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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,192

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I have yet to see any good explanation for

what the hell is going on in this country? Between really stupid repubs, all the racism going on, bigotry, and
all kinds of really bad shit, and, the very FAST growing of the Islam religion (will the largest in the world by
2050), is there anything at all that can get us back to some sensible behavior?
It is making me more and more glad I'm 80 with probably not too many years left.
The whole damn world is going to hell - Israel and other over in that part of the world!!


I've said this before - our society as we once knew it is quickly coming to an end.
How sad to know how many idiots there are out there.

I am amazed that Indiana hasn't also outlawed

atheist. Guessing it won't be long before they do!

I just can't wait for

the contest of the liars (otherwise know as the GOP debates)

the other day, I posted that the LETTER would be hard to beat for dumb,

but leave it to good ole Lindsey G. Going to use the Army to keep congress in session just to get his way if he was pres???

Has anyone seen any reactiion from other countries

to "THE LETTER". The Iranians haven't pulled any punches, calling the letter
as 'back stabbing' (among other things) from the party that sent the letter.
I did like to see that the petition to Obama got 162,000 signatures in 2 days - WOW!

I'm thinking there is only one problem with the repubs:

T H E Y A R E S I C K, S I CK'ooooooos....

Want to know why the Repubs don't get any real work done?

It is because they spend all their time having meeting on HOW DO WE DO SOMETHING EVEN MORE STUPID THAN THE LAST ONE? It must take a lot of their time to do that but so far they have been successful. Can't wait for the
next REALLY DUMBER!!!. I mean, how can you top the letter to IRAN???

If the 47 repub Senators that signed that letter to IRAN

are not charged with a major crime, then this will just make them see just HOW FAR THEY CAN GO before
being prosecuted, EVEN UNTIL THEY TRY to accuse Obama of the very 'crimes' they them selves have
been committing.

Well, guess it had to happen sometime,

the democratic senator from NJ charged with corruption.
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