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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 02:14 PM
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I do not hold Bill O'Reilly to the same standards as Brian Williams.

Bill O'Reilly is an entertainer and opinionist. Brian Williams is a journalist and newscaster. What O'Reilly does is not news, in any way, shape, or form. Despicable, yes, but news, no. Please don't let them twist this up until we are elevating Billo's status. I just told a Republican friend this on FB today.

Has anyone made a Bill O'Reilly JFK death car meme yet?

Like the one that made the rounds with Brian Williams?

Why is it (re: KXL, the angry right, the weenie left, RINO's)

that the morons on the right always get away with publicly referring to Democrats in all situations as "the angry left", but their own unprecedented extremist actions are blown off as normal politics? Why? Shouldn't there be a 24-hr a day messaging machine on our side calling them the "angry right"? I mean every politico, pundit, and talking head on our side should use this kind of phrasing in every television appearance. That's what they are. Angry, callous, hateful, vindictive, and dangerous. The Democratic Republic is hanging on by its' fingernails and these people play politics to the bitter end. Our side almost always acquiesces. I'm beginning to think there are only 4 Democrats left in the entire country- Warren, Grayson, Sanders, and yours truly. Sen. Sanders is more of a true yellow-dog Democrat than most Democrats. He's more of a Democrat than my own "Democratic" Senator, who has predictably turned out to be a RINO. He would rather pander for the next election, than to take the hard votes (I say that as if it's true that it's hard to vote against KXL. wink wink) C'mon, man. Really? You want to be re-elected so badly you voted Yes? Pathetic. Our state has ZERO interest in KXL, and even the states impacted really only have an interest to the extent it affects them. But our state has NOTHING to gain. Rant over.

Ok, DU'ers..My facebook is blowing up over the last few days about Pence and

that idiotic state-run news agency mess he created. Have hardly seen a peep or two in GD or LBN about it, only one or two comments. Not only is he an idiot, but he is ruining our fine state with each day he continues in an office he doesn't even really want. It's just a placeholder for the real prize, the White House. We here all surely know that, and in his rather short tenure he has done hardly anything, except for a couple of pet projects, one of which thwarts the will of the people and denies a duly-elected public servant her position. Can we impeach him yet? I have posed this question several places on FB. There are scads of national news stories about this debacle, and he is an embarrassment not only to our state, but to his prior career as a radio broadcaster with the news agency story. He only wants to create that agency to spread "news" (propaganda) for his Presidential run, and I dare say he isn't even qualified for the office he holds. So, Can we impeach now? Also, how can we get the story some legs here on DU? Thoughts.... (*edits below, to include story links, by request

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Cancels Plans To Launch State-Run News Outlet

Opinion: Mike Pence Fails Political Crisis Management Test

Pravda on the Plains:
Indiana's Taxpayer-Funded Fake News Org

Gov. Pence ditches state-run news site plan after uproar

Ted Cruz just did a huge favor for Democrats


The Senate unexpectedly stayed in session for several hours on Saturday before voting on a bill to fund the government through next September (the "CRomnibus").

The Saturday session was forced late Friday night by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who are upset over the Obama administration's executive actions on immigration. They refused to allow Congress to go into recess without a vote on the constitutionality of Obama's actions.

The Senate voted down Cruz and Lee's motion on immigration — with several Republicans joining Democrats — before it passed the CRomnibus.

Because of the extra time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was able to move closer to votes on 24 Obama administration nominees — including nominees for Surgeon General, the head of the country's chief immigration enforcement agency, and twelve federal judgeships — who Republican senators have been blocking.
more at link. Explains why votes can start on Monday for the judicial nominees.

I really normally wouldn't post this at all, but I at least want to give this to Octafish

who may do with it whatever he wants. I am confident it is a big nothing-burger because it is from Newsmax, but I still wanted him to see.


Mafia Hit Man Confesses to Killing President Kennedy

Mafia hit man James Files says in interviews first aired nationally on Newsmax TV Thursday night that he worked along with major mob figures and fired the shot that killed Kennedy from the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Friday, Nov. 22 marks the 51st anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's tragic assassination and Newsmax TV marked the occasion by airing the provocative premiere of the blockbuster documentary "I Killed JFK", featuring never-before-seen footage of Kennedy's confessed killer.

The documentary, produced by Hollywood’s Barry Katz, presents convincing forensic evidence supporting Files' contention that he, and not Lee Harvey Oswald, fired the fatal shot at America's 35th president.

"I squeezed off my round. I hit him and blew his head backward," Files said of the single shot he fired that fateful day

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.Newsmax.com/Newsfront/john-kennedy-assassination-confession-mafia/2014/11/20/id/608736/#ixzz3JgcQyhjp
Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

Ok, I will grant one slight peace offering to the Bernie naysayers.

If (and it's a big if) Bernie Sanders isn't the Democratic candidate, and you actually want to keep me within the party, then right now the only name that comes to mind and hasn't been discussed and dismissed, that I know of, is Alan Grayson.

I'm thinking of poking a stick at Ted Cruz.

Wouldn't it be fun to call his office and let him know that the establishment is disrespecting him? Let him know that his junior high fantasy world is at risk. You know, just to stir him up.

Let's start the push now for single-payer.

Republicans are threatening repeal of Obamacare, and with help from SCOTUS they may get their wish. Why wait any longer? ACA is here for now, for better or worse. And it could get worse. So why are we waiting? Let's get on with:

-Single payer healthcare for all
-Higher minimum wages, and this time let us tie it to automatic increases.
-Demand accountability on issues like the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance, etc.
-Demand an audit of the Fed. I realize this is largely a right-wing, tea-bagger issue, but there is no reason we can't co-opt it.
-Demand investigations into the Great Depression of 2007-2008. (And that's how we should always refer to it. Place the blame squarely where it belongs. They have both houses, so hound them to investigate).

There are a million other things too, but I'm busy at the moment. What would you add? We need to PUSH like never before to get this ship right. We need to PUSH our party as much as we need to push the other one. Let's just get the agenda right out front. What say you? (as Billo the Clown says, LOL)

Is Bernie Sanders a Democrat yet?

Because, he might be our last ray of hope to wrest this party from its' lackadaisical, tepid response to Fascism and/or Oligarchy.

R.I.P., Elizabeth Warren ’16 fantasy: Why she’s really (probably) not running for president now
The liberal star will now be an official Senate Democratic message-maker. Here's why Hillary can breathe easier now

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