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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,969

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Anyone else having this problem with DU this am

Once I click a link, read the post on 'latest threads', then do a 'return', I end up going back to 1 hour earlier in the 'latest threads'.
If I then do a 'refresh', it comes up with current post.?

How many are dying

in the republican states that will NOT allow medicaid expansion and therefore no ACA.
Does anyone know of a site were this FACT is being updated and reported?

Caution: a new virus spreading like crazy

but, so far, only among the republicans. It is called the 'stupid virus'. I mean, what with Rumsfeld saying a trained monkey could do better than Obama? Now that is a bad case of the stupid virus. I'm just hoping that this doesn't spread to just ordinary republican voters.

If religious people like GOSPEL music,

what would be the equivalent music for atheist?

Re: the repug contest for most stupid

So, who is the current stupidest repug as of today. (kinda tough decision isn't it)


I've heard of paying it forward many times. However, in my todays newspaper (Roanoke Times) there was an article about a new café in the town of Bedford, in the county of Bedford. They have a 'suspended coffee' menu. Apparently, this is something new that is starting to go around. This is how is works:

When you order, you can order 'coffee suspended', or, even 'meal suspended'. What this means is that you pay for what ever you 'suspended', but did not receive to drink or eat. The café keeps a 'suspended menu'. When someone comes in that can't afford
a cup of coffee or a meal, they quietly ask for the 'suspended menu'. They can select any thing the café has on the menu, and
will be served the same as any other customer - and no charge to the customer. A local charity org. sends a few people to this
café, others are hearing about it and go there. The café never asks for proof that the person can't pay.

It is SO good to hear of really GOOD things happening in our country. I will encourage other small business to adopt this plan.
Not only is it good for the community, but since the company is getting money in faster than it is being used, this can be
a good, but slight, advantage to the company.

Has anyone else heard of this 'coffee suspended' before? Lets all begin happy thoughts, and either 'pay forward' (eg., offer to pay for the person in line behind you at the drive through), or, patronize business's that use the 'coffee suspended' rule.


The isn't necessarily a 'religious' action, just a good gift from your soul/heart/mind!

Does anyone know if the 'Paul ryan" story is true?


His 'brown bag' story at CPAC straight out of a book?

Definition of STUPID

Making the same mistake over and over expecting a different result, like in
the GOP trying to kill ACA!

New contest among repubs:

See who can say the craziest thing before the elections.

Converting a republican to a democrat is like

changing the pope to an atheist. Some people don't want to hear the truth.
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