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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
Number of posts: 37,084

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Suppose you were kidnapped by someone who only had a little time left to live...

Maybe he botched the kidnapping and the cops put a bullet in him that didn't kill him but is fatal in the long run. You know that sooner or later, he'll be dead, and you'll still be alive.

How would you deal with the kidnapper's demands?

Would you drain your kids' college funds and your and your parents retirement accounts to pay his ransom? This guy is a career kidnapper, so even though he's dying, he'd have time to transfer your money to his friends and family so it would be difficult to impossible to recover.

Wouldn't you just stall and try to jolly him along until he loses consciousness and you can kick the gun away from him and leave, but give him as little as possible?

This is more or less the situation Obama is in now, with Republicans as the kidnappers, demographics as the bullet, and the last election as the cop that put the bullet in them.

The Democrats in the Senate are arguably cops just outside the kidnappers hideout, and they could end the whole thing a lot sooner if they bust in the door by ending the filibuster.

Of course part of why they don't break down the door is some of the cops are on the take from the same mobster the kidnappers work for, the other cops know it, but the dirty cops are too powerful to take down.

Is LINCOLN, a film about a progressive Republican, extra salt in the wounds of the GOP?

Does it hurt them to be reminded after they had their ass handed to them in the election that their first and most admired president was an unabashed PROGRESSIVE who fought a war to preserve the Union against states rights AND to free blacks who voted en masse against Mittsy Rich?

I hope so.

What do you think?

RAVITCH: corporate ed "reformers" want ONLINE KINDERGARTEN?

There are times when online ed is appropriate like for a bedridden kid, or a college student who is highly motivated and interested in the subject matter.

I doubt that kindergarteners have that kind of internal motivation.

Florida law requires schools to offer online courses to children in every grade, even as young as kindergarten.

There is no evidence or research to support this mandate.


Wonder if this has anything to do with the political power of Jeb Bush, now the nation's leading enthusiast for online learning? Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that his Foundation for Excellence in Education is heavily funded by technology corporations?

Remember how he and his lobbyist facilitated the introduction of virtual schooling into Maine? If you forgot, please read the link. It was a heckuva job.


What will Karl Rove's next job be since he won't get work as a political consultant again?

I'm thinking he'll play the Ned Beatty role in a dinner theater production of DELIVERANCE or become a birthday party clown like John Wayne Gacy since that's the only way he could up his creepiness factor.

PIC: US flag with Puerto Rico's star added:

If Obama cuts Social Security for deal with GOP, he'll repeat Baby Bush mistake

of blowing his political capital to please a handful of rich cranks by screwing everyone else.

Ironically, cutting benefits and raising the retirement age would do directly what Republicans could only come at indirectly through their privatization scam.

The one promise I don't want Obama to keep is more bipartisanship with the GOP.

Will Congress vote to allow Puerto Rico statehood?

Given the referendum that just passed there, it would be hard to justify denying it since doing so could be seen as giving up a little piece of empire by starting to push them out of our control.

Republicans would have to buck their xenophobic base, but they do need to court Latinos too.

So how will it go down?

Wisconsin voucher schools get worse test scores, so Walker EXEMPTS them

So why exactly are we giving our tax dollars to for-profit schools that do WORSE than existing public schools?

And when will the leaders of the Democratic Party admit that this is a scam and their support of it is blatant corruption?

Our education policy should not be dictated by right wing think tank and hedge fund managers looking for a way divert our shrinking education dollars in to their pockets.

Democrats at the top need to call this a failure and change course NOW.

Wisconsin Raises Standards, Voucher Schools and MPS Schools Plummet

by dianerav

Wisconsin decided to raise the passing mark on its tests, and the results were not pretty in Milwaukee.

90% of students in voucher schools were found not to be "proficient" in math or reading.

In the Milwaukee public schools, 85% were not proficient in reading and 80% were not proficient in math.

Governor Scott Walker has solved the problem for the voucher schools: In his new legislation expanding the voucher program to more students, the schools will no longer be required to take the state tests.

Therefore, their proficiency rate will not be known or reported.

In the future, there will be no more comparing the results of voucher schools and public schools in Milwaukee.


What's the most iconic photo of Sandy's storm damage so far?

I had an idea for a simple photoshop that says, "Are oil & coal worth this?"

Michelle Rhee's "StudentsFirst" backs candidates who CUT education funding

You know someone is the product of a conservative think tank and a corporate shill when they call their astroturf group "StudentsFirst" then use it to back candidates who support cutting education spending.

Michelle Rhee, darling of the media and the public face of corporate centric education reform, also backed the opponent of a former teacher of the year because that teacher vowed to fight for real public education and against the privatization agenda.

It goes on to say that one privatized online charter is doing worse than public schools under threat of closure (the for profit charter gets no such threat of course).

This is one issue where we must pry Democratic politicians away from the corporate teat and make it more painful to latch back on than to stay away.

Michelle Rhee is endorsing and funding rightwing candidates across the nation, showering cash on those who are opposed to teachers' rights and unions and support privatization of public education.

In Ohio, she is using her StudentsFirst millions--collected from anonymous billionaires, millionaires and corporations--to support opponents of public education.

An Ohio blogger writes:

Now, here in Ohio, Michelle Rhee’s true colors simply cannot be ignored. Rhee has chosen to fund multiple candidates in Ohio who are running for the Ohio House this year, citing their individual votes to support the Kasich budget that cut public education funding by $1.8 billion as a reason for StudentsFirst’s support. Let me restate that: StudentsFirst supports these candidates because they supported Kasich’s budget that cut $1.8 billion from school funding.
PlunderBund (http://s.tt/1rpCF)

Of all her endorsements in Ohio, the most disgusting is that Rhee is supporting a candidate with no education experience running against Maureen Reedy, an experienced and admired teacher. The two are candidates for an open seat in the 29th district.

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