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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,055

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I had it last November.

If you are lucky you will have a doctor who can do it through your arm rather than your leg.

That way you are only immobilized for six hours instead of 24 afterward.

I didn't feel a thing, except where they insert the catheter and that just feels like getting an IV put in.

If there is blockage in your arteries, the cardiologist will determine whether to put in a stent or to refer you to heart bypass surgery - if there is a great deal of blockage.

If they put in a stent, you will have to take a medication to make your blood more slippery for the rest of your life so it doesn't catch on the stent and form a clot.

Luckily my results were very good so I didn't have to do anything further.

Best of luck to you.

No spoilers, please.

My TiVo'd version is waiting for me to get tucked in for the night.

Ha Ha!

Wait 'til he gets his property tax bill for whatever mansion he builds in Texas!

The state runs off property taxes - schools and everything!

Don't forget Americares.

A great and highly-rated relief organization.


Signed. n/t

Who is Star Parker?

Are we supposed to know who she is?


Why would a body search

ever be done on the side of the road?

Something like that should be restricted to the police station - with witnesses and all legal precautions taken.

I'm not African-American

Is it okay for me to post here?

Not in the Episcopal parish I attend.

In fact, LGBT couples are active in the congregation.

Thank you!

I have been dumbfounded that everyone from right wingers to Michael Hastings and Cliff Shecter (On Sam Seder's show) have either invoked "wiretapping" or "listening to your calls".

So disappointing to see such sloppy reporting on our side.

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