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SCOTUS vs NSA spying: bigger threat?

It seems clear to me the answer is SCOTUS. Yes, it's apples and oranges to a large extent, but IMO were primarily concerned about slippery slope hypotheticals at this point with the NSA.

However, the SCOTUS is actively damaging our democracy right now, brazenly and without fear of repercussions. I shudder to think of what will surely happen if we allow the scales to be tipped any further.

My point-- let's keep the debate going regards to privacy, and work to find consensus as a nation on what we're willing and not willing to accept. And hold our representatives accountable. But we MUST NOT lose sight of the more clear and present danger.

No matter what, remember that if we give the republicans an inch, they are primed and waiting to turn this country into something no one but old, white, rich men will recognize.

I seriously have to wonder...

How many people with their hair on fire right now ever actually paid attention when Hagel was one of the only Rs brave enough to stand up to Bush & Cheney. Yes, his voting record is Republican all the way. But he was a voice of reason in a very dark period, and he deserves credit for that. It's important to get your history right.

That DOESN'T mean he's owed anything, certainly not a cabinet position, but before you demonize the man you might want to get your facts straight on who he is--not his voting record, HIM.

I agree that undoubtedly there is a Democratic alternative to whatever he's being vetted for. However, I do not believe it is being a bad Democrat to point out that Hagel is a sane man who spoke the truth in a time when very few Republicans had such courage.

We don't need him in the cabinet--but you're doing OUR party a disservice by dismissing someone outright simply because of their party affiliation. That is what THEY do. Let's beat them, but remember to give respect where it is due, else we become just like the righties who spend the majority of their days obsessing over their undying hatred for Democrats. I reserve my hatred for the ones responsible for truly damaging this country, and Hagel is not among them.
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