposed such efforts, arguing that raising the minimum wage would reduce employment. Some on the right have come out against the very concept of a minimum wage.

Romney's comments have caused concern among conservatives inside and outside the party.

"It goes to show he's still very defensive about his own wealth," Steve Forbes, the publishing magnate who made his own bids for the presidency in 1996 and 2000, told Yahoo News. "All it does is give the base another reason to be unenthusiastic about him."

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Feb 7, 2012, 12:38 PM (17 replies)

Romeny is a robot

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Feb 6, 2012, 10:59 AM (5 replies)

Republican Congressman Vows To Kill Child Labor Regulations

Denny Rehberg, GOP Congressman And Senate Hopeful, Blasts Child Labor Regulations

WASHINGTON -- In a speech expounding on the rift between rural America and Washington D.C., Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) vowed Thursday to use his funding powers to stop the Obama administration from implementing new child-labor rules pertaining to agricultural work, accusing the "urban" Labor Department of meddling in a "rural" industry it doesn't understand.

"This is one of those situations where I think the Department of Labor is overstepping its boundaries, its knowledge base, and frankly I think you're sitting around watching reruns of "Blazing Saddles" and that's your interpretation of what goes on in the West," Rehberg, who holds the Labor Department's purse strings for the House of Representatives, said as he lectured a labor official during a hearing Thursday. "And it's not anymore."

Last year, the Labor Department proposed new rules governing what kinds of potentially dangerous tasks minors can and cannot perform on farms and in grain facilities. Although child and worker advocates said the new rules were long overdue, the proposals created an uproar among farmers and agricultural trade groups, who argued that the rules could hurt family-farming traditions.

Although the original proposals largely exempted family farms, the Labor Department bowed yesterday to the farming industry, further widening the exemptions it had already put forward. But that didn't stop Rehberg and GOP members of the House agriculture subcommittee from piling on the department Thursday, using the hearing as an opportunity to put forth their rural bona fides


These monsters want to return to sweat shops
Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Feb 3, 2012, 06:44 AM (0 replies)

TOON: Romney's Gift to Democrats

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Feb 1, 2012, 09:55 PM (0 replies)

Ohio bill would rais speed limits and outlaw Left Lane Squatters

Not passing? Get out of left lane, bill says

Look out, left-lane lollygaggers: Life in the fast lane might get a little less comfortable.

A new bill in the Ohio House proposing to increase the speed limit on interstate highways to 70 also would make staying in the left lane generally illegal unless drivers are exiting or passing slower vehicles.

House Bill 395 will have its first hearing on Tuesday.

Current Ohio law requires drivers to use the right or center lanes, with a number of exceptions. The proposed legislation essentially would limit the leeway of left-lane users to mosey down the interstates.

Accordingly, motorists would not be permitted to travel in the left-hand lane except when exiting, passing or allowing other vehicles to enter the right lane, or when existing road conditions would make driving a vehicle in the right lane unsafe.

About time someone kicks the squatters in the ass.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Jan 31, 2012, 07:37 AM (7 replies)
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