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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 14,802

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As a sixty-year-old with three degrees in "science", research work with papers published,

and an avid reader of scientific publications I think I have some qualifications to make this statement.

The "error" which the powers-that-be committed following the Sputnik launching was to subsidize University education without limiting it to the physical and biological sciences. They created a "monster" of edumacated (sic and sick) individuals who could actually base conclusions upon a foundation of science and, quite frankly, higher-order truth, rather than upon superstition, proverbs, cliches, and misinterpretation of writings which date back to a time when Mankind was struggling just to survive.

To correct this path, the notions of having an informed population, or more exactly, electorate, had to be negated. What better manner of execution of this than the use of religious writings, which, taken out of context, seem to negate much of what had been taught in schools and in higher educational facilities. The vast majority of the politicians who are promulgating this no more believe in its truth than Ronnie Reagan believed in the sanctity of the lives of the unborn. This is a given.

By re-introducing so-called creationism ( I shall not capitalize that word and lend it credence) they posit that no scientific principle is truly valid, it is merely an appearance and a generalization; a fossil record, for example, appears to be millions of years of age, but it is perceived to be God's testing of us or some other rationalization for having to face a fact which is inconsistent with their ultimate "Truth". It is intellectually and rationally repulsive to attempt to engender this way of thinking in a society to achieve the ends of Power and Money. But since people historically wish to believe that bad things are "God's Will" or "God's Plan" of that "Everything happens for a Reason", it is effective in its implementation.

The effect of this technique of manipulation is that it maintains subservience and fosters ignorance which is of course, anti-Democratic and anti-intellectual. Without referencing the entity which causes many to precipitously and unwarrantedly reject a sound argument in toto, please allow me to state that all of this is just a variance of The Big Lie. It is an attack upon the Progress of Civilization and unfortunately, it is working to a fair extent. They are well aware that more efforts need to be expended, but they are willing to fight the long war, and accept setbacks with their usual aggression, anger, and hatred doubled and redoubled.

The problem for all of us, including for them, is that occasionally there is an event of a Cosmic scale which demonstrates that their willful repression of Nature's principles is dangerous for the Many. I am not referring to horrors such as the Newtown, CT shooting, or the grotesque lying which submerged us in Afghanistan and then Iraq: I am talking about the laissez faire attitudes which will someday cause massive destruction of property and lives irretrievably. We are not talking about Sandy or Katrina, which have already been papered over: we are talking about, say, the inundation of the entire South of New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, and Delaware by rising ocean levels which will be unstoppable; the loss of fresh drinking water and potable water for agriculture in great areas of the country due to pollution caused by fracking and spillage of toxic waste. Those of us who lived through Three Mile Island here in Pennsylvania might recall the fact that millions of acres of dairyland were threatened and exposed to radiation which was never acknowledged, but occurred without question, despite the utiities' and Governments' insistence that it had not. The final results will never be known but many clinicians ascribe certain pathologies and incidences thereof to the Event. These are formally denied...with a wink.

It doesn't matter what any of us believe or do not believe if society does not slow its pace to a different version of Armageddon. The Truth, the higher order Truth will someday prevail, despite what someone such as Senator Sessions claims he believes.

So this is the BEST...

or at least the BEST for today...

A couple who have been very long-term patients comes into my waiting room and sit down. They had been on insurance until recently, when the expiration date passed for retirees from this particular union. The lady of the house shows me an insurance card and asks if we take it. My reply was yes we do, as it is a rider on a medical policy and with a company for whose "customers" we take assignment as our "patients". So she sits down and begins to tell me how horrible this new Obamacare is because it was so very very difficult to sort through the options. Blah Blah Blah - you've heard it all before.

I allowed her to finish and then simply asked, "Would you have had this option earlier, before the ACA was passed and implemented, with this company?" She replied that she would not have. I just nodded.

I think she got the point before she left.

Today's quote: "I'm not happy until he's unhappy."

Heard this from one of my ladies here today referring to her husband...

I don't think she was kidding.

My all-time favorite has yet to be beaten: a lady was telling me about her friend, aged about 70 who had just lost her husband of 46 years, "she was a widow before she would have preferred to have been."

Oh yes...and the men are WORSE. They say stuff that makes me cringe. One guy couldn't for the life of him figure out why his wife held a grudge for his extramarital "misbehavior" which had occurred "some time ago". I asked him how long it had been. His reply, "A couple of months."

