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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,291

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question for people who play games offline on widown 8.1

I used to have HEARTS on my computer before I bought my current 8.1 windows. Now I can't find anyplace
to down load a free version. I do NOT want to play on-line, which is all I've been able to find.

guns and nuts (my LTTE)

Subject: guns and nuts

Does ANY town/city or state have an accurate count of those people who have a mental illness
with a potential propensity for shooting people? Then, does anyone have an accurate count
of guns available and/or already in the hands of these people?

Manufacturers have a precise count of how many guns have been manufactured. We have a
precise count of the number of people in the USA.

You should have gun control that requires every gun to be accounted for by each and every
person that owns one. This kind of law should not be all that difficult to pass.
Locking up ever potential killer is IMPOSSIBLE.

So, which one do we control? Guns is the obvious answer. Also, no one needs an automatic
gun, so make the manufactures discontinue making them. Guns meant for war should not
be available to any one (other than those in the military that are required to have them).

On TYT, question: should schools close on Muslim holidays

NO and they shouldn't close on ANY religious holiday. In fact, do any of the other holidays still have any meaning to very many people anyway? Lets just drop holidays, and add a few days of 'vacation' to the workers benefits.

Left handed

Seems a teacher made major deal about student that wrote left handed, insisted he write with right hand.
When I started school (1942), I wrote with my left hand. My teacher insisted I wright with my right hand.
So, I picked up the pencil with my write hand, and started writing from RIGHT TO LEFT. Did right good at it too. However, the teacher didn't like it so she let me write left handed from then on.

Why do Catholics

spend so much money to keep the leaders (from Pope on down) living so well.
I wonder how many millions it takes to keep up the Vatican et.al.?

I'm back, this time I'm trying to find an off-line solitare for

windows 10 (not 'free cell') just regular solitare. I've tried bunches and nothing I want will download any thing but 'free cell', and other stuff. Hope someone can help me. Thanks, Clyde/

I need help in finding a word processor

that will run on my new windows 10 computer. I've searched, but can't find any that will actually download.

Need help with finding a word processor for windows 10

I've been searching for a work processor for my new windows 10 computer. None of the processors listed
will down load for some reason. Any suggestions for were to find this?

GOPers still at it ---

I keep think they can't get any dumber, but: Build a Canadian wall says Scott Walker.
Hey, lets continue that wall down the Atlantic and Pacific, and around the Gulf. Then no more
worries about them 'bad' people coming in.

Another woman says she had sex with Cosby. Would the only woman

who did NOT have sex with Cosby please stand up?
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