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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 3,968

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I have an apple MacBook Pro that is several years old 4 or 5

and for some reason when I go to my mail on the left hand side it is missing some of my folders where I keep messages relating to that subject.
I had one for my
medical information
emails from certain people that i wanted to look at again
and they are gone.

I know enough about computers (I am a senior citizen) to KNOW that they are stilll are
and I must have somehow deleted them.e

It has

to do


Apple hot news and that is all I am missing my most important folder. Can anyone please
help me? Most of my friends do not have Apple computers, this one was a gift to me and had
been mailed to me from California, and I couldn't tell them I didn't want it (that's another story) lol.
Thanks alot for your help.

Oh help, I have an apple Macbook Pro,

I have had it for about 5 years, I suppose...when I logged on this morning in my email
all of my files are missing under the area of MAILBOXES.

someone set up categories, like, Information, Daughters mail, Sons mail,
medical stuff, I had a category for my dreams, and my bucket list and they don't appear
on the left side of my screen under

can anyone help.?? I hope I didn't lose any of this....I sort of rely on some of the information (for memory..of course, lol)
Thanks..I don't have any friends that have an apple laptop, I am a senior, and this was a
gift from a friend ---but i have to say I haven't figured everything out on it. I just use it for Mail,
DU, news, and info.
Thanks aain.

Why is Kelly Ripa so well liked? She is a super pain in the EVERYTHING....that

show is ONLY popular now because of Michael Strahan. The day she announced in her squeaky squaeky voice that her 3rd baby slept on $600 bed sheets for the crib I stopped watching.

Now someone is trying to get the catchy name of "America's Sweetheart" to catch on. In your dreams Kelly.

You need to be sitting in a room with all mirrors around you so you can watch yourself THE ENTIRE HOUR you are on tv. Dear Lord, help us.

Is there a place in DU to set the correct time.

When I look at posts, some of them are posted8 hours after my time. Cannot find the
place to go for central standard time, I suppose??? thanks

APPle Macbook pro (about 4 or 5 years old) question.

I am a senior citizen and i worked with computers when I was working back before
2002..but Now I get a little confused??? I get this notice quick frequently - and I have been using Safari. I like it...because it is familiar, so if anyone can help me without me
calling in some geek for $50 bucks an hour, I would truly appreciate it.
On a desktop computers years back I used Firefox (I believe that was the name)
When I select SAFARI...I get about 9 or so that I can choose from?
That is my dilemma..so far..

Outdated Browser Version: You are using an outdated browser version. Some features on our website may not be available. To get the most out of our website, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Thanks in advance..
Kansas City are

How do I erase

my posts. I have one that keep remaining dark blue, as if I have not read it and I get alerted to
My Posts quite often.

I cannot figure out how to eliminate the posts I have.

I need some prayers and good vibes sent my way..if you would be so kind.

I am 67 years old, some of you know I have been having respiratory problems now since December 2011. Trust me when I say I have been to countless doctors, had all the tests known to man, been diagnosed improperly now for over 15 months.

FINALLY someone suggested an EKG in April of 2013 (?)..finding something...went to a cardiologist BP 190/110 ...so now we are "working on getting my bp down" with drugs that are giving me headaches from hell.

Finally an echo is done...my aortic valve is dilated..and then I called into the nurse last friday (with my bp reading twice daily) and I get Nurse Ratchet (i.e. One flew Over the Cukoos Nest"..)..waiting for a call today from the nurse I feel bonded with and will refuse to talk to Nurse Ratchet again.

this weekend I have discomfort in my chest, SHORTNESS OF BREATH FOR OVER 9 MONTHS - not counting the first 7 or 8 months of whooping cough symptoms which they treated as whooping cough. MY BP isn't going to go down when the BP meds give me violent headaches (I don't do headaches)....

I just want the doctors TO STOP PUTTING ME ON A SIDE SHELF and forgetting about me..that my wheezing has been present for well over a year - getting increasingly worse, the shortness of breath did not begin until this April...and I
am sick of not being able to live my life like a normal person.

I live near Kansas City and feel I have the best cardiologists in KC - St. Lukes in the plaza - I wonder IF I am not saying the
right things to get them to realize that this has been a nightmare..and I'm so scared - I also have put on 34 lbs since 1/1/12 due to all the cortisone, steroids for 3 months while treating me for whooping cough. So that's my bonus that OH hell, I just LOVE. NOT.

Thank you all..this is a wonderful group..and I feel so pinned up against a wall where I feel No one is listening.

Thank you for listening to this babble..I am at my wits end,

I have been extremely healthy all my life...but need someone to just "see" me..."want to help me heal"..and I don't see the medical industry doing such a great job.
Love and Blessings,

OMG watch The Big Benghazi Theory (first 2 minutes of Thedailyshow.com with

Jon Stewart. I have played it over and over..and have laughed myself silly...He is imitating Lindsy Graham...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN go to 6 minutes where he talks about dingleberries and diamonds...

If you like Jon Stewart..don't miss this.

Chris Christie killed a spider and PETA is pissed.


LMAO.....I HOPE they just keep talking about the spider...it's better THAN ANY OF THE POLITICAL NEWS WE HEAR!!!!!!!!!

My doctor wants me to have the treadmill stress Echocardiogram test.....is there

any other test to do to find out what he thinks he can find with the st ress test.

I REFUSE to do the stress test where they inject something into your heart to make it beat rapidly

anyone have recent experience with this??
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