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Gender: Male
Hometown: Venice, California
Current location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Member since: Fri Jul 2, 2004, 04:55 PM
Number of posts: 14,392

Journal Archives

Guns Are For Protection?

Comedian Jim Jefferies destroys this argument!

Does the VP matter?

It seems as if the VP duties are limited to tie-breaking votes in the Senate, being next in line should the President be unable to serve, and helping the Pres "balance the ticket" during their first election (on 2nd terms, no one mentions "balance").

But what could an administration do with a well qualified VP, if they really wanted to stir the pot?

What real authority does the VP have in their role as President of the Senate?

What real authority does the VP have when they preside over joint sessions of Congress?

Can the VP also hold a cabinet position?

Any thoughts, DU?

Bernie Sanders - Then and Now (1985-2015)

If you're on the fence about Bernie, or if you just want to be reminded about one of the many reasons why you support him, take 20 minutes of your day and watch this compilation of Bernie being 100% consistent in his progressive, populist message for the last 30 years!

This man has always been on the right side of history, and he's already my President. All that's left is our vote

Bernie Is NOT Boring

Sometimes, it's important to be able to laugh at yourself a little:

Sorry if this has made the rounds, but I hadn't seen it before tonight (and rofl I did)

The NRA Wants Your Guns

Did you ever notice that Conservatives are great, stinking hypocrites? You did? Good! It's actually very easy to pick up...

1. The biggest warmongers are sometimes deeply disturbed chicken hawks...
2. The biggest homophobes are sometimes deeply repressed homosexuals...
3. Family Values advocates get busted as cheaters and sex offenders...
4. Abstinence only advocates get pregnant--though not married...
5. "I'm not racist, I just don't think..(fill in racist POV of the moment)..."
6. "Liberals are weak on defense, and bad for the economy"

Right? Those that scream loudest about the actions of others, often have the most to hide.

Which brings me to the NRA. The NRA, outwardly, wants to protect your 2nd amendment rights, and screams that background checks and stricter gun controls are cover for the government to create a list of gun owners. Eventually, they'll "come for your guns" and they MUST BE STOPPED.

Well here's a fact. There's already an organization that keeps a detailed, national list of gun owners and gun enthusiasts.

It's the NRA. NRA members carry cards. Are you a member?

I encourage everyone to spread the word - I have it from a highly placed military official that the NRA is a covert government operation funded by the CIA and the NSA, and its primary objective is to document the highest profile gun owners and enthusiasts. When the time is right, the NRA will come to the people on their targeted membership lists and offer to "keep your guns safe from Washington because they MUST BE STOPPED." If you don't hand over the weapons willingly, the NRA will reluctantly seize them because Freedom, and use them to arm the new, NRA funded national well regulated militia, because THEY (the Govt) MUST BE STOPPED.

Shh! (spread the word!!!)

The Consumers and the Consumed

Truly, the only reason we need to earn money is because we "need" to spend money.

Once we were craftsmen and laborers, thinkers and inventors. Now we are consumers, and we have become separated from the value of the things we consume because they are made in another country, in a poorly lit warehouse, by people we will never meet. In exchange for those trinkets, we trade "capital" - a thing of imaginary, not intrinsic, value. We are told that this is a convenience, but the truth is we are currency slaves, and the only convenience is to the "capitalists" - men who take a percentage of every trade and call it "profits."

We work so that capitalists may profit. When we don't work, those who would profit call us lazy and useless, and thus we are separated from the value of our very lives.

Now we are consumers. One day we will be the consumed.

Bernie Sander wants us to change our futures through a social/economic/political revolution. If we pass on that opportunity, I can see only two outcomes-more of the same with the oligarchs at the top of the food chain, or an actual revolution of tears and of blood.

Think hard about your choices, think hard about your vote.

Vice President Clinton?

or VP Sanders?

