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Member since: Thu Jul 29, 2004, 03:51 PM
Number of posts: 378

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10/1/15 Salina Journal editorial "Voting for the truth in Kansas"

From the editorial by Steve Haynes, president and publisher, Nor’West Newspapers, Oberlin:

"It’s hard to understand why state officials, especially Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who worries so much about voter fraud, are making it so difficult for a Wichita State University researcher to check the accuracy of Kansas voting machines.

Statistician Beth Clarkson says voting results seem to show a pattern, an “anomaly,” that could indicate the results are not accurate or have been manipulated. She wants to audit the results, and so far has filed two lawsuits to get access to voting records.

Maybe she’s wrong. Maybe there’s nothing to worry about. But when a legitimate expert says there could be a problem with votes being manipulated, don’t voters deserve a full-scale check?

So far, Kobach and county election officials have stonewalled Ms. Clarkson, saying two state laws make it illegal to give her what she wants."

More at the link:

Looking forward to the Oct. 19th discovery hearing that's coming up.

9/21/15 Update -- Kansas mathematician Beth Clarkson has a lawyer and a discovery hearing

link to her newsletter:

from her post:

I have a lawyer and a discovery hearing!

I was able to discuss my case with several lawyers over the past few months. My thanks to everyone who has offered their support. Randy Rathbun of Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer, LC, http://www.depewgillen.com/ offered his services pro bono. He had a number of admirable qualities, but the one most important to me was his attitude that my goal of getting access to those records was attainable. He’s also a local attorney and a fellow Sedgwick County voter.

I was able to speak with the Sedgwick County Courthouse regarding scheduling of a discovery hearing. It's to be at 1:00 October 19th. My understanding is that this is a short (~15 min) hearing to determine the amount of time needed to schedule a trial. I don't know more than that, but I'm grateful to have legal counsel arranged before this occurs.
I'm scheduled to be on the Radio Sunday, Sept. 27th.

"Keep Hope Alive Radio Show with Jesse Jackson"

Legal Schnauzer blogger Roger Shuler and wife unlawfully evicted again and wife injured


From the blog post dated Sept. 17:
My wife is recovering from surgery on the arm Missouri deputies broke during violent "eviction"

My wife, Carol, had surgery yesterday on the arm that Missouri sheriff deputies broke during an unlawful "eviction" that appeared to be more like an orchestrated assault.

A trauma surgeon said the procedure went well, and he expects a full recovery. Carol's caregivers said she will need regular physical therapy, and her recovery probably will take at least two to three months.

The surgeon described Carol's injury as a broken elbow. He said a number of implants (screws, etc.) were needed to piece the bone back together. It looks like Carol will be in the hospital at least one more night.

My computer access is limited, but I will try to keep readers updated on Carol's condition and the events that led to her injury. Jim Arnott, the sheriff of Greene County, Missouri, was at the scene of the "eviction" and watched from a few feet away as his deputies assaulted Carol--doing nothing to intervene except pointing a finger and indicating Carol had "assaulted a police officer."


I wanted to make sure DU knows about the disgraceful treatment of Roger Shuler and his wife going on in Alabama and Missouri! (Roger is DU member laserhaas.)

**edit on 9/21: Du-er laserhaas is not Roger after all, according to a post by Indydem. I apologize for my confusion on this.

9/2/15 Update on Beth Clarkson's Kansas voting records lawsuit

From her newsletter:

Showing the votes is too much trouble

It's unnecessarily burdensome to the defendent

That's from Paragraph 17 in Lehman's response is asking the judge to refuse my request to gain access to R.T.A.L. voting records. There's more, but that seems the closest to a legitimate reason to me in her 8 page response. An audit is ALWAYS a great deal of trouble and work. I can understand that. It's just not a sufficient reason IMO and I hope a judge will feel similarly.

Legal aid is forthcoming.

A bit of good news. I've talked with two different lawyers this week willing to assist me. Both of them have an attitude that this case can and should be won. I'm to expect a notice of a discovery hearing sometime in the next week, scheduled for sometime in the next month. I'm grateful that I won't have to go to it alone.

No newsletters for the next three weeks.

I don't expect anything further to happen until the discovery hearing. In addition, I have professional and personal priorities that I have to deal with over the course of the next three weeks. I will have only occasional access to email during that time, so please forgive my tardiness in responses to email.

Thanks for all the support.


Letter in Topeka Capital-Journal: Release the Records

Today in the Topeka Capital-Journal, cjonline.com


from the letter posted: August 31, 2015 - 5:42pm

"Reports of Republicans fixing elections in Kansas became more frightening recently with the news that Secretary of State Kris Kobach won’t voluntarily give up voting machine records that are being requested by a Wichita engineer, who believes she has spotted statistical anomalies favoring GOP candidates in the 2014 election.

