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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,064

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We'd all get skin cancer

and the SC would figure out a way for ACA not to cover it.

Thanks, William.

What a lovely post to read.

I've been in a Hobby Lobby.

Even bought some baskets there once.

Half the store is frames and baskets and home decorating nick-nacks.

The other half of the store is art supplies, fabrics, unfinished wood objects, rug kits, etc.

Hobby Lobbys typically move into distressed real-estate, say where a Walmart moves to a new location, a Mervyn's closes or a large grocery store goes out of business.

While a boycott of Hobby Lobby is something I will get behind, I'd rather someone figure out a way I can boycott this arrogant Supreme Court.

No, I don't.

It's just never come up.

I got the same call.

They must be really busy, calling all of us.

Oh, great.

Another religio-narcissist floats to the top of the political scene.


No message.

Not me.

I still live here. Love my city and my neighborhood.

Thanks, Lynnsyn

I had a horrible case of chicken pox when I was five.

I do need to get that shot.

I had it last November.

If you are lucky you will have a doctor who can do it through your arm rather than your leg.

That way you are only immobilized for six hours instead of 24 afterward.

I didn't feel a thing, except where they insert the catheter and that just feels like getting an IV put in.

If there is blockage in your arteries, the cardiologist will determine whether to put in a stent or to refer you to heart bypass surgery - if there is a great deal of blockage.

If they put in a stent, you will have to take a medication to make your blood more slippery for the rest of your life so it doesn't catch on the stent and form a clot.

Luckily my results were very good so I didn't have to do anything further.

Best of luck to you.

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