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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,248

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Stupid is as stupid does!

If anyone else has wondered if Trump was smart of dumb, all you have to
know now is he will want Sarah Palin on his staff when he become president.
Any doubt about his intelligence, or lack thereof, now??

Not only do I think Bernie

has the very BEST platform for America, I think he is showing more COMMON sense
than any other politician. He is running on what he thinks America needs, not on
what he thinks a lot of repugs thinks.
In another word, V O T E F O R B E R N I E!!!!!

Let's take a look at experience in office

So Bernie has many years in elected office.
So Hillary has 0 years in elected office.
Talking politics with a spouse is not the same as being in office.

I am hereby removing DU from my computer. I don't know

what I've been saying that has so many of you up set. So, bye bye.

Response times?

I have DSL with Verizon. My response times are getting so bad on ALL sites, that I frequently
get a 'page can't be displayed' (time out?). Is anyone else getting bad response times?
When they changed something on the internet, I recall reading that response times would probably suffer. My response times seem to get slower and slower each day. Today
is the worse yet?

If we stopped discussing the following, what would that leave us?

Confederate flag, Trump, Roof, lgbt's, -- well, that is not all of the 'hot' topics,
but I think sometimes these thing just go on and on far to long, and that
isn't just here on DU.
Any one else just get tired of these 'breaking news' that keep breaking for
days and days sometimes. (2 convicts is another one)

If you haven't seen Obama singing 'amazing grace',

you missed a very emotional song, with the large crowd in the church joining in.
(oppps - forget to get a link, but I'm sure there is one on DU somewere.)

So, Roof said he wanted to start a race war

Well, I think he actually meant a shooting war. Won't happen, but I think he did, in fact,
start a war of words, people for and against the 'flag', which is symbolic of racism. I think those
who still want to fly that flag are, in fact, racist. Some of those who don't care about the
flag may still be racist, but mainly, I don't think they are.
Let us hope that in our lifetime, we will see everyone treating everyone else as equals as people.
There will always be inequality in income - not everyone can be rich. There will always be
inequality in those who are very smart on down to those who simply can't manage to learn.

Why the 'flag' still flies in the South

President Lincoln was assassinated and Johnson took over the office.
Now, tell me, who would ever think, at that time, that the south would act
like they had won, NOT LOST, the Civil War. They continued to fly the
flag of the confederacy - even unto today. If Johnson had simply outlawed
the confederate flag, we probably would not have the racism we still
see today.
The south used to (may still do) say 'THE SOUTH WILL ARISE AGAIN'.
How can they rise AGAIN when the never did rise in the first place?
(I was born and still live in the south).

It is Obama's fault, don't you know?

Once Obama was elected, a whole lot of conservaties thought (what the heck have we gone and done?).
Then slowly at first, but at a fast growing rate, they began to take their hatred of Obama to include
all blacks. I try, but I just can not understand what they are feeling about blacks.
Do we have that many mentally disturbed people in this land of ours? Can't go anywhere else, 'hatred' in other countries seems to be even worse than here.
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