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sofa king

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Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2004, 04:27 PM
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An actual trickle-down process.

As Trump keeps talking and thus adding to Mrs. Clinton's near-insurmountable lead, the Democratic Party is for once able to divert funds and effort to the undercard races in the Senate and House.

Add to that the fact that President Obama is going to be running directly against Republican Senators for their refusal to hold hearings on his Supreme Court nominee, and the fact that a couple hundred Democrats see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a good crack at established Republican House Members, and the fact that Republican gerrymandering across dozens of states has watered down their dominance in many districts, and the fact that the Trump campaign is sucking Republican money from the bottom up, and all of a sudden it's looking like a possible clean sweep of all three branches of government.

Told ya.

As I explained long ago, the Clinton email scandal is all about protecting the hundreds of former Bush Administration criminals who used private email servers to discuss actual crimes, then feloniously destroyed the emails.


The next President is going to have the responsibility of either prosecuting or not prosecuting the Bush Administration for its grand-scale felonious violation of the Presidential Records Act, in which millions of official government emails were illegally sent through the RNC email servers for years, then destroyed. To this day it is claimed that the emails are "lost," but I guarantee you that NSA, the Russians, and the Chinese all have 'em, because the RNC didn't protect those emails as well as they should have.

We are talking about a conspiracy conducted at every level of the executive branch for years, involving thousands of people, all of whom are looking at seven years in pound-me-in-the-ass prison for failing to document their work as our public servants....

To the above I would add that it has since emerged that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice both did the exact same thing. That suggests still another exonerating factor for Mrs. Clinton, which is that the backdoor communications channel is an accepted method of American diplomacy. But whatever, the point here is to threaten Mrs. Clinton so that she does not render an entire generation of Republican administrators unfit for future public service. I hope that she burns it all to the ground as President and takes the risk that she too will someday face prosecution.

They'd spray Jiminy Cricket with DDT.

I'm sorry, but most active Republicans are racist fascist jingoists, and this primary proved it. A vote of so-called conscience would still be a vote for Trump.

How about let's profile Presidential candidates, eh?

No narcissists, histrionics, or sociopaths running for President or Vice President.

That would have ruled out Trump, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney.

Toss in dementia and we could cross off Reagan and maybe Trump twice over.

The timing of this suggests she won't be.

This is the general election black hole, where the nominees are presumptive and so is everything else. One of the largest bumps in voter interest comes with the official announcement of the nominee's chosen running mate, timed to hit the papers just before the convention hits its peak.

Therefore candidates and their staves have a large interest in keeping the press distracted from the actual nominee, by "dangling" other people before the press like so much raw meat above a lion pit.

So it looks like Elizabeth Warren is being offered as a "dangle." If she is the actual chosen running mate of Mrs. Clinton, the timing of this news report is either highly unconventional or very damaging.

This year insiders are knowingly whispering the name of Julian Castro, and look at the difference between that linked story and this one. Castro's people are desperately trying to shush speculation about a VP run, instead of encouraging it. That's exactly what you would expect to see from the actual presumptive running mate.

In the meantime, Donald Trump's campaign is FUBAR, but sooner or later they'll probably start playing the dangle game, too, because the press will push them into it. Generally, and especially with idiot draft dodging Republicans, they are paired with brass in proportion to how woefully unprepared they are and how fast they ran from combat. Nixon and Reagan needed decorated veterans; Shrub needed a Secretary of Defense; Trump is going to need a four-star something with a rack of purple hearts.

Non-payment is only the beginning.

The non-payment stories are only the opening salvo. I was amused to see the press hold back on publishing these stories until it was certain he would be the nominee. But after this it gets so much worse.

For example, there is the story of how Trump bribed Palm Beach County to allow him to burn off the underbrush on a property he owned, in one of the hottest weeks of the summer, with no wind. The smoke hung over the county for days and hospitalized dozens. Some surely died.

Looks like The Don just picked a running mate.

If he puts Pam Bondi on the ticket, Justice won't prosecute until next year.

NPR hyped the Libertarians all weekend.

It's clear to me now that those planning to steal this election have given up on any conservative force helping to pull it off as a third-party candidate. Trump's racism and nationalism is what Republicans have really wanted all this time and there's no stopping him now.

Now that Republican voters feel safe to tear off the mask and show their swastikas Trump is no longer a guaranteed loss and now the GOP has to find some force which can steal votes from both sides to ensure that nobody wins a majority of electoral votes.

So they've bounced out to the silly Libertarians, who are still struggling to position themselves as a viable third alternative. That's why "someone" decided to make them a major story on public radio this weekend.

With the Libertarians in the picture there are still two ways for Republicans to steal it from everyone:

1) Use the Libertarian presence to divert votes from both Trump and Clinton to toss elections to the overwhelmingly conservative state legislatures. Thus a plurality win by Clinton can be pissed away by diverting electoral votes to a non-viable candidate, like the state's own governor, for example;

2) Use election theft mechanisms to divert electoral votes directly to the Libertarians, winning entire states for them and keeping both Trump and Clinton below 270 electoral votes.

You can laugh and say I'm crazy today, but your kids will be joining in the torchlight marches tomorrow if you do. The way Republicans plan--and have been planning--to steal this election is to ensure that no candidate wins a majority of electoral votes. If that happens Congress is supposed to choose from one of the three top vote-getters, but if they DO NOT CHOOSE, then Speaker Paul Ryan inherits the Presidency through continuity of government provisions in January (assuming the GOP retains the House and Ryan is reelected as Speaker in early January, 2017). Congress has only two weeks at the end of this year to decide; if they can run out the clock then there is no provision for choosing a new President and COG rules prevail.

A third-party candidate is critical to Republican election theft plans because a third party makes public opinion polls less reliable and permits the massive Republican election-theft mechanism to work properly behind the curtains. Just divert one out of five votes for either Trump or Clinton to the Libs and suddenly nobody wins.

The poop-wave

Sometimes, storms off the coast of India churn up a thousand years of human effluvia from the sea bottom, and they paint the shoreline with mephitic, diseased feces from the past.

Donald Trump is that poop-churning storm, and now even Dan Quayle has washed ashore.

He's his own neologism.

Like Quisling, Chauvin, Bowdler, and Mesmer, Trump is well on his way to having a negative word coined after him.

For hundreds of years to come, a "Trumpism" will mean, "the factually vacant bloviations of an ignorant Fascist," and a "Trumpist" will come to mean "the rare ignorant fool who actually believes a Trumpism and the Fascist who proclaims it."
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