It's very likely that one of these two candidates will win the Dem nomination (no offense to O'Malley...the only other candidate with even the slightest of chances). When that time comes, the party will have to turn it's united focus on the Clown Car.

In 2008, the "Party Unity My Ass" call rang out from Hillary's camp. Will that happen again?

I recently saw an OP discussing an interview where Bernie shared some ideas about possible Cabinet Posts in his administration.

Let's speculate about the VP spot.

My questions -

1. To Sanders voters who have declared they'd never vote for Hillary, would that pledge change with a Sanders/Clinton ticket?

2. To Hillary supporters - Considering the respectful way Bernie has run his campaign, are you open to a Hillary/Sanders ticket?

Let's assume, for the sake of the question, that either candidate would offer, or accept such an offer.

July 28 - Burn the Rebel Flag for the 14th Amendment!

July 28, 1868 -- the day that the Secretary of State certified the 14th Amendment had been approved by the required 28 of the 37 states. In a little more than a month, we'll see the 148th anniversary of that day.

I say that in honor of the 14th, we orchestrate rallies in the capitols of all former Confederate states, have a group reading of the 14th Amendment, and burn a Confederate flag.

Popcorn is optional...

Think that will send a message to anyone?

This Ain't 1972

I just read a post here on DU where a kindly soul warned us all that Bernie Sanders was our modern George McGovern, having absolutely zero chances of winning an election.

Though I'm sure that the warning was given out of the goodness of his/her heart I started counting all the ways that this election was like that election.

What a task! I had to stop when I got to Zero!

I just don't see how 2016 compares to 1972...we've lived through a generation of profound changes since that year. As Bill Nye the Science Guy used to say: "Consider the following..."

  • In 1972, a black man had no chance of running for the Presidency, let alone winning it twice.

  • In 1972, a woman had no chance of getting the Democratic party nomination, let alone being the front runner.

  • In 1972, being in favor of gay marriage was a career killer.

  • In 1972, banks were regulated and couldn't destroy the economy.

  • In 1972, we had not already lived through 20-30 years of trickle down economics.

  • In 1972, there was no Citizens United to act as a lightning rod.

  • In 1972, there wasn't a clown car full of insane Republicans running against us (and each other).

  • In 1972, there was no Internet to organize the troops.

  • In 1972, these thing's didn't all come together to create a perfect storm for populist reform.

  • Most importantly, in 1972 we didn't have Bernie Sanders to kick some corporate ass!

So hey all you worry warriors? While we appreciate your sincere concerns, we really don't share them.
This ain't 1972. Bernie Sanders isn't repeating history. He's making history.

Hillary Clinton IS A Liberal? So What?

I don't doubt her credentials on that front.

I'm just saying that at this place and in this time, being liberal is no longer enough.

We are in an economic fight for our lives, and we need an economic populist to lead that fight. Despite Clinton's impressive resume, despite her liberal street creds, she has never really been a populist.
Despite her progressive words, she has never really stood with the 99%.
Despite her campaign rhetoric, she has never really been willing to fight for the middle class, not when doing so might jeopordize her relationship with the same Wall Street interests that underwrite her campaigns.

She's a great Lefty Liberal, in an America that can no longer choose candidates based on their Left-Right differences. Times have changed. The rules of engagement have been rewritten.

To paraphrase another Clinton campaign: "It's the Economic Justice, Stupid!"

There's only one candidate in this race that can draw a real comparison to the New Deal policies of FDR.
There's only one candidate in this race that could stand on Roosevelt Island and give a speech about economic justice, without bringing up the spectres of Glass-Steagall's repeal and Goldman Sach's donations.
There's only one candidate in this race that can really lead a battle against Wall Street.

Ask yourself honestly if you think that candidate is Hillary Clinton, or if that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

In honor of our choice, I'm changing my populist icon from Warren to Sanders, and am sending Bernie another $50.

No hate for Hillary, I just want someone whose desire to defend the 99% outweighs their fear of offending the 1%.
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