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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Oswego County, New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Lake Ontario Snow Belt
Member since: Fri Apr 23, 2004, 11:56 PM
Number of posts: 35,703

About Me

I've been a female working a "man's job" (mechanical engineer), stay at home Mom (6 kids), working Mom (6 kids to put through college), unemployed, underemployed, temporarily employed and now working from home! We live on an old, small farm with 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house, variable number of chickens out in the yard.

Journal Archives

Ah, c'mon! The Buffalo area was hit with record breaking snowfall,

and is prepping for record flooding as all that snow melts over the week-end. I just checked the weather report - it calls for icy rain on Saturday. Ice is the worst - it brings down tree branches and takes down power lines.

My daughter has changed her estimate of what might happen in Buffalo this week-end -

back of the envelope calculations were for a 500 year flood event; now some are talking of a possible 1000 year flood event.

(Without going into detail - she is an upper level employee of a government department very concerned about this.)

I called my father-in-law to warn him to expect his basement to flood - his comment ?

"Well, they talk about global warming, but it's pretty cold here."

One thing about living in the Snow Belt that you rarely hear about -

everyone watches out for each other. I went into the ditch once, called Triple A and had ten different cars stop by over the next half hour to make sure I was alright.

I got stuck on a hill last winter, and had to park in the lot of a pizzeria. When I went in to explain why my car was in their lot, a complete stranger gave me a ride home.

I can't tell you how many times in 35 years of driving someone has given me a push.

People carry jumper cables so they can help each other out.

I've had neighbors plow my drive when they knew my husband was out of town.

There's a reason Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors.

Meanwhile, in Upstate New York,

the search for Buffalo continues......


to be fair - the snow is actually falling in a band just south of the city.

I wish Obama could win, but he can't - HRC has overwhelming support

and America isn't ready to elect a black man President.

Just a reminder.

Here's one of the better pain scales I've seen:


Here's a major scandal that is being ignored in the press:

the cost of some generics is going through the roof. I just picked up a bottle of Hydroxychloroquine


at the pharmacy. This is an anti-malarial also used to control autoimmune diseases such as lupus. The insurance company pays my pharmacist $30 a bottle. The distributor is now charging him $300 a bottle! This stuff has been around forever. Another one of my generics is seeing massive price increases as well. It sounds like collusion among all the pharmacy companies to me.

Hey Marylanders - tell us about O'Malley -

I like a lot of the people dipping their toes in the race for 2016, but he's the only one I know of who won't be over 70 by 2020.

And if that is ageism, my defense is that I've had recent experience in how fast age can catch up with you without any warning. I'm not talking about cognitive issues, just general health and energy levels.

Help restore the American Chestnut


"Webb could challenge Clinton on other domestic issues as well.

In 1984, he spent some time as a reporter studying the prison system in Japan, which has a relatively low recidivism rate. In the Senate, he pushed for creating a national commission that would study the American prison system, and he convened hearings on the economic consequences of mass incarceration. He says he even hired three staffers who had criminal records. “If you have been in prison, God help you if you want to really rebuild your life,” Webb told me. “We’ve got seven million people somehow involved in the system right now, and they need a structured way to reënter society and be productive again.” He didn’t mention it, but he is aware that the prison population in the U.S. exploded after the Clinton Administration signed tough new sentencing laws."


I thought I would never see this; someone willing to campaign on the need to reform our prison system.
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