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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 02:19 PM
Number of posts: 7,788

Journal Archives

Planespotting: Michael Cohens Amazing Journey (Re:Steele dossier) Louise Mensch


Aviation experts: you can help impeach Trump

Louise Mensch has been tracking Michael Cohen's plane history, she is hot on his trail, it's complicated. She needs help with Serial numbers/registration aviation questions. I don't understand it all myself, but read her timeline on Twitter. @LouiseMensch

Newspaper in Spain publishes pic of Alec Baldwin SNL Trump for Trump


94 yo WW2 vet drops the mic

An AltRight guy upset with Berkley protest, picks Twitter fight with WW2 Vet. Guess who won.

Kansas: Sen Moran undecided call!


Jeb Bush hired Christopher Steele

His PAC anyway

Former MI6 spy known to U.S. agencies is author of reports on Trump in Russia http://reut.rs/2if9slg via @Reuters

Joe Scarborough having a Twitter meltdown

It's pretty wild. Upset SopanCBS said he was partying with at Trumps, Joe denying, about 37 tweets

Submitted my retirement/resignation letter today!

Nursing for 34 years, working since 15, have always had to depend on myself. Am 63 and love nursing but is becoming physically and mentally exhausting. Applying for union pension and will have SS. Terrified, and it has taken months of agony to make this decision. I had to struggle with subconscious feeling I will die/starve in poverty if I am not working, I understand now it is coming from growing up poor. I know now I will be just fine. Time to enjoy life, travel, my grandkids. Our pension does not have any health insurance benefits, so will probably get something from ACA until Medicare. I was going to wait until I was medicare age but my grandkids are growing up so fast, I don't want to lose 2 more years.

The Heartbeat of Democracy

Amazing video of de-escalation at MoKaBe Coffeshop in Ferguson last night. It was a designated "safe place" on private property. However police in riot gear followed them and surrounded the building and would not let them leave. There were arrests, and tear gas. It was very very tense, until the Rev. Sekou took charge.

Norways melting glaciers


1,300-Year-Old Powder Ski Found in Norway

Southern Norway’s glaciers are melting fast and giving up secrets of our ancient past. Recently, this melting has lead to some incredible discoveries with the most significant a 1,300-year-old powder ski.
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