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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,051

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What % of the House and Senate

belong to the 1% versus the other 99%?
Actually, just being in an upper class of income means the 99% are NO LONGER REPRESENTED in the making of laws!

Can you name one muslim country that is truly on America's side?

It seems to me like they all are in one way or another, helping ISIS.

My LTE in todays Roanoke(va) times

Letter: GOP Ebola panic and NIH, CDC budget cuts

Well now, let's see — Republicans demanded a hearing on why that nurse got Ebola from a patient.

However, look back a ways and you will find those same Republicans cut the budget for the National Institutes Health and Centers for Disease Control, which of course would have been working on a cure for Ebola.

Republicans are currently refusing to have a hearing on the funding.

Regarding Ebola mania: How about the thousands of Americans who die each year from smoking, drinking, overeating? Not a single hearing on those. Nor do you hear anything about the estimated 625,000 people around the world who die yearly from malaria.

When did they take the word "priorities" out of the dictionary?


Has anyone read or know how much

it would cost California to build desalinization facilities large enough to take care of the
current draught there. Since the oceans are rising, there should be plenty available.
Wouldn't building these be cheaper than millions of people having to move to where there
is water? There really isn't any were to go is there?

Just a touch of humor

I bought some 'wet and forget' moss killer to day. There as a tag on
the handle that read: (this company does have a sense of humor )



Your time!

This product is only
effective if you read the instructions thoroughly

But I know you probably won’t. So go ahead, do the
Job twice. You
probably have a PHD in time wasting. Who am I
to give you advice.

Oh the horrors of rasising the minimum wage

Here is an article on what can happen when the min. wage is increased to $15.00/hr


If the repugs hate a black president,

and considering their dislike of women, I think if Hillary wins, they'll treat her probably worse than they have Obama.

President Obama really HAS brought out the worst in some people

but then, these 'some people' are all racial bigots. He has brought out the best in many people in this country, and I hope this is what he will be remembered for along with the raising economy, etc.

Have you ever felt like the whole world is screwed up?

At 79, I hope I go before the start of WWIII. The terrorists (of all kinds), the sports figures doing weird stuff,
etc. -- I think perhaps the Buddhists are the only ones that don't want to start a war with someone else, and I'm not 100% sure about all of them. You know, we really should start putting all the 'good' news here as well all the other stuff we put here. Can't think of any just off hand, but will keep looking.

Every child when I was one

must have been physically 'abused'. Why, every one of us that I knew had been whipped with a limb from a tree or scrub. Can't you just imagine every parent in going to jail for teaching their child a lesson about why you really shouldn't be doing bad things.
(I'm 79)
It usually only takes once, then you don't ever do any thing naughty again.
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