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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jul 8, 2004, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 10,221

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Editorial: What Hillary Clinton said behind closed doors

From the Chicago Tribune:


The issue here is that Clinton, now a would-be president, earned an extraordinary living giving speeches and making appearances. All transcripts from those activities should be available for public scrutiny, just as all presidential candidates' previous professional work should be open to examination. For example, if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, expect to read a lot more details about his decades in business. And rightly so. Voters deserve to know, and understand, how he made his money.

Why Bernie Sanders will ultimately support Hillary Clinton
Why Bernie Sanders will ultimately support Hillary Clinton
Why are those particular speeches and conversations important for assessing Clinton's candidacy? Because how she presented herself to influential people in a private setting reflected her judgment. Voters are reasonable to ask: How did she handle the situation? Better than Mitt Romney? In 2012 he did himself in by talking disparagingly about low-income people in private to wealthy donors.

We're guessing Clinton made nice with Wall Street and feels uncomfortable about it now. Maybe she said something to damage her credibility among some potential supporters. So be it. Clinton could have avoided scrutiny by finding different work. Instead, she earned big speaking fees based on her experience as a public servant. If she likes that role and wants to be president, she has an obligation to share what she said.


I'm baaaack...

Ted Cruz is now to the left of Hillary with hist vigorous talk of brining jobs back. nt

Bernie live on MSNBC...look at the crowd! nt

Now Cruz is to the left of Hillary. He's talking about bringing jobs back to Indiana. Wow. nt

Jimmy Carter::

Jimmy Carter:

Call it, Skinner!!!!

(too soon?)

Just heard on MSNBC...Biden succumbs to triangulation. no link. nt


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