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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 15,816

Journal Archives

On the (moronic) Morning Show on Sports-talk WIP in Philly

the panel of generally center-right wing "I loved Governor Christie until he showed his true colors as a Dallas Cowboy fan" was OUTRAGED at this Indiana law and called for the NCAA to pull the Final Four FOR THIS YEAR. Of course at this point not only would that be virtually impossible but it would damage many small businesses and workers without notice, BUT it was noteworthy that this particular group of broadcasters was so vociferous in their condemnation of this fascism.

It is important to note that the Angelo Cataldi, who is the chief loudmouth and faux-stupid player here, is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism and is as crazy and stupid as a fox...and I'm not referring to the network. His act has made him millions here...I despise him for his pretending to be an illiterate, misogynistic, ignorant putz. If he were actually one, I'd hate him less.

I have a question concerning the Indiana Republican legislators:

During the two days I have been watching the TeeVee machine, these legislators and their apologists keep getting up and stating that they and the businesses which they purport to represent would never discriminate against a Hoosier no matter who shows up at the cash register.

Now what if a gay couple from New York, Florida, or even Wyoming(!) were to attend a concern within the state in an attempt to purchase goods and/or services? Would it be permissible under the "law"for discrimination to occur at that time and place because the individuals involved were not Hoosiers?

Now since I can't seem to author a post without someone getting mad at me for one reason or another, I'll just say that I'm just a little bit tired of this "Hoosier" moniker. As far as I am concerned, these people who hail from the Great State of Indiana are Americans as I am an American and President of The United States Barack Obama is an American. Since when do we individualize the residents of America as to their state or commonwealth of residence when discussing the application of laws to the Citizenry? Sure, if you want to root for one of their basketball teams, sure: you have the floor. But when these guys and ladies get up and start talking about how they're going to treat other Hoosiers rather than how they're going to treat other citizens, the hair on the back of my neck goes up.

Now this is WEIRD...

even by Philadelphia standards…this has been ongoing for months now…

A prosecutor's finding that Cooper University Health System CEO John P. Sheridan Jr. killed his wife, set their bedroom on fire, and took his own life added significant new details to the circumstances surrounding the couple's mysterious deaths.

It won't be the final word.

Instead, the detailed seven-page report by the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office and the scathing response from the couple's four sons - itself full of new information - set up what promises to be an emotionally charged fight over the handling of the case and authorities' conclusion in the deaths of two people long tied to New Jersey's elite political and civic circles.

The two competing documents, released Friday after six months of near-silence since the Sheridans' deaths, split opinions among experts interviewed by The Inquirer.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20150329_Deaths_of_Cooper_CEO__wife_ruled_murder-suicide.html#Iqp6kJjFKgWfz3aL.99

Had a fascinating moment concerning "God's Plan"...

yesterday a lady came to see me whose husband is quite a bit older than she and she informed me that he had had a terrible tumor which had severely damaged him and he transitioned from being a fully-functional working man and husband to a diaper-wearing, lacking-short-term-memory, invalid who is in and out of semi-consciousness. She and her husband attended church regularly on Sundays and the pastor sought her out and said to her that she was sorry but this was all part of God's Plan. The parishioner, usually pretty contained, went all-out angry and demanded to know how medically torturing individuals in this manner, killing children, waging war against innocents, and the like was all part of some Plan. I can only imagine...she's tough as nails and physically imposing. I would be cringing and in great fear if she ever took off after me, I can tell you that much.

But the story doesn't end there: my employee who has lived her life defending this way of thinking was stunned into silence. I'm usually pretty circumspect when it comes to these issues but after the lady left, I said to my assistant, "I suppose she's stopped drinking the Kool-Aid." I said to no one in particular and left the room.

I'm tired of this rationalization for tolerance and thus acceptance of evil things and bad things. Just tired of listening to it with many of those who promulgate it being the utmost of hypocrites themselves.

Hey! You know the crash site?

It looks like a crash site - debris everywhere from the disintegration of the plane as reported on the Networks by the experts...just like the Pentagon did. NOT.

I guess everything there was micro-molecularized.

What's with Luke Russert...?

It's like the Rob Lowe ads: I'm Luke Russert...I'm famine-victim Luke Russert.

His hair is also weirdly styled...it's like he had a visit from the psycho-makeover artist.

See...we don't JUST criticize the females' appearance on the TeeVee machine...

The Simpsons do it again!!!

So they're introducing some individuals for an irrelevant reason, and the second one is announced as "The former Miss Duff Beer and now Senator from Oklahoma!" At which point she says to the camera, "I look reasonable but I'm not."

Hit the nail right on the head!

This came over me like a wave today...

during the past 37 years, I have found that I could and would have discussions about current events/politics with many many of my patients, mostly while we were waiting for the anesthesia to kick in, or for a glazed crown to come out of the oven and cool. But in the past three years, the number of these conversations has dwindled to a trickle...it is limited to my activists: Peace, civil rights, real politicos and politicians from State Government and City Hall, and a very few others with whom I have had real dialogue since Reagan ran and won in 1980. It is as though people are either talked-out or are afraid to discuss stuff which affects them and their families. this was not true in times gone by, and, I will state, many conversations showed how at odds some were with me in terms of these issues, but that we could have an honest discussion.

Now it seems that very few, even those who possess congruent points of view to mine, want to talk about anything except what they've been binge-watching on Netflix or TeeVee/cable. The reason that I noticed this is that I had an in depth conversation about the Ferguson situation today and I realized how long its been since I'd talked politics at all. A real loss: the discussion were almost always stimulating.

From philly.com re: The D.C. 47:

not uninteresting...

Lyle Denniston, the National Constitution Center’s constitutional literacy adviser, explains the argument over a GOP Senate letter to Iran and its potential violation of an obscure law.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/Constitution_Check_Could_senators_be_prosecuted_for_trying_to_deal_directly_with_Irans_leaders.html#O3UWRT4fHFtY2PZB.99

The writers for House of Cards couldn't have come up with this

scenario today...a Faux Scandal involving a Clinton is on the news cycle with a Treasonous letter written by the Senators to a foreign dictator/government during a sensitive negotiation following a commemoration of one of the most significant movements in the Civil Rights Era.

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