Kobach is asking a Sedgwick County judge to block the release of those records.

What are you trying to hide, Mr. Kobach?

Transparency in elections is paramount for the success of a democracy. Those of us who believe that seem to be in direct conflict with our own secretary of state.

the rest at the link

Kris Kobach response to Clarkson's lawsuit: Kansas law forbids release of records so No

From Beth Clarkson's 8/28/15 newsletter:

Kris Kobach Says No!

Kris Kobach filed a response to my lawsuit

He filed it last Friday, the 21st. But if it wasn't for a local reporter email me asking for a comment on it and attaching a copy earlier this week, I wouldn't have known. I have yet to receive an official copy.
Like Ms. Lehman, Kobach states that it is forbidden by Kansas law to release those record while neglecting to mention the caveat unless so ordered by a judge. This law is why I have to sue to get permission from a judge. I don't see it as a reason for him to object to a judge granting me that permission. Seems to me that it would be perfectly legal for him to respond with 'Sure, Judge, I see no problem with allowing access for this person for this purpose" with whatever caveats he feels are necessary to secure the integrity of the records.

I'm anxious to here from any legal experts on my mailing list.

What is the next step for me to take?
Can I schedule a hearing to ask a judge to grant me permission?
Do I need to file a response to their response?

Thanks to everyone for you interest and support.



She needs legal help as quickly as possible.
Has been acting as her own lawyer.

Link to the Kobach response:

Evidence Continues to Mount in Kansas Ballot Tampering Case -- And the State Won't Do Anything

Source: ivn.us

KANSAS — If one single axiom of the American justice system is correct, the wheels of justice turn very, very slowly.

Dr. Beth Clarkson, the statistician and engineer at Wichita State University who is challenging the state in court for a full audit of the votes in the 2014 election, updated her newsletter on August 23, yet more interesting news continues to develop as Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach finally defends his stance.

At issue is the fact that there are numerous circumstantial issues that allude to voter machine tampering, including a statistical analysis done by Dr. Clarkson that goes against most common knowledge of how elections work.

As Dr. Clarkson says, “We already have a smoking gun, now we need to do some forensic analysis to see what it all means.”

Read more: http://ivn.us/2015/08/26/evidence-continues-mount-kansas-ballot-tampering-case-state-wont-anything/

Article by David Yee at ivn.us

Kobach and Sedgwick County Seek to Block Release of Voting Machine Records

Source: wibwnewsnow.com

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Sedgwick County election officials have asked a court to block the release of voting machine logs.

Kobach contends records sought by Wichita State University mathematician Beth Clarkson aren’t subject to the Kansas open records act, and their disclosure’s prohibited under state law.

Clarkson says what she’s seen so far reflects a troubling trend.

Clarkson said “This is not a random distribution. We are seeing a very definite trend here that the larger the precinct is, the higher the percentage of the Republican vote is.”

Read more: http://www.wibwnewsnow.com/kobach-and-sedgwick-county-seek-to-block-release-of-voting-machine-records/

AP article 8/23/15 -- Kansas mathematician not optimistic about suit seeking ballot audit

Update on Beth Clarkson's lawsuit in Kansas.


from link:
WICHITA — A Wichita State University mathematician says she’s not optimistic that she’ll win her lawsuit seeking ballot information so she can perform an audit of the 2014 election.

Beth Clarkson is suing Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman. She says she identified anomalies with election results in Sedgwick County and wants to audit them, The Wichita Eagle (http://bit.ly/1E8AnnU) reported.

Clarkson filed an unsuccessful suit in 2012 and told supporters in an Aug. 19 newsletter that several lawyers have told her that she would lose her case this time, too.

“Those who aren’t so definitive don’t seem particularly optimistic,” she wrote. “So far, I’ve been of the opinion that I can lose just as easily all by myself, so I’m still acting as my own attorney.”

This situation in Kansas needs all the attention it can get.

Garbage ‘patch’ is much worse than believed, entrepreneur says

Source: sfgate

It is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — a mass of plastic floating debris estimated to be twice the size of Texas and concentrated between California and Hawaii.

But to Boyan Slat, the 21-year-old Dutch entrepreneur who is orchestrating what he envisions as the largest ocean cleanup effort in history, “patch” is far too gentle a term. He prefers “ticking time bomb.”

On Sunday, the seasick-prone Slat watched safely from on shore as the 170-foot mother ship of the 30-vessel “mega expedition” docked in San Francisco with its haul of several tons of plastic debris.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/Entrepreneur-thinks-garbage-patch-is-far-6460890.php

It's a start!
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