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liberal N proud

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Not again...

Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Dec 16, 2012, 09:22 PM (0 replies)

Lake Erie wind farm proposal wins $4millionin federal funding

The U.S. Department of Energy announced Wednesday that Northeast Ohio's Project Icebreaker is one of seven proposals nationwide to advance in the high-stakes competition to prove the promise of offshore wind power.

LEEDco, the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. formed in 2004, created the Northeast Ohio public-private-academic partnership behind Project Icebreaker. The organization's proposal called for the installation of nine 3-megawatt turbines seven miles off the shore. The challenge now is to determine the details of drilling into the lake's floor, transporting the structures out into the water, and finally getting them to stand – and stay – upright.

Ultimately, the goal is to demonstrate how to build a wind farm that provides power at the same cost as traditional electric plants when the cost of construction, maintenance and energy production are averaged over the 20-year life of the wind turbines.

"There are 8,000 parts in a wind turbine and every little thing we can do to reduce the cost or increase the energy produced is in play," said David Matthiesen, a professor of materials science and engineering at Case Western Reserve and the research team leader for Project Icebreaker's research and development group.


Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Dec 12, 2012, 06:06 PM (1 replies)

CEO takes 46% increase in compensation while cutting more than 10% of it's employees.

Energizer CEO Klein sees 2012 compensation jump 47 percent

Energizer Holdings Inc. CEO Ward Klein earned $9.5 million in total compensation in fiscal 2012, up 47 percent from 2011, according to a regulatory filing.

His 2012 earnings were comprised of a $1.1 million salary, $4 million in stock awards, $1.7 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation, $2.6 million in increased pension value and nonqualifed deferred compensation earnings and $213,426 in other compensation, which includes company matching accruals in savings plans, term life insurance premiums and perquisites such as personal use of company aircraft and personal financial advisory services.

On Nov. 8, Energizer Holdings announced that it planned to reduce its global workforce by more than 10 percent, or approximately 1,500 people, as part of a restructuring it announced in September.


Energizer Holdings, Inc. Announces Multi-Year Restructuring Program Estimated Gross Annualized Pre-Tax Cost Savings of approximately $200 Million

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Energizer Holdings, Inc. (ENR) today announced that its Board of Directors authorized an enterprise-wide restructuring plan and has delegated authority to the company's management to determine the final plan with respect to these initiatives.

Energizer expects to achieve gross annualized pre-tax cost savings of approximately $200 million as a result of this restructuring project. The Company expects that nearly three quarters of the savings will improve profitability, and the remaining portion of the savings will be invested in the business to drive long-term growth. The Company estimates one-time charges associated with achieving these benefits to be approximately 1.25 times gross annualized savings, of which approximately 25% to 30% are estimated to be non-cash charges.

The Company expects that a substantial portion of the actions necessary to achieve the targeted savings should be completed by the end of fiscal 2014 and the total savings are expected to be fully realized in fiscal 2015. A majority of the one-time charges associated with these initiatives are expected to be recorded within the next 12 to 18 months as restructuring costs will likely be incurred ahead of achieving estimated savings (see exhibit - schedule of savings and costs estimates).

These actions are expected to reduce the global workforce by more than 10%, or approximately 1,500 colleagues.


And these assholes can't afford a tax increase?

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Dec 10, 2012, 03:24 PM (4 replies)

Frosty gets caught picking his nose

Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Dec 9, 2012, 10:54 AM (2 replies)

"Better days are in store" American Economic future

"Better days are in store": Joe Davis on America's economic future
December 07, 2012
In a recent speech to business leaders at a conference in Washington, D.C., Vanguard chief economist Joseph Davis, Ph.D., shared his thoughts on why, despite serious fiscal and economic challenges, the United States may be in the midst of a new industrial revolution—one that could provide the engine for sustained growth.
An edited transcript of Mr. Davis's speech is presented here; you can view a video of his full remarks on Vanguard's website for institutional investors.
Good morning, and welcome. I am honored to speak with you today.

If we look over the past 225 years since George Washington's first term in office, our average economic experience as a nation has been a very, very good one.

Cautious optimism and the light in the tunnel
With this as a backdrop, what is Vanguard's long-term outlook for the U.S. economy? In two words: cautious optimism.

Yes, amid all the talk of doom and gloom, I see flickers of light at the end of the tunnel, but my near-term outlook is a very cautious one, marked by serious downside risks, given the fiscal challenges here and around the world.

As I look out over the horizon, over the next five or 10 years or even longer, I see another economic future that few are talking about—one that could, just could, return our economy back to that white light. It's driven by a force that has been more than a generation in the making; a powerful, underappreciated force that has the potential to raise the standard of living for all of mankind, and that will reshape the world; a force that, like its predecessors, has the U.S. in the front, not in the back; a force that is not local but global; and a force whose positive and powerful impact on productivity and growth has only just begun.

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Dec 7, 2012, 05:38 PM (0 replies)


The day after marijuana was legalized

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Dec 7, 2012, 02:43 PM (2 replies)

Walmart's New Health Care Policy Shifts Burden To Medicaid, Obamacare

The Huffington Post

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, plans to begin denying health insurance to newly hired employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week, according to a copy of the company’s policy obtained by The Huffington Post.

Under the policy, slated to take effect in January, Walmart also reserves the right to eliminate health care coverage for certain workers if their average workweek dips below 30 hours -- something that happens with regularity and at the direction of company managers.

Walmart declined to disclose how many of its roughly 1.4 million U.S. workers are vulnerable to losing medical insurance under its new policy. In an emailed statement, company spokesman David Tovar said Walmart had “made a business decision” not to respond to questions from The Huffington Post and accused the publication of unfair coverage.

Labor and health care experts portrayed Walmart’s decision to exclude workers from its medical plans as an attempt to limit costs while taking advantage of the national health care reform known as Obamacare. Among the key features of Obamacare is an expansion of Medicaid, the taxpayer-financed health insurance program for poor people. Many of the Walmart workers who might be dropped from the company’s health care plans earn so little that they would qualify for the expanded Medicaid program, these experts said.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Dec 4, 2012, 12:32 PM (0 replies)

International Space Station flying over dancing auroras and other amazing things

Many wonders are visible when flying over the Earth at night. A compilation of such visual spectacles was captured recently from the International Space Station (ISS) and set to rousing music. Passing below are white clouds, orange city lights, lightning flashes in thunderstorms, and dark blue seas. On the horizon is the golden haze of Earth's thin atmosphere, frequently decorated by dancing auroras as the video progresses. The green parts of auroras typically remain below the space station, but the station flies right through the red and purple auroral peaks. Solar panels of the ISS are seen around the frame edges. The ominous wave of approaching brightness at the end of each sequence is just the dawn of the sunlit half of Earth, a dawn that occurs every 90 minutes.


The whole thing is just awesome.
Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Nov 29, 2012, 06:15 PM (11 replies)

On Fiscal Cliff Diving...

Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Nov 29, 2012, 07:25 AM (0 replies)

On Fiscal Cliff Diving...

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Nov 28, 2012, 09:51 PM (0 replies)
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