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liberal N proud

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Your candidate farted - listen to full audio at link (HRC Group)

As if posting everything someone says is going to change minds.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue May 10, 2016, 06:46 AM (0 replies)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Has Hilarious New Nickname For Trump

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue May 10, 2016, 05:51 AM (5 replies)

Has Trump thrown insults at BS yet?

I can't recall any. Makes me wonder?

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon May 9, 2016, 11:42 AM (11 replies)

New Nikon D3200

I have had a D3100 for some time although I still feel like I am learning how to use it. Took some great shots on vacation last week and had several that I was disappointed with. My sunset shots from Santa Monica Pier just did not look as good I thought they did.

But last night my wife came home with a brand new D3200 in a box, I looked at her and asked what was going on.

She got it on clearance for an unbelievable price. Anyway, now I need to get this thing out of the box and learn the new toy. New toys are always exciting.

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon May 9, 2016, 08:51 AM (9 replies)

Evangelicals feel abandoned by GOP after Trump’s ascent

‘There’s nobody left’: Evangelicals feel abandoned by GOP after Trump’s ascent

LINCOLN, Neb. — Pastor Gary Fuller planned a Sunday service focused on involving Christians in the political process and featuring a speech by the pastor father of Sen. Ted Cruz. But after a week in which Cruz abruptly dropped out of the race, his father scrapped his appearance here and Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s standard-bearer, a dismayed Fuller kept the political portion short.

“Vote according to your convictions,” Fuller told congregants at Gentle Shepherd Baptist Church who will cast ballots in Nebraska’s presidential primary Tuesday. “What you believe is the right thing to vote for, according to the Scriptures.”

He told congregants that the church can’t and won’t promote one candidate over another. But Fuller has a hard time stomaching Trump as the Republican nominee and plans to vote for Cruz on Tuesday, even though the senator has dropped out of the race.

“In a sense, we feel abandoned by our party,” Fuller said. “There’s nobody left.”

Fuller and other conservatives whose voting decisions are guided by their Christian faith find themselves dismayed and adrift now that Trump has wrested control of the Republican Party. It is a sentiment that reaches from the small, aluminum-sided church with a large white cross on its front that Fuller and his wife built on the Nebraska plains to the highest levels of American religious life. Even progressive Christians — evangelicals and Catholics, among others — who don’t necessarily vote Republican are alarmed that Trump is attracting many voters who call themselves religious. A coalition of nearly 60 Christian leaders — many progressive and some conservative — published an open letter last week asking voters of faith to reject Trump and his “vulgar racial and religious demagoguery,” warning that the nation faces a “moral threat” from the candidate.


First of all, I despise religious leaders who interject politics into their congregation so it does not bother me when they get burned by the devil they made a deal with.

There is no place for politics in religion.

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon May 9, 2016, 08:40 AM (2 replies)

We were part of the audience for the Late Late Show with James Cordin

Very interesting how they do that.

Posted by liberal N proud | Thu May 5, 2016, 02:15 AM (2 replies)

Here's Why I Never Warmed Up to Bernie Sanders

Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

With the Democratic primary basically over, I want to step back a bit and explain the big-picture reason that I never warmed up to Bernie Sanders. It's not so much that he's all that far to my left, nor that he's been pretty skimpy on details about all the programs he proposes. That's hardly uncommon in presidential campaigns. Rather, it's the fact that I think he's basically running a con, and one with the potential to cause distinct damage to the progressive cause.


Bernie's explanation for everything he wants to do—his theory of change, or theory of governing, take your pick—is that we need a revolution in this country. The rich own everything. Income inequality is skyrocketing. The middle class is stagnating. The finance industry is out of control. Washington DC is paralyzed.

But as Bill Scher points out, the revolution that Bernie called for didn't show up. In fact, it's worse than that: we were never going to get a revolution, and Bernie knew it all along. Think about it: has there ever been an economic revolution in the United States? Stretching things a bit, I can think of two:
◾The destruction of the Southern slave economy following the Civil War.
◾The New Deal.

The first of these was 50+ years in the making and, in the end, required a bloody, four-year war to bring to a conclusion. The second happened only after an utter collapse of the economy, with banks closing, businesses failing, wages plummeting, and unemployment at 25 percent. That's what it takes to bring about a revolution, or even something close to it.

We're light years away from that right now. Unemployment? Yes, two or three percent of the working-age population has dropped out of the labor force, but the headline unemployment rate is 5 percent. Wages? They've been stagnant since the turn of the century, but the average family still makes close to $70,000, more than nearly any other country in the world. Health care? Our system is a mess, but 90 percent of the country has insurance coverage. Dissatisfaction with the system? According to Gallup, even among those with incomes under $30,000, only 27 percent are dissatisfied with their personal lives.

Like it or not, you don't build a revolution on top of an economy like this. Period. If you want to get anything done, you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way: through the slow boring of hard wood.

Much, Much more at link: http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2016/04/heres-why-i-never-warmed-bernie-sanders
Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Apr 29, 2016, 10:46 AM (37 replies)

World Naked Gardening Day is May 7th

If there ever was a day to plant your seed, it’s May 7.

That’s because it’s World Naked Gardening Day, an annual event where people are supposed to drop their drawers and get down and dirty.

Now in its 10th year, World Naked Gardening Day is traditionally celebrated the first Saturday in May.

Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Apr 28, 2016, 09:24 AM (6 replies)

President Obama left the Pukes speechless

Obama ask the republicans one simple question in a sit down at the White House...

Even though nothing ended up being accomplished by having the face to face chat in Obama’s office, the president tried his best to get Republicans to “do their job” of helping him pick Justice Scalia’s replacement when he asked the GOP’s top brass if they had any recommendations. By asking them this one simple question: “Who do you have in mind?” the Republicans went speechless. They didn’t have any. They couldn’t produce one single name. And – it’s sad.

The truth is, they don’t want to produce a name. Their entire focus up to this point has been to obstruct, dodge, obstruct, and then do some more dodging. Mcconnell has already driven the point home publicly that he won’t even consider a nominee in Obama’s final year in office. A face to face meeting surely wasn’t going to change that, even if the president bended over backwards for them – which he did.

This is leaving President Obama with very little options since he’s getting no help from Republicans. He was even forced to highlight the relevant part of the U.S. constitution on Tuesday and show it to Republicans, reminding them that it’s their job to help.

How hard is that? Just do your damn job. If the president is willing to let you have a say in who he will nominate, take advantage of it. Show your base that you’re at least fighting to get who you want on the court. Don’t tell America you’re not reasonable, which is really the only point they’re driving home.


Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Apr 26, 2016, 07:45 PM (30 replies)

Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves

The announcement by the Friends of Abe fueled speculation that infighting over Donald Trump’s candidacy had drained commitment

The Friends of Abe has acted as a clandestine club for Hollywood conservatives for more than a decade, hosting secret events where they could vent rightwing views and hear speeches from visiting Tea Party luminaries.

But on Thursday the organisation – which counts Jon Voight, Jerry Bruckheimer and Kelsey Grammer among its 1,500 members – made an abrupt announcement: it was dissolving.

“Effective immediately, we are going to begin to wind down the 501 c3 organization, bring the Sustaining Membership dues to an end, and do away with the costly infrastructure and the abespal.com website,” the executive director, Jeremy Boreing, told members in an email, a copy of which the Guardian has seen.


Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Apr 22, 2016, 10:12 AM (0 replies)
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