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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,313

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paychecks in pro football

I have no idea who makes the most, but I'm sure it in tens of millions.
Also, I have no idea how many hours he actually works.
Most players have college degrees. So, compare their hourly rate against the hourly rate of the
professors who taught them (well, hopefully) make?

Any one have a guess as to how long

before America will totally break down. I think we will become one of those ISIS type countries where
two (probably more) will be fighting each other. At my age, I may not last until this happens, but
longevity runs in my family, so I may still have 10 years or more.

/quick question

How do I know if I'm progressive, moderate, or dumb enough to be a repub?


I'm not sure why, but I served in a special group in the ASA (Army Security Agency) back in the 1950's.
Because of my job, I was guaranteed to never be closer than 50 miles from any enemy attack. OK, so I did my job, quite good at it to,
and I was stationed in Tokyo, Japan. Could never let anyone know what I did, etc.. Wore civies ever where so no one would know what group we were with. (amazing, we were the only ones in Japan that was allowed to wear civies off base. You reckon anyone figured that out?)
Still, though I volunteered, I don't feel any kindred with those in actual combat.

So, should I feel like a proud veteran?

I'm not sure I feel any better or worse han the combat troop?
Your opinion please.
('m 80, still in good health.)

15$ min?

If all min. wage earner jumped to $15/hr., how long long would it be befor they couldn't afford anymore than NOW?
In mean time, old folks will be way behind have a living earning income. Go figure who get helped, who gets screwed!

Time for a 4 party system?

We now have:
(independent is not a party, that says Hey, guess what I am?)

I think I've realized why politics is bugging me so much this time aroind

I'm just getting too old (80) to take all this shit. I don't remember all of this crap going on in getting candidates
elected at the primaries before. (And I presume in the general election.)
Any one remember anything close in the past??

Why belong to the KKK?

My wild guess is this is one way, at least for a politician (and I'm guessing mostly republicans), to show their pure hatred for blacks while
still campaigning for office. Can't admit your true feeling will campaigning now can you?

Am I the only one that didn't know that leaves do not turn color?

Ah ha - the leaves were already that color but as they grew, chlorephyll which is green, cover the color until
fall, then the plants use that chlorephyl up, so the original color shows thru.

Here is a BIG thank you to the Repubs

for a) getting Hillary elected as president and
b) proving, once again, just how stupid they can really be

(can they top this one for stupidity?)
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