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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 10,120

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So who's going to carry on tv the World Series of poker? The November 9 is already set......

but ESPN carries the lead up to the live broadcast......but, I can't find the schedule on ESPN. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks.

Am looking for the July 2015 Photo Contest Winners.......while checking, look at these July 2013

Winners...... http://www.democraticunderground.com/103619846

Where are all my orioles??? Haven't had any for a couple of days......

Ton's of humming birds but no orioles.....anyone else?

OMGOSH......General Hospital......

Haven't watched for at least 15 years, and had a chance to see the beginning of it, and just wow.....everyone is still there from 15 years ago. Older looking, but so am I but wow, they're all STILL there. Donna Mills looks exactly the same......

Can I ask a movie question....didn't see any "movies" topic..... Vacation???

with Ed Helms.....when I first saw the trailer thought "great, another remake", but hearing that he was the kid of the original Vacation.....I'm going to put it on my watch it list. Love Ed Helms.

Adult coloring books anyone? I've got one, and use colored pencils instead of crayons.

Can only color for about a half an hour as my thumbs are pretty arthritic. But love doing it.

iMac says its "Blocked Plug in"......I have updated my flash player and it still won't show video...

e-mailed our local Mac guys, and they wrote back that she had been having that trouble too, but that further down the page the video WOULD play. She suggested I bring my computer in so they could check it for malware and do a quick check. D*mn. It's so annoying. And it's always their fix, bring it in. Ugh........ Has anyone else had this problem with adobe flash?

The Joker and Serena dance at the championship ball......


hope this posts ok.

I Am Legend....... eom

Listen to Sanders and be afraid -- very afraid....this from a blowhard in MN

Hurrah for Bernie Sanders. He is running for president, is attracting big crowds, getting major media attention, is unusually candid in articulating his beliefs, and is therefore instructing us about progressivism. It is a reckless, economically baffled, rich person-hating, disruptive, freedom-stifling pile of endangerment.

Thatís important to know in a nation that could well be deciding next year whether to travel further in that direction, and who could better alert us than the outspoken Sanders?
An independent U.S. senator from Vermont, Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist, signaling to some, perhaps, that he is radically distanced from the congressional Democrats he buddies with. But as astute observers have pointed out, his ideological enthusiasms are usually much the same as those of the typical liberal. When he speaks up, we are largely hearing shared aspirations.

Recently, he attracted widespread comment in jabbering about how awful it was to have 23 kinds of deodorants and 18 kinds of sneakers in an America where children go hungry. Understand, first off, that while there is no perfect means for keeping childhood hunger at bay, there are all kinds of effective programs in place and the Census Bureau tells us instances of it are exceedingly rare.

Understand next that those deodorant and sneaker companies help keep prices down and quality up through competition while also providing jobs and wealth combating the chance of hunger in the first place. Nothing in the history of humanity has ever worked as well as a free market to alleviate poverty. Progressives like Sanders nevertheless donít trust it and want to outright eliminate some of its most profoundly salvation-giving features.

For instance, he wants to end just about every big foreign trade agreement the country has. This trade saves consumers billions upon billions of dollars and is absolutely crucial to our well-being. Sanders thinks it has cost us manufacturing jobs, and it has cost some even as it creates more new ones. Manufacturing has zoomed up with only brief occasional dips in this country and most of the lost manufacturing jobs over the decades have been lost because of technology.

Full article here:


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