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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2004, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 7,307

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Why bother having a military at all...?

We "won" a war against a country with no real army, and were unable to ensure any kind of peace there afterward.... Iraq.

We've been stalemated/beaten by a country with no real country at all.... Afghanistan.

We've spent $6 Trillion and over 6,000 American lives and countless innocent lives.

For nothing.

An now, a few clowns in Nevada - who've seen "Red Dawn" too many times - make a mockery of Federal law.

We've advertised that we're the world's Paper Tiger, and now we seem intent on showing the world that we can't even control our own homegrown terrorists.

We don't have enough helicopters to "dust them down" and out of there? All those expensive vehicles with treads and armor and shit can't scare off a bunch of paunchy Rambo wanna-bees?

I'm not talking anything as violent at what happened to the OWS protestors, mind you. Just massive force that overwhelms them into retreat.

All we've done is encourage the lunatics. All over the earth...

Got de-friended today...

...and it shows what we are up against.

She posted saying that Hobby Lobby was being forced by the evil Obamacare to pay for abortions.

I posted: "You said: "Obama care mandates they pay for the actual abortion pill, as well as the surgical procedure of abortion itself."


"There is no requirement in ACA that health care plans cover abortion, nor is there a prohibition preventing plans from covering abortion. Rather, ACA gives health care plans participating in state exchanges the ability to determine whether or not to cover abortion services." (The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) cannot include any coverage of abortion as part of the essential benefits package required to be covered by health care plans. Section 1303(b)(1)(A)(i).)

"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act maintains the status quo on abortion policy and does not shift federal abortion policy in either a pro-life or pro-choice direction. The following provisions will ensure that the bill does nothing to restrict or expand existing abortion law, while ensuring that federal funds cannot be used for abortion coverage or care." http://www.dpc.senate.gov/healthreformbill/healthbill18.pdf

"Right-wing media have responded to a Supreme Court justice's decision to temporarily block the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) birth control mandate by falsely claiming that abortifacients are included in the coverage required by the health care law." http://mediamatters.org/.../right-wing-media.../197422

"Those buying plans on the exchange would send in a separate payment to cover abortion services, and coverage for abortions (other than in cases or rape or incest or danger to the mother’s life) would be paid for from a segregated pool of money that contains no federal funds.
Furthermore, the Senate bill — now law — allows states to prohibit policies sold on their exchanges from covering abortions, with the same exceptions. And it requires that at least one plan in state exchanges not include abortion coverage beyond federal limitations." http://www.factcheck.org/2010/04/the-abortion-issue/

She posted: "Why do you hate religion so much ? Why are you so hypocritical yourself? So angry you arnt(sic) included in other religious based groups as an atheist, while bashing them and making such hateful comments and not being tolerant of them? I am truly sorry if a religious person hurt you in the past...or whatever happened to you. But for someone who touts about wanting rights for everyone but bashes the religious.... It's very hypocritical."

WTF.... I'm certainly not a religion booster, but how did the debunking of what she said constitute bashing religion.

I'm telling you....the RW is getting weirder and weirder.

If the political parties are the same...

Why then do the TeaPublicans have such a large group of certifiably around-the-bend members?

Do the Dems have anybody like Gingrich, Bachmann, Inhofe, Issa, Cruz, Santorum, Gohmert, Steve King, Broun, Trump... the list is endless?

I mean.. they are dumber than shit and completely insane.

Do the Dems have any "celebrities" like Ted Nugent?

I'm watching a few posts....

... on a newspaper blog.

One of the Libertarian types learned the term "fiat money" from somebody, and sounds like Chicken Little... "The money is falling, the money is falling".

I know what fiat money is, but I can't find an example of any... ANY... modern government that doesn't use fiat money in their economy.

Can anybody help me out? Is there a modern, industrialized nation that backs their currency with gold (or whatever, since all commodities have market value).

Can you give examples of how fiat money helps the economy and that there is some cause for concern, but no need to panic?

Incidentally, in my travels, I found two good pieces about economic policy...



The Repubs are saying Hillary is "fair game"...

.. regarding the Hillary friend's diary entries.

I hope the Dems will use that phrase liberally in the next couple of years.

Those fucking perverts are "on the table"... those ethically challenged assholes are truly "fair game".

Will the Dems do it..? Not if recent history is any guide.


Was in the doc's office today....

Fux News(?) on the TV.

(I mailed a complaint letter to the doc later today. Guy was a specialist, and I don't think I'll see him again.... I hope.)

I sat there for 45 minutes... listening with one ear.

OMFG! Those people literally NEVER tell the truth.

IRS scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare... the whole fucking RW gallery of lies and paranoia.

I knew they were nuts, but ....

That shit is toxic! There are people out there being poisoned by that shit. It's an Elk River of mind pollution.

Sorry to be such a virgin about this, but I'd never actually watched Fox.

Seen this one..?

Is there anywhere I can get a phone number...

... or address or reverse phone lookup...

without a million clicks that ends up with a promise to answer my question for $4.95?

Are there any free phone number services?

Grump...grump... Doing my best John McCain imitation.

Saw a piece on the news about domestic....

... delivery drones. For Amazon and the like.

Are people that fucking dense that they don't see Bubba out in his yard with a 12 gauge "harvesting" the packages?

Not the books, certainly, but some of the other stuff.

Isn't there hardware available to jam the radio-control of those little things?

I don't think this has been well thought out.

Qwitcherbichen... be grateful that ...

your reduced wages and personal wealth have enriched Sheldon Adelson enough to have two 747's.

Be proud that you've helped him outfit one of them with a skateboard park for his youngest heirs.

He's only got $35 Billion, so we all need to get behind any efforts to further redistribute our collective wealth toward him and the other "job creators".

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