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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
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"tell our kids that before they have babies, they ought to think about getting married"

Right wing politicians have a unique ability to talk to the rest of us like we are retarded and they are too.

Bush made the same point about just getting married when he wanted to double the work requirement for moms on welfare.

Could it be that most of them WANT to get married but in fact have good reason not to?

If the guy who got them pregnant is not stable economically himself, sometimes employed, sometimes not enough to contribute to a family, sometimes needing his significant other to support him, why would she want to lock that in?

Additionally, they know all to well how that could effect any government aid they get, and very often the additional income from dad isn't enough to make up for the lost wages.

If Republicans really cared about "family values," they would enact policies that paid a living wage, so people can afford to get married, and enforce labor laws so parents have time to spend with their kids, and maybe even enact a generous family leave policy so parents could bond with their kids for a year or so before shipping them off to daycare.

I think the real family values Republicans want for the rest of us is for the whole family to work together, like sharecroppers or migrant farm workers, or stand side by side for 16 hours a day in that Foxconn factory.

Rahm Emanuel takes liberal base-bashing to a whole new level

We have certain rules on DU about not criticizing Democratic candidates in general election season.

Corporate Democrats need to exercise similar restraint about not shitting on Democratic voters.

Message to Rahm: you need more than just wealthy donors and corporations to win elections.

Rahm thinks of himself as some kind of Democratic Karl Rove, but he is more like the cashier at an expensive restaurant, who thinks he's important because he handles the rich people's money.

Among the least effective ways to help a struggling candidate is to berate that candidate’s base voters. Self-evident as it is, this basic lesson is nonetheless often ignored by President Obama’s most vocal supporters. Typically, they criticize liberals who have not merely the audacity to hope – but also the audacity to cross-reference the president’s record with his original campaign pledges. So anathema is such an act to Democratic partisans that Obama administration officials now brazenly defy their most crystal clear promises – and then openly mock those who object to the duplicity.

Now, though, as the election enters its final death throes and the spasms of partisan desperation get ever more intense, Democrats are flinging out a special version of the old berate-the-base tactic. Rather than copping to the president’s betrayals and explaining them away as allegedly necessary compromises, one of the president’s chief surrogates, Rahm Emanuel, is publicly insisting that the president’s most loyal supporters are downright stupid because they believe Obama made specific promises which he supposedly never made.


EMANUEL: I find that — it’s like this. He told everybody he was going to be aggressive. He told everybody what he was going to do about targets. He said that “If I can find Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, I’ll take that chance.” You may not want to hear it, but he’s talked about it. It’s not a surprise. You may have been selective in what you heard, but he said it. You can’t point to a single part of the way he’s executed policy that he didn’t enunciate beforehand.


One thing I liked in the debate: Bush's name

I would like to see the debate moderator ask Rmoney/Ryan ONE question: what are you going to do differently than George W. Bush?

A variation of that question for Obama would be nice too: You're election was widely seen as a repudiation of the policies of George W. Bush, yet you continued many of them, often as starting positions rather than as compromises after a good wrassle with Republicans in Congress. Which policies are immune to the influence of voters? What are we going to get from you that we got from Bush and would likely get from a President Romney?

Pennsylvania Sec of Ed Altered Test Rules to Inflate Charter School Scores

More than half of charter schools in the state fail by the very yardstick corporate "reformers" demand be used to judge real public schools, so the state Secretary of Education tweaks the reporting rules to make it look less bad.

This is the kind of rigging of the game you get when government services are contracted out to for profit businesses that can afford to take some of their profits to pay politicians to put their thumb on the scale.

This would be an embarrassment simply to the state of Pennsylvania if this wasn't the bipartisan federal policy that OUR PRESIDENT reaffirmed his commitment to as recently as the first debate.

When are enough of these stories going to add up to shame at least Democratic politicians into admitting this is a corrupt, costly mistake?

