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Clinton: ‘I did not put down conditions’ before supporting Obama in 2008

This has been explained over and over. The same woman who can't understand why she sounds so out of touch on the $12 minimum wage issue vs. Bernie's $15 is the same woman so out of touch she actually thinks Bernie controls his people. Wrong. Bernie's people tell him where we are, and he believes them at face value and then fights for them.

She's absolutely clueless.

Hillary Clinton on Monday dismissed the notion that she needs to adopt some of Bernie Sanders’ positions to unite the party if she becomes the Democratic nominee, arguing during an MSNBC town hall that she has millions more votes and more specific proposals than her rival.

“I have a bigger lead in pledged delegates than Senator Obama, when I ran against him in 2008, ever had over me. I am winning,” Clinton said during the town hall moderated by Rachel Maddow. “And I’m winning because of what I stand for and what I’ve done and what my ideas are.”

RELATED: Bernie Sanders admits he’s unlikely to flip superdelegates

In an appearance on “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Sanders acknowledged he has only a “narrow path” to the Democratic presidential nomination. But he said it will be Clinton’s responsibility to win over his supporters if she captures the nomination. He has also said he feels he is the stronger candidate to run against Donald Trump, or whoever the Republican nominee is, in the general election.

During the town hall, Clinton said her battle with the eventual nominee eight years ago was “so much closer” than her current race against Sanders.


IF those Brock trolls show up here on DU, you will know how they got here.

Hillary's people paid them a huge sum of money for their services, and since this site is the Official site of my County party, I expect to hold this site to a higher standard. That is, unless they don't care about having my entire County party along. Not many people actually know that I suppose.

Is DU the Official site for any of your locals?

Mine party lists DU on heir home pages and all relevant sites as the official site.

I hope Debbiegate doesn't spread to DU.

Bernie event in Bloomington on Wednesday!


Bernie event in West Lafayette on Wednesday!


What will *really happen here at DU the moment a nominee is announced:(edited)

1. There will be much gnashing of teeth for the losing side, with members of their own team calling for calm and unity.
2. There will be much gloating on the winning side, with members of their team calling for humility and grace.
3. There will be a call from any or all of the following for the same, and yadda yadda, rally behind our nominee: Skinner, The DLC/Third Way, and The Corporate State media outlets working in overdrive, the party leaders on at least one side of Great Political Divide that exists within our party, and of course, the Triangulator-In-Chief, Bubba Clinton himself. I fully suspect, by the way, many will be socked and stunned by the sheer lack of support for her.
4. There will be a second wave of vile and vitriolic posts, juries, hidden posts, and shit-slinging which will, as in all times prior, will re-write the rules of DU yet again to suit the soup of the day.
5. There will be a third wave of incredulity, as the realization sets in that we meant what we said. The FDR/Labor wing has one last gasp in it, and will make their stand known. They have already adopted a catch phrase "Bern It Down". They did, not me. I saw it elsewhere. I repeated it here. If you haven't seen it, just follow me here for a minute. I have stated in other posts that what I do is predict.
6. When the election goes to the other side, there will be wailing.

On edit: Whoops! Forgot the close: Please, please vote for Bernie to avoid this scenario I described! Please vote against The Corporate State and vote FOR the Constitution!

Second edit: Ignore is my friend. Once you make it to the ignore list, I will never see you again. Whoops, there went the party unity! D'oh.

What's the Future of Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution?

Had you closed your eyes last Sunday in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, you might have thought you were five years and a half-hour train ride away, occupying lower Manhattan for the 99 percent. Endorsing Bernie Sanders, New York City council member Jumaane Williams — a Black Lives Matter activist and former Occupier — led 28,000 people in a "mic check," a call-and-response meant to get messages out fast to big crowds. "We want — we believe in," Williams and the crowd roared, "the revolutionary moonshot."

That moonshot, of course, is the 74-year-old democratic socialist vying for the nation's top office. Having suffered a double-digits loss in New York last Tuesday, Sanders is now focused on garnering votes in the five states voting this week — though mathematically, his chances of securing the nomination are now slim. But win or lose, the future of the political revolution Sanders has championed probably won't look anything like him. Rather, it will be headed by millennials and people of color — groups that, thanks to demographic shifts, promise to be major electoral bases in the coming years.

Encouraged by the momentum Sanders' campaign has generated, the young people heading up some of the last decade's most influential social movements are grappling with how to build a new kind of politics, as active in the streets as it is in the halls of power. Disillusioned by the lost hope of Obama's historic election in 2008, they know better than to take any candidate, however progressive, at their word. Even leaders who feel the Bern share a kind of agnosticism for their work beyond election season, ready to ramp up protests whether Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office.

While millennial organizers may have been excited about a Sanders administration, many see a bolder goal on the horizon: an alternative to politics as usual, one that's of, by and for the grassroots. From backing candidates up and down the ticket to marching on Washington, activists are looking to create a popular outlet for anger at the status quo, with electoral teeth

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/whats-the-future-of-bernie-sanders-political-revolution-20160425

Clip Shows Wasserman Schultz Staffer Shoving Camera Away From Canova Campaign

After raising a flabbergasting amount of money — more than half a million dollars — in his first three months of campaigning, Tim Canova can now call himself the first bona fide primary challenger in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's career. To prove that point, Canova, who is challenging the Democrat for her seat in the House of Representatives, is now proposing that he and the congresswoman debate each other, an idea Canova says Wasserman Schultz is less-than-enthused about. He says he's sent at least three letters to Wasserman Schultz's campaign about the idea and gotten no response.

If it weren't obvious that Wasserman Schultz views Canova as some sort of horsefly she ought to swat, Canova tweeted a clip today that claims to show Jodi Bock Davidson, a Wasserman Schultz district director, ripping a cell phone out of a Canova campaign staffer's hand.

In an interview with New Times, Canova said the incident occurred at the "grand opening" for the Broward Democratic Party's new offices in Plantation yesterday.

"One of my campaign staffers was filming, and Debbie's staffer grabbed the phone out of his hand," Canova said. "It happened two times. One time, she actually stuffed the phone down his pants."

more: http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/clip-shows-wasserman-schultz-staffer-shoving-camera-away-from-canova-campaign-7710483

Reminder: The Bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary and expire in 2006 I think?

They sure got extra mileage out of that one! 10 extra years and counting!


Bernie Sanders: "We are the future of the Democratic Party"

Bernie Sanders: "We are the future of the Democratic Party"

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday that no matter what happens now his campaign is the future of the Democratic Party and that the top issues of his campaign are now the Democratic mainstream.

"I think the ideas we are talking about, (are) what the American people and the people in the Democratic Party want to hear," he said on CBS' "Face the Nation," noting his campaign's strong support among younger voters. "We are the future of the Democratic Party, so I'm very proud of where we are and we look forward to fighting this out through California."

Whether he or former secretary of state Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, Sanders said he believes that the key issues of his campaign will be represented in the platform of the Democratic nominee. He named guaranteed health care, free college tuition, getting money out of politics, a $15 national minimum wage and climate change as top priorities that he believes have broad backing in the party.

"All of those issues are issues that I believe the vast majority of people in the Democratic Party support," he said. "I hope that if I do not win the nomination, that that will be part of Clinton's agenda."

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