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Right-wing media and the origins of the Bernie "doesn't care about minorities" meme.

When Black Lives Matter (BLM) disrupted a forum of progressive Democratic candidates at NRN15 this past weekend, they might not have known that they were reinforcing a racially divisive smear started by senior Washington columnists, Byron York and Charles C.W. Cook operating in the Right-wing echo chamber.

On May 27, the two published acoustically matched opinion pieces in two of the most conservative rags in America. York, the senior partner in this smear job, specializes in hit pieces against Democrats, writes for the Moonie Times spinoff, The Washington Examiner. His column was titled, "Bernie Sanders' progressive Whitopia" http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/bernie-sanders-progressive-whitopia/article/2565077. Could a racial smear across the face of Bernie's campaign possibly have been a factor in that?

Mr. York, observed with apparent deep concern for what he portrayed as the excluded minority voices in Bernie's kick-off campaign speech in Vermont a few days before. We've heard this theme repeated many times since across the web:

The startling omission was the issue of race and policing that has roiled the political debate in recent months. Ferguson, Baltimore, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray — none were in Sanders' speech. Allegations of police brutality and black victimization were all absent. Sanders made one brief mention of African-American unemployment and at the end of his speech offered a catch-all sentence in which he envisioned an America "where every person, no matter their race, their religion, their disability or their sexual orientation realizes the full promise of equality that is our birthright as Americans." But the racial issues that have dominated the news at various times in the past year were nowhere to be found.

Writing from his perch at the arch-conservative National Review, Cooke, the junior partner, amplified York, the Old Washington Hand. Cooke, obligingly filled in what he thinks is the answer about Sanders strategy of sticking to economic justice issues:

Why would he expend his energy critiquing the excesses of American policing when Barack Obama is in the White House and Hillary Clinton is busy condemning her own husband for the tough-on-crime policies he advocated when in office? Answer: He wouldn’t. His role in this game is to make Hillary more fiscally socialistic. Somewhere deep down, he knows that.


So, here we have it. The origins of the racial meme used to smear Bernie is a one-two tag team played by a couple of professional Right-wing hit men. This really isn't a grassroots thing started by aggrieved minority activists at all. It's just an old-fashioned political smear started by right-wing white men. Various others, for their own reasons, have picked up on this meme and run with it.

There will be no epiphany on the road to Damascus

It is without meaning, other than to waste lives and wreck the place.

Third Way Dems are colonists from the Rockefeller wing of the GOP

They arrived with Reagan and enough money to take over the Democratic Party for two decades. Like the Republicans, they remain essentially dynastic and protective of property rights - according to the iron law of inheritance, the Presidency now belongs to Hillary.

They know that some of us can now see them for what they are, but remain confident in their mission of planetary conquest.

Here's another version people might like

This Campaign Isn't Just About Perfect Hair. Bernie-Willie, 2016

For The People

Here's my favorite campaign image and slogan, so far, below

No More Bullshit as Usual. Sanders-Nelson, 2016.

HRC Led Zeppeline Campaign: impressively big but overinflated, and overloaded with too much baggage

When did the price of gas go up to $40/gal? (2.9b gal/$121b)

At that price point, I'll also take the train.

I personally feel uncomfortable with computer controlled speed, brakes or steering in cars. I can still do it myself, thank you.

Twitter was an official cult at the State Dept until it all went bad across MENA.

Reversion of form.

How your dog sees a cat on acid

Clinton's lawyers didn't read the 30K emails they deleted. They just hit a button.

No Congressional committee or court of justice will be able to call witnesses who actually screened the more than 30,000 emails Clinton's lawyers characterize as "private." That's because the screeners don't exist; nobody reviewed the former Secretary of State's email before approximately half were deleted a few months ago.

As reported in yesterday's TIME Magazine, when Hillary Clinton's lawyers separated the Clintonemail.com account for public matter material, no human being actually read her emails before deleting what was deemed "private" messages. It was all done automatically on the basis of a key-word search: http://time.com/3741847/the-clinton-way/

She commissioned a review of the 62,320 messages in her account only after the department–spurred by the congressional investigation–asked her to do so. And this review did not involve opening and reading each email; instead, Clinton’s lawyers created a list of names and keywords related to her work and searched for those. Slightly more than half the total cache–31,830 emails–did not contain any of the search terms, according to Clinton’s staff, so they were deemed to be “private, personal records.”

When Mrs. Clinton addressed the assembled press corps earlier in the week, her explanation of the criteria for determining private material was rather different. These were merely “private personal emails,” Clinton claimed, as Time quoted her, the deleted

“emails (were) about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes.”

After she finished taking questions, Clinton’s staff disclosed that no one actually read through those 30,000-odd documents before she “chose not to keep” them.
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