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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,273

Journal Archives

He went there. What a dick.

They're getting mad at him. He's getting booed.

I shall not accept the Eagles' loss to the Vikings this coming Sunday

The process of the NFL is corrupt, the games are rigged, the officials are bought and paid for.

His "snyphilus" has returned.

Annoying habit

Coke...and the sniffling.

Wow! opening of Family Guy!!!!

Trump Bus from 2005 with additional dialogue. Remarkable.

Giuliani is the slimiest politico I've seen in a long time

In the dictionary next to the word "unctuous" his photo appears.

Also next to many other words

SNL Cold Open could have been better but was "likable enough".

That is all...

This is what I tell people who tell me that they hate Trump...BUT...

don't know if they can vote for Hillary:

I say: "You're on an airline flight. The flight attendant approaches you and says 'Good evening. For dinner we have two choices: shit mixed with shards of broken glass and we also have chicken.' The Question Is: do you ask how the chicken is prepared?"

After they laugh, they almost all say: I see what you're saying.

The media and the populace are not up to the task...

Many many years ago one of the early criticisms of Sesame Street by those in early childhood education and development was that although the content of the program was excellent, it conditioned children to have relatively short attention spans. Trump and his fascist-studying minions have perfected the art of altering the landscape every forty-five minutes it seems and have overwhelmed the system with multiple scandals and what would normally have been interpreted as missteps which would have invariably proved fatal to candidates even four years ago. It is a form of Gish Gallop in extremis and although Trump has probably lost this election, it will be a tactic which will be utilized in the future by these strategists who represent what would have been otherwise unelectable candidates in the past.

The people cannot manage this: it is cognitive overload, something we endure during disasters involving the loss of many lives, or even how we view a serial killer who has committed so many heinous acts that his celebrity status eclipses the individual horror of his deeds. The RWers have been fine-tuning this tactic for years and we are witnessing the rollout and sacrifice of their boy Trump, all the while refining the technique for further use in the future and for political races which do not have the shrewd operators on the other side to blunt the attacks,

I believe we have entered a new phase of Orwellian Manipulation. One of which Orwell himself may not have been able to conceive.

Rethug euphemisms: furniture shopping, Appalachian Trail,

Wide stance...

Any others

Kelliann Conway needed orthognathic surgery

Just saying.

As an aside the special prosecutor part is going to be the big takeaway
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