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Member since: Tue May 11, 2004, 07:57 PM
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We're being trained to be obedient.

Congressmen are rock stars, not servants.

And people are hurting their necks because they're always looking up. I mean that there are so many specialists who are held in high esteem who tell us what is right and wrong. People don't make up their own minds. In the beginning, we knew how to eat the right plant, and not eat the one that would make us ill. Now everyone is at the mercy of those who know better.

I've never bought in. My doctor is just a guy who went to a few more years of school. Not someone I need to be submissive with. My Representative is just another person like me. Even those elusive billionaires are just like me. Actually, I'm having lunch soon with a billionaire, and I've been thinking how fun it will be to know that he's probably just a messed up person who has to compensate for his shortcomings by making a shitload of money. Not someone I should be bowing and scraping to.

I'm literally sickened by what has happened in America in this sense. Everyone in awe of their superiors.

Junk food. Junk news- My new phrase. It did a lot to usher in this stupid era.

Perfectly stated.

Some of my recent posts have been saying just what you did. One reply was that we will continue doing what we're doing until we can't.

I'm infuriated by the feeble and flagrant use of fuel, as though it were a right and not what it is- a pure luxury.

Until there are incontrovertible symptoms, people will continue to deny there is a problem, and to carry on with their stupidity. The vacations, multiple trips to stores, having children (which is the real source of the situation we're in), buying things that are made on other continents. It's a dangerous subject because it indicts and threatens almost everyone in the modern world.

I can only guess what will happen. I suppose people are much smarter than it sounds like I give them credit. But judging from present behavior, it's hard to imagine that they are vigilant and responsible enough to thwart making a bigger mess than we've already made.

One of the problems is what I call the "Just me" problem. How can someone's little act of driving to the store be a problem. The problem is that it gets multiplied by a billion. It's no longer a world of "me". It's a world of "we". And that is what people don't see. By dropping population, the pressure decreases. But that seems to be such an extreme concept for people. I guess the nesting instinct is more powerful than the instinct to survive. Maybe it's a contest between the two.

That's about as perfect an explanation as can be.

they have no sense of reality. By that I mean something that hit home while listening to an interview with a great musician. He was saying that to be good one has to do what they feel, and not just copy someone else and say that they've done it. They have to be real. I never had that problem. I was always spontaneous. But when I hear and watch Wes Montgomery playing such beautiful music, and smiling away like he's enjoying himself on top of it, I just want to be him. I want to pick up a guitar and learn to play just like him. But it doesn't work that way. If I did that, it would be fake.

And so I am certain these pathetic conservative souls have truly lost their way. They were trained, or something, to fear, or something, and turn away from the path of really living. Really being. And of course it's not just conservatives. I know very few people who really do live this way. But it seems that all conservatives have this trouble. And maybe to make up for it they need a leader, and need praise, and need to win, at any cost. Because they are costing America it's very most important qualities.
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