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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,154

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The -shall buy from State ....

But, where does it say (or, actually not say) that IF a state has NOT implemented the plan, then
doesn't that leave the Federal system as the only alternative??
It is so disgusting that the repubs would rather see poor people die for lack of health insurance
than to let them have the Fed. insurance!!! I can't begin to imagine what repub voters must
be thinking when they vote for these people. (I would certainly hope there ARE a few repubs out there that understand what a betrayal the repub congress is providing us with.

I recall there is a significanice to

getting a 1 year 1 day sentence, but I can't recall what it is. There is some
legal difference between 1 year sentence and a 1 year 1 day sentence.
Any help out there on this one??

IF the repubs win the Presidential election,

I think I'll move to a place that is very pleasant, sunny, friendly. Some place like Tobago/Trinidad. (actually just Tobago). Or, for even less intrusion, maybe Cacaos island.


What is the average paid to have the ads hidden? It always seems to take a long time waiting on the ads to load.
By hiding the ads, will I get substantially better response times?

HAS ANYONE counted all of the 'threads' available?

I haven't, and don't want to. Tell me

H O W I N HELL is one supposed to know which one to use? I think just having a few major discussion forums should be more than any one needs. I don't recall seeing the biggest majority of the forums in use. It gets confusing, especially for us OLD farts!

Obama has been a president

closest to the average American in history. Early on, it was only for the wealthy, which hasn't changed a whole lot, but I think Obama comes the closest to the average American ever.
Just check out all the pictures of him just on DU. So, he has a sense of humor? So, he some wealth, but earned the old fashioned way - he worked for it. So did his wife! His children also seem to be very 'average' in their behavior. Just try to find a better FAMILY. You'll have a hard time. He would be the most 'beloved' of all presidents if only he had white skin, not black!!!!! But, then HE DID WIN A SECOND ELECTION, so maybe a lot of people really do like him, they just don't want to 'admit' it??

50 shades of grey????

I got the book way back when. Read about 40 - 50 pages and threw it in the trash. I sure as heck won't go see the sorry movie!

Whats good, whats bad for you this week.

It seems like every week (almost daily), some article comes telling us what is BAD to eat and what is GOOD
to eat. Also, what other things can kill us young.
If I had paid attention to all this GOOD/BAD thru my life, I would have been dead AT around 25 - 30 years
old. (you know: how many days you loose for each BEER, each CIGARETTE, each DONUT, red meat, and on and on.)
Glad I didn't pay attention. I've smoked for 65 years, drank beer, wine, booze, ate/eat red meat, for the same 65 years, and enjoyed ever bit of it. At 80, I'm healthier than almost anyone I know (meaning younger, I don't know any one older) - too many paid attention and died young. Eat, drink what ever you want, just don't overdo any of it and you will either be fine, or dead, but you will have enjoyed life more.

Well, lets see now,

Obama and the Democrats have been right for 6 years, the Republicans have been wrong 6+ years.
You'da thought the Republicans would have learned sometjomg by now. But, noooooooooo!
The just seem to get dumber every day. Can anyone tell me why they can't ever learn anything from their BAD actions?

Response time?

Anyone else finding DU to be extremely slow? It seems it gets slower and slower each day.
(I'm running explorer and most sites are quite fast for me)
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