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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 3,060

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Instead of naming it PRISM or however it's spelled, the should have named it Edgar. nt

Russ Feingold For Senate In 2016?

Former Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold last week left the door open to challenging the Republican who defeated him, teasing Democrats that he may run in 2016.

Feingold spoke to party faithful on Friday at the state Democratic convention in Oconomowoc, Wis.

"I don't come to you tonight as a candidate, at least not in 2013 or 2014, or 2015," said Feingold in a comment met by cheers from the audience.

Feingold lost his seat in 2010, when Republicans swept the midterm elections. He was beaten by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who will be up for reelection in 2016. Feingold's comments at the convention, however, ruled out a run against Gov. Scott Walker (R) in 2014. Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin wrote on Monday that Feingold would be a good choice for Democrats for president in 2016.
more at link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/10/russ-feingold-2016_n_3417727.html

So I take it National Journal is a right-wing publication?

*note: I have never laid eyes on it before today, if that tells you how well-read I apparently am not.
Posted by silvershadow | Mon Jun 3, 2013, 10:55 PM (9 replies)

Steve Schmidt sure has been down to earth lately. (with a Bachmann aside)

Saw him twice in the last couple of days on MSNBC. Rachel had him on and gave him the business regarding Bob Dole's rather blunt assessment recently of the state of the Republican party. Just an observation of my own about Schmiidt's demeanor. What do you all think of 2014/16 at this time? Also, regarding Bachmann's departure, do you suppose the state of the Republican party is such that they will field someone equally as extreme or even more so for that race? I just don't see how the Republicans can possibly coalesce around anything meaningful or solidly centrist anytime soon. Thoughts?

Local radio stations being sold

Local radio stations being sold
By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Don’t touch that dial.

Six east central Indiana radio stations, including Anderson’s WHBU (AM 1240) and Alexandria’s WMQX (FM 96.7), are being sold to Woof Boom Radio, a new group headed by veteran broadcaster J Chapman.
The goal is to return the stations to local control, Chapman said, which would better-serve their combined estimated 89,400 weekly listeners. The stations are currently owned by Backyard Broadcasting LLC, based in Jacksonville, Fla.

“I can’t stress ‘local’ enough,” Chapman said. “We want to understand what’s important to the community.” For Anderson and Alexandria, he said that could include programming focused on and produced in Madison County.

My comments: I can't believe this is happening. An actual step in the right direction. I hope it starts a trend, that's for sure.

More at the link:


'People's History' of Gulf Oil Disaster Reveals Deadly Truth Behind Dispersant Corexit

Report released on eve of Deepwater Horizon anniversary tells of BP lies and government collusion in oil 'clean-up'

- Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer

Not only is the chemical dispersant that was used to "clean up" the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010 extremely dangerous, it was knowingly used to make the gushing oil merely "appear invisible" all the while exacerbating levels of toxicity in the Gulf waters, according to a report released Friday, the eve of the third anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, by the Government Accountability Project.

According to the report, Deadly Dispersants in the Gulf: Are Public Health and Environmental Tragedies the New Norm for Oil Spill Cleanups?, Corexit—the dispersant chemical dumped into the Gulf of Mexico by oil giant BP and the U.S. government in the spill's aftermath—was widely applied "because it caused the false impression that the oil disappeared."

posted without comment, more at link:


As much as I like Rachel,

Please, MSNBC, bring back Ed! At 8 pm! Pronto. I hardly even turn on MSNBC now. That is all.

Please Come To Boston, Dave Loggins.

My thoughts and prayers to the victims, families, and all of Boston.

One of my all-time favorites:

How many Karl Roves does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: All of them. He screws them all.

Exactly how big a blunt instrument is needed to kill off chained-CPI, anyway?

I thought that carcass was buried late last year. Now it is back, like the phoenix. I called every member of my delegation AND the White House last go-around in expressed in the most poignant terms possible my feelings on the matter. I told the White House that I considered it outright theft of money that doesn't belong to those who would cut. I am soooo over this nonsense. Yesterday I got an email from somebody (can't remember who) asking me sign a petition, which I did. I will gladly sign my name to all such petitions. I think one I saw today was an "I will primary you" type of campaign. Good idea. I am very sick, and on disability. But I swear to you, I am so tempted. Even if I would lose, it would be worth it. You see, it wouldn't be about me. It would be about how I feel, though. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. In this case, Right is wrong, and so is Left apparently. I spent all last fall cheerleading in my private life and online as well for this President. I spent election day on Twitter and Facebook rallying voters. I spent the late hours tweeting for people to STAY IN LINE. For what? I thought this past election was the stake in the heart of the Blue Dogs. Someone, please, help me out.
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