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Member since: Sun Apr 11, 2004, 03:41 PM
Number of posts: 20,458

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"Vote for HRC and let the country slide right into fascism"

I guess if Clinton wins, we won't be able to post here anymore since the internet and sites like this will all be shut down.
If she wins, it's farewell my friend!

you "own" what you post?

so you "own" the fact that you continually use hateful, anti-semite and/or homophobic sources?

Here's you using Paul Craig Roberts.

He's done fundraising for racist hate site VDare.

This is from his positive review of Pat Buchanan's book, "Death of the West"...

But the most fearsome fact is that the demonization of white people in the universities today is more extreme than the demonization of the Jews that was a prominent feature of German university life for 60 years prior to the rise of National Socialism.

Demonization of whites is the weapon used by multiculturalists to breakup western civilization. But teaching hatred has other consequences. Demonization has already demoralized some whites, making them ashamed and fearful of their skin color.

By the time whites become political minorities, decades of demonization will have prepared the ground for legislation prohibiting their propagation and, perhaps, assigning them to the gulag as a final solution to “the cancer of human history.”


But enough about him, how about Wayne Madsen, another piece of shit you like to link to, whom the Nation describes as a rightwing journalist?

Here's good ole Wayne telling us Obama leads a secret gay life.
Or right-wing journalist Wayne Madsen, whose eponymous newsletter is the source on Obama’s visits to the bath house and who revealed how Obama used basketball pickup games to pick up men. Obama, Madsen says, had homosexual trysts with Representative Artur Davis, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Senate majority leader Bill Frist!


He's also good buddies with Jerome Corsi. Nice, huh?

Like some more examples of you promoting the writings of anti-semites? Ok!
Here you are posting an article that relies n Israel Shamir as a source...

Shamir claims to be a renegade Russian Jew, born in Novosibirsk, but currently adhering to the Greek Orthodox church. He is notorious for Holocaust denial and publishing a string of antisemitic articles. He caused controversy in the UK in 2005, at a parliamentary book launch hosted by Lord Ahmed, by claiming: "Jews … own, control and edit a big share of mass media."


Here's you linking to a banned anti-Semitic troll where you refer to him as "a great DUer"...

I could provide more examples if you'd like.
But in every instance, you were told your sources were "questionable", yet you don't seem to give a shit.

So, will you "own" this?

Hey, you're the one who called a banned anti-Semite troll a "great DUer"

Not me.


Fire Walk With Me was banned for being an anti-Semite. Hardly someone I would call a "great DUer".

Odd that you would refer to him that way well after he was banned.
Why you would do that, i cannot say.
Maybe he liked puppies?

Just because more than one DUer has noticed

Your promotion of homophobes and ant-Semites, doesn't make it a tag team.

Start here


Then you can tell us why we should take an anti-Semite like "Mearsheimer seriously.

Wayne Madsen is a dangerous, homophobic, deluded, anti-Semite.

Him believing Obama is gay is just the tip of the iceberg...

"Shortly after going to press, and after a flood of tweets from outraged readers like me, The Observer realized that the story’s author, Jamie Doward, failed to conduct even the most perfunctory Google search on Madsen. That would have revealed him to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist in the tradition of Alex Jones, on whose radio show he often appears.

Recovered from my own perfunctory Google search, here are a few of Wayne Madsen’s greatest scoops: Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik was an Israeli agent who murdered 69 people on behalf of his handlers in Tel Aviv. The attacks of 9/11 were masterminded in Israel and Washington, D.C., as a “false flag” operation. The 2000 terrorist attack on the USS Cole was also a “false flag” operation, executed by—you guessed it!—the Israelis.

When not mumbling about the perfidious Jews, Madsen is enlightening readers on President Obama’s gay past (he wore “clear nail polish” and was a habitué of Chicago bathhouses), speculating that a “White House S&M ring order special videos from Abu Ghraib,” and reporting that President Bush’s “feces and urine are classified top secret” and “captured” from special toilets and “flown back from Europe.” (This last story is available on the Holocaust-denial website Rense.com, incidentally.)

More about this turd at http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/07/01/nsa-nutjob-anatomy-of-a-fake-observer-story.html

Man, that's some source you got there, Octafish of DU.

yes it IS true.

or are you saying you agree or like this article?

THIS is why I say your source sucks...

"Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama
§ Donald Young, TUCC Choir director
§ Larry Sinclair, gay escort
§ Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama’s “body man”
§ Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate
§ Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader
§ Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts
The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat"


Plenty of more vomit at the link if anyone has the stomach to see the guy you are promoting here.

It's true.

Like most of your assertions, that would be a lie, my friend.

First post in journal:

I should be flattered you googled me!
Bush is a big stinky man and so are his offspring....particularly Jeb, Dubya, and Neil.
Happy now?

So, tell me...are you accusing Gerald Ford as being an accessory to the assassination of JFK?

Or will you just evade the question as usual?

Why do you lie like that, Octafish?

ETA: to make clear what was my journal entry by italicizing.

Well some people claim there is a "puff of smoke" in a picture

showing the fence behind the grassy knoll.

I hope you will help fund my upcoming documentary that proves once and for all, what that "puff of smoke" really was...

It's stunning how some people can believe the most ridiculous things.

"I seen it on the video!'

No, Mermaids Do Not Exist

This week, Animal Planet aired two fake documentaries claiming to show scientific evidence of mermaids. I say “fake documentaries” because that’s exactly what The Body Found and The New Evidence are. The “scientists” interviewed in the show are actors, and there’s a brief disclaimer during the end credits. However, the Twitter conversation surrounding the show (#Mermaids) reveals that many viewers are unaware that the show isn’t real. (Sample Tweets: “After watching the documentary #Mermaids the body found … I believe there are mermaids!!!” and “90% of the ocean is unexplored and you’re telling me #mermaids don’t exist”—which has been retweeted more than 800 times.) It is, after all, airing on a network that claims to focus on educating viewers about the natural world. “The Body Found” was rightfully described “the rotting carcass of science television,” and I was shocked to see Animal Planet air a sequel.

As a marine biologist, I can tell you unequivocally that despite millennia of humans exploring the ocean, no credible evidence of the existence of mermaids has ever been found. Some claim that manatees are the source of the legend, but you’d have to be at sea an awfully long time to think that a manatee is a beautiful woman. Sure, new species are discovered all the time, but while a new species of bird or insect is fascinating, it doesn’t mean “anything is possible,” and it is certainly not equivalent to finding a group of talking, thinking humanoids with fish tails covering half of their bodies. The confusion generated by “The Body Found” got to be so significant that the United States government issued an official statement on the matter.

When I started angrily posting about this on Facebook and Twitter, many of my nonscientist friends asked me why it matters if people believe in mermaids. It matters because the ocean is extremely important. It provides jobs for tens of millions of people and food for billions. However, many marine resources are being overexploited and mismanaged, leaving us in serious danger of losing them forever. Policy solutions can help, but if you are so ignorant about what is really happening in the ocean that you believe that there are organisms that are half human and half fish, you're almost certainly unaware of the important problems, much less how to solve them. Even if you don’t believe in mythical creatures, you may be unaware of the severity of the crises facing our oceans. Now that we’ve established that mermaids aren’t real, here are 5 other important things about the ocean that everyone should know...

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