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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Oswego County, New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Lake Ontario Snow Belt
Member since: Fri Apr 23, 2004, 11:56 PM
Number of posts: 36,261

About Me

I've been a female working a "man's job" (mechanical engineer), stay at home Mom (6 kids), working Mom (6 kids to put through college), unemployed, underemployed, temporarily employed and now working from home! We live on an old, small farm with 2 dogs and 2 cats in the house, variable number of chickens out in the yard.

Journal Archives

Trump is not a joke - any more than Huey Long was -

Trump has come up with some Progressive statements that might attract voters -

- denouncing corporations that lay off Americans for cheaper foreign workers

-calling for taxes on foreign goods entering the US to compensate for lower manufacturing costs elsewhere

- saying tax codes need to be changed because hedge fund managers are getting away with murder

- supporting women's health issues

I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but I have to take the claim that

it kills cancer cells with a grain of salt. As far as I know, chemotherapy interferes with all cells, cancerous and non-cancerous. It's largely a race to kill the cancer cells before too many normal cells are killed. So why should I believe that marijuana can somehow kill only cancer cells?

For the record, I think the reason to legalize marijuana is that the War on Drugs has caused far more damage than marijuana ever could, even if marijuana was as harmful as some claim. Alcohol has wreaked far more havoc with my family than marijuana ever could!

Something rather trivial but I'd like some feedback -

My hair really thinned out during the first phase of chemo. It's still long, just about 1/4 of the volume that was there before.

Supposedly, the hair will come back with the new chemo.

Soooooo.........How long do I wait this out before I see any hair coming back (if any.)>

Do I get a crew cut now and grow it all out evenly again?

Isis - at some point does it implode?

I'm thinking of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. My understanding is that it reached the point where everyone was guilty of something, then several of the leaders went to the guillotine and things quieted down into Napoleon's military coup.

Has Bernie officially joined the Democratic Party yet?

Not meant as flame bait, just if he did, I missed the story. If he hasn't yet, I'm assuming he will.

BLM and the SCLC: we've been here before:

John Kennedy went into the Presidency more concerned about keeping the Cold War from turning into a hot war than he was about Civil Rights. He wasn't happy when Martin Luther King persisted in making Civil Rights the issue, but he did respond when he was forced to see what Black Americans were facing every day of their lives.

We've been here before.......

I just recalled that back during the Kennedy Administration, Martin Luther King insisted that Civil Rights was a top priority. Kennedy was preoccupied with other things, like a Cold War with Russia. King pushed Civil Rights to the center of the stage, and we are all better for it.

Looks like a long night coming up:

We're having our first bout of hot weather all summer - up until now we've been in the 70's and high 60's.

I have a hound with a deep bark and a spitz with a mid-level bark. Both dogs love to bark - the spitz most of all. The neighbors are watching a little yappy dog and a half grown Huskie. It's going to be call and response all night.

I need some review info on the Keystone pipeline:

True or false: the pipeline will go to refineries in Houston, and all the refined oil products will be shipped to China.

Related questions: where does the oil that is shipped by rail today come from, and where is it going? Would any of the oil shipped by rail today be transferred to the Keystone?

What to do with an inherited library?

My Dad is downsizing and I have his very extensive library - we're talking 200-300 books, easily. Now some of these are out-of-date, but the bulk are solid history, philosophy and classics. We had a cousin interested in Civil War history, so he got that part of the collection. But how do I get the rest into good hands? I'm willing to give them away, but I doubt our local library would take them.
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