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liberal N proud

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Member since: Sun Aug 8, 2004, 01:54 PM
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The price of a life? In Afghanistan, it's as little as $210

KABUL (Reuters) - In Afghanistan, if NATO forces kill a member of your family, it is better in terms of money if they come from Germany or Italy than the United States or Britain.

In the cold calculation of how much to pay for victims of the decade-old war, British forces have doled out as little as $210, while German forces have paid as much as $25,000, according to a study by the human rights NGO CIVIC.

Civilian casualties caused by NATO forces hunting insurgents are a major source of friction between the Afghan government and its Western backers - all the more so after a lone U.S. soldier gunned down 16 Afghan villagers at the weekend.

"They have to ask themselves the question how much is one's life worth? You can't put a price on it," Rafi Nabi, 33 and unemployed, said in a market in the Afghan capital.

"If one were to kill an American and offer to compensate their death with money, they wouldn't accept it."

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Mar 14, 2012, 12:29 PM (0 replies)

I didn't fuck it up

I didn't cause this fucking deficit, old people who got sick didn't cause this deficit, hungry children whose homes were foreclosed on illegally didn't cause this fucking crisis, your damned war profiteering did, tax cuts for the super rich did, corporate welfare did.

I didn't wreck the economy, the fucking bankers did.

I honestly don't give a shit about "Shared Sacrifice" because I didn't fuck it up. I didn't crash the economy, neither did teachers or public union workers or anyone like that. The people who earn less now than their fathers did 30 years ago didn't fuck this up.

You know who fucked this up? The very, very rich people! The politicians who are OWNED by very, very rich people. You fucked this up, not me, so you need to go first on the "Let's sacrifice" diving board, because I am not in any position to sacrifice and you, dear rich people, have ALL THE FUCKING MONEY.


Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Mar 13, 2012, 12:21 PM (35 replies)

Did you know you can still recommend a locked thread?

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Mar 13, 2012, 09:02 AM (2 replies)

You might be a Red Neck if..

You hang around with rich people trying to pretend they are southern.

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Mar 12, 2012, 01:16 PM (10 replies)

Seven Reasons The Job Gains Could Last This Time

Companies are generating waves of jobs, and unemployment is down.

The same thing happened last year around this time. Then everything faded to black starting with the earthquake in Japan, which struck a year ago Sunday.

Does a happier ending await the job market this time? Economists seem to think so.

For reasons ranging from progress on Europe's debt crisis to a slowly improving housing market to slightly less gridlock in Congress, the economy and the job market appear better able to withstand setbacks than they were in 2011.

"The internal dynamics of the U.S. economy look pretty good right now," says Bill Cheney, chief economist at John Hancock Asset Management.

U.S. employers added 227,000 jobs in February, the third straight month of 200,000-plus job growth. The unemployment rate remained 8.3 percent, but it was 9 percent as recently as September. By all measures, the job market is strengthening by the month.
Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Mar 12, 2012, 12:39 PM (0 replies)

Political Reality: How Real is Game Change?

By Jake Tapper, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham

Political Punch

The movie 'Game Change,' based on the book by the same name about the 2008 presidential campaign, premiered on HBO this weekend. At a glitzy premiere in D.C. last week, Jake Tapper caught up with the writer and director, as well as a few of the film's stars, to talk about the challenge of bringing the Jon McCain and Sarah Palin story to the screen.

Watch the video here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/political-reality-real-game-change-112247436.html
Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Mar 12, 2012, 12:27 PM (1 replies)

The ultimate fantasy for the Romney family dog (TOON)

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Mar 12, 2012, 10:31 AM (1 replies)

The Trees Are All Right - Romney and Santorum don't understand the real value of our nation's public

In most of the American West, the trees are not the right height, which may frighten Mitt Romney, and some of them are so old as to challenge the biblical view of creation that Rick Santorum wants taught in schools.

The tallest trees in the world, the coast redwoods of northern California, grow to 378 feet — more than half the size of Seattle’s Space Needle. The oldest trees in the world, bristlecone pines that cling to hard ground in Nevada’s Great Basin, can live for up to 5,000 years.

We can't have trees older than the bible stories.

Romney, of course, famously said he liked the trees of Michigan because they were “just the right height” — a bizarre and harmless pander. But last month, in a campaign swing that was overlooked by the national press, Romney told a gathering in Nevada that he wasn’t much of a fan of the trees on public land — at least that was the impression he left.

He said, “I don’t know what the purpose is” of the great American public land legacy — a domain that includes 190 million acres of national forests, 52 million acres of national parks, and more than 500 million acres of open range, wildlife refuges and other turf under management of the Interior Department.


Greed runs through their veins and if they can't see one of their cronies making a fortune, there is no value.
Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Mar 9, 2012, 06:42 AM (6 replies)

It's Obamas fault - he should have seen this coming.

This approaching solar flare is his fault. He should have done something to deflect it.

You know there are teabaggers out there who will blame him.
Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Mar 8, 2012, 05:52 AM (14 replies)

Meet the .01%

The world's top billionaires 2012

Billionaire List Now Includes 1,226 People
128 new billionaires are added to the Forbes' annual list of billionaires, released today. The world's richest have a combined net worth of $4.6 trillion. See who is on the list
2012: New records, new trends

Forbes's first annual list of the world's billionaires, published a quarter-century ago, had 140 names. This year, a record 1,226 billionaires made the list, with a combined net worth of $4.6 trillion, also a record and up from $4.5 trillion in 2011.

Innovation, strong consumer brands and a rebounding U.S. stock market helped produce 128 newcomers to this year's list and brought 17 former members back into the billionaire ranks. Falling stock markets, particularly in China and Russia, were mainly responsible for knocking out 117 individuals.

In addition, 12 members from the 2011 list passed away, including buyout titan Theodore Forstmann and Apple's (AAPL) Steve Jobs, whose widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, takes his spot on the 2012 list.

Overall, 460 billionaires got richer, 441 got poorer and 180 held steady.

This year's billionaires come from 58 countries. The United States remains home to more billionaires than any other nation, with 425, a gain of 12. But only three of the 10 richest hail from the United States, one fewer than last year.

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Mar 7, 2012, 12:45 PM (0 replies)
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