Our current K-12 education policy is like finding a malnourished, neglected kid, and instead of nursing him back to health, smothering him with a pillow so you can sell his organs.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of Education changed the state testing rules, without federal approval, to boost the scores of charters. The change involved treating charter schools as if they are districts, not schools. This reduced the number of charters that failed to make adequate yearly progress.

The chief legal counsel for the Pennsylvania School Boards Association said "the change might give the Legislature the false impression that charter schools outperform traditional public schools as they consider bills supported by Corbett to expand the number of charter schools and change how they are authorized in Pennsylvania."

PSBA pointed out that the new formula overstates the performance of charters. Because of the formula, "...44 of the 77 charter schools that PDE has recently classified as having made AYP for 2011-12 in fact fell short of the targets for academic performance that other public schools had to meet, some even declining in proficiency percentages rather than making gains.”

This is the intersection of politics and education, where the data are adjusted for political ends.


Mitt Romney Style: more effective than the debate and all ads combined

Put a fork in him--he's done.

Unemployment drop, GOP obstruction, & the problem with bipartisanship

Obama could have said something like this in the debate, but didn't for some reason.

He enacted a stimulus that was half full of the same conservative solutions from the Bush era and the previous three decades of Reaganomics that got us into this mess.

It would have been nice if Obama had governed as a New Deal Democrat instead of a GOP halfacrat. Then we'd see which ideas actually work, and if they didn't Republicans would a legitimate criticism.

As it is, someone could legitimately say we don't know whether it was the Republican or Democratic part that help or hurt.

I'm trying to figure out how this would look to a thoughtful swing voter as well as to Democrats trying to get excited about the election.

leaked docs show anti-Chavez candidate plans to go full neoliberal after election

If you don't know what neoliberalism is, it's the international version of everything that's been done to screw us for the last thirty years.

There's a lot of Chavez bashing here, but in the fight against international bankers and Wall Street, he's on the right side. Why should we want less for other people than for ourselves?

In early September 2012 David De Lima, a former governor of Anzoategui, published a document he said showed secret MUD plans to implement much more neoliberal policy, if elected, than their public statements showed. De Lima said the document was a form of policy pact between some of the candidates in the MUD primary, including Capriles. On 6 September 2012 opposition legislator William Ojeda denounced these plans and the "neoliberal obsessions" of his colleagues in the MUD; he was suspended by his A New Era party the following day. Capriles said that his signature on the document was a forgery, while the MUD's economic advisor said that the MUD had "no hidden agenda", and that its plans included the "institutionalisation" of the government's Bolivarian Missions so that they would no longer be "subject to the whims of government". Nonetheless, several days later four small parties withdrew from the MUD coalition. One small coalition party claimed De Lima had offered them money to withdraw from the MUD; De Lima denied the claim. On 30 September, another opposition politician, Aldo Carmeno from christian-democratic party COPEI, withdrew support to Capriles, criticised Capriles for "false" and "tricking of venezuelan people". Carmeno announced support to Hugo Chávez.


to business people: what do you do with a tax cut when you don't have customers?

Obviously, you have some, but if you can already produce more than the demand, why would a tax cut make you hire someone else?

What else would you do with the money? Invest in some other business whose product isn't in demand?

an easy reply to why economy hasn't improved faster: stimulus was half full of GOP "solutions"

Tax cuts don't create jobs when no one is buying your product.

If you directly create jobs, people have money to buy stuff, which creates demand, which creates jobs.

Do the businesses who now have customers care if their customers got the paycheck their paycheck from the government as long as they are buying?

I don't think so.

What is so damn hard about saying that?

One guy owns the Harlem Globetrotters & Washington Generals...

The sickening feeling I get is since both more or less want to work for the same set of rich guys on Wall Street, those guys might say, "You know what? Now YOU get to be the Washington Generals and MITT gets to be the Harlem Globetrotters," and Obama dutifully obeying.

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