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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,019

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C H I N A and how to improve America

I would suggest that Obama calls for all American companies that have shipped jobs to China must return those jobs to this country within 6 months, or, their products will not be allowed to enter the U.S.
China seems to becoming a threat to the U.S., and has become a very important financial country.
Now, if we take all the outsourced jobs out of China and return them home, we very quickly accomplish at least two things:
1. Our economy will expand back to the greatness we used to have.
2. China's economy will crash, making them much less of a threat.

As a 2nd point now related to China is, we stop giving aid to any country that commits acts which we cannot go along with
(eg. Israel taking over land for their own.), and any other country that supplies our enemies with weapons.

The Pres. in Ferguson?

I usually ready 'the grio' in the mornings, but just got to it. Read an article about why Obama should visit Ferguson. It made a lot of sense. However, if Obama does go there, AND walks down the street, he had better have a whole passel of secret service surrounding him. With the white cops in Ferguson, who knows if any of them would recognize, or, even care - hey, he's black = let us shot him before he can get away!

what the hell is going on in this country? this world? Could we be getting close to end of time?

Bad apples

As the old saying goes, put one rotten apple in with a bushel of good apples, it doesn't take long for them all to go bad. Of course the solution should have been don't put a bad apple in in the first place, or at least take it out before it does more harm.
Now, replace the word 'apple' with 'cop', you get the idea.

To bad we can't take all the bigots out. Wouldn't it be great to have everyone being friendly with everyone else? We can't take all the bigots out, but we should at least be able to keep them out of the entire justice system, from police to prosecutors, to judges, jurors, etc..
It would also be nice to keep them out of Congress (both houses).

what the hell

We should not be bombing Irag and anyone else. Let the sob's kill each other until there are none left. I do not agree with Obama bombing ANYONE. As I've said before they been killing each other for centuries. Let them keep it up. I'm beginning to think NEUTRALITY is the way we should go. Again, as I've said before, as the 'religious' believe they need to kill anyone who does not believe as they do should killed, or, as long as there is ANY religion, the killing will not stop!

Why is Obama's rating so low?

When a president can't get anything done, he usually has a low rating. HOWEVER, in Obama's case, he can't get anything done with a party of NO in charge of the house. I can understand why Congress's rating is low, but should Obama's be low just because he has to contend with the party of NO?

questions about a coupled web sites:

1. Any one look at huffintonpost? If so, do you have VERY bad response times? It is slower for me than my old dial-up was.
2. Any one look at thegrio? If so, do you have problems with being able to scroll down consistently? I frequently have to wait a long time before a scroll will work.

Just asking,

Is there a GOP site similiar to DU?

DU is a very active site, but was wondering if there would be a GOP site I could get a 'fresh' laugh or two from.

So what do the fish know?

(sorry, I couldn't do a 'copy' on the actual comic)


Is Darrell Issa certifable

mentally ill? No sane person could act the way he does.

Shame, shame on Obama

How could he be so wrong. I know when he ran for president the first time,
NO one would have expected him to bring this country to its knees. But, the longer he is in office the worse the bigotry in this country becomes, especially among the main stays and politicians of the republican party.
Can you believe he has asked for so many things for the good of the people, but the GOP just canít/wonít do anything because of their bigotry against having a black president. Shame on you Obama for being black.
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