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Member since: Fri Mar 12, 2004, 10:46 AM
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But too logical for most believers. And many accept faith over evidence.

But I applaud the effort.

Pensions should supplement Social Security

I am claiming they are better than 401Ks, which is not an option for many.
401Ks were sold as a way to help workers get a better retirement, but it is just another con job by the elite.
I wish this country would move in the direction of benefiting workers instead of waging war on them. Right now, I don't think staying in the same place and not backsliding into 19th Century work era is an option.

only for traning

you can have a family and private life. and it's only for the period of ones enlistment.
I wouldn't expect you to agree with my assessment, but to me the priesthood has many similarities to a cult.
you might think otherwise.

what if I stand on the side of your house away from the wind.

And yes I have been in -10.
I also said it matters,but it's not the actual temp.

as interesting as most

Theological discussions.
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