Those of us old enough to remember this:

(from Wikipedia) (Northeastern "Liberal" Republican Senator George) Aiken took an ambivalent position on the Vietnam war (1965-75), changing along with the Vermont mood. Neither a hawk nor a dove, he was sometimes called an "owl." He reluctantly supported the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964, and was more enthusiastic in support of Nixon's program of letting South Vietnam do the fighting using American money. Aiken is widely quoted as saying that the U.S. should declare victory and bring the troops home. His actual statement was:

"The United States could well declare unilaterally ... that we have 'won' in the sense that our armed forces are in control of most of the field and no potential enemy is in a position to establish its authority over South Vietnam," and that such a declaration "would herald the resumption of political warfare as the dominant theme in Vietnam."


So this is what has effectively been done with the missing plane. It is lost...everyone is dead...now go home.

Interesting...it basically worked. I do believe that my life is a weird combination of Catch-22, The Illusionist, Three Days of the Condor, Dante's Inferno (the book), Amelie, The Little Fugitive, Portnoy's Complaint, and You Can't Go Home Again.

Musings on a rainy Saturday Afternoon...

Well, congratulations, DU...

Yeah, I know that it is against the rules to 'whine' about DU on this thread, but I'm not 'whining'. I'm stating a fact...

The fact is that the RWers who populate our site with varying degrees of efficiency and efficacy have finally managed to incite a 'mild-to-moderate' Civil War here, or, if you prefer, a War of Right Wing Aggression. Like Vietnam, it has been waged stealthily and carefully and I for one have become increasingly frustrated with the act of posting here, which is exactly what the bad guys wanted to occur. Lately we have had some outbreaks of epic scale of 'internecine' warfare.

The way I see it, an individual posits an idea, thought, observation, interpretation, commentary, breaking story, highlight, idiosyncratic occurrence, anomaly or other statement and the race is on! The battle begins to rage disproportionately over a turn of phrase, a word used 'questionably', a point of view, a regional opinion, a perceived prejudice, or other aspect of the OP or the response. The first poster, who had no intention of getting into a battle over that aspect of his or her post is then 'forced' to defend him or herself on this point, the larger context being completely forgotten. Others who do not want to enter the fray refrain from posting altogether, and the thread dies a sad death, a different version of the petit mort. Or, worse, scores of posts are placed in anger and antipathy grows.

This week we have had a controversy involving a long time member making an angry and vituperative post with hundreds of responses and many associated threads. This is what the Army ants are waiting for: a chance to swarm and go wild as we peck each other to death.

I can just feel many who read this getting ready to type a negative response. Tell me, before you do, if you have been here a while, do you notice that your thread or response is basically hijacked, turned away from its destination like a certain flight from Malaysia was, and you wind up attempting to defend your honor, your legitimate self-righteousness, and begin to wonder why you ever wasted your time on the post to begin with? I have been here since 2004, and was quite familiar with the angry tropes of the old days, but that was open warfare. These, as I stated before, are guerilla tactics and I'm not going to stop posting, just so you, whose mission it is to disrupt, know.

I (eagerly) await the expected and occasionally somewhat-contrived backlash...now I have to go forth and heal some sick people.

Bwahaha! You heard it here first...or not...

On MSNBC just now, an "expert" on Maylasian politics said that although the opposition leader actually got more than half the votes in the last general election, he did not win due to the authoritarian blah blah blah present since 1967. And how ridculous that is...

Gee, where was he in 2000?

Pretty funny...if you're a Neocon, Neofascist Republican. Not funny at all otherwise

The "Plane" is a poor substitute for the O.J. Simpson saga:

From that moment all those years ago when the jury came back with a "Not Guilty" verdict, the cable channels, but particularly CNN, have been searching for an analagous story. The multifactorial interests of OJ involved celebrity, sports, mystery, dead people, glamor, Hollywood, judicial process, families, and lawyers with varying degrees of star-quality. It was the perfect storm and the perfect story and no one in their heart-of-hearts could be absolutely certain of his guilt or innocence, despite their prejudices in all directions.

I do not believe that there will be such a story again in my lifetime. But that does not stop these programmers from trying to invent one out of whole cloth. I needn't reiterate the lunacy which has accompanied the coverage of this seeming-tragedy, but it contains some elements such as mystery, (ostensible-but-not-certain) dead people, glamor of air travel (well, you know what I mean), the official process of the countries and the organizations whose job it is to monitor and regulate air travel, lawyers/"experts", and grieving families.

This formula as utilized by cable channels, CNN in particular, is useful to boost ratings and thus to collect more advertising revenue. It is working to some degree but it is minor league compared to the "wondrous" television which the whole OJ experience brought us.

As an addendum: for the "record", I do not believe that in the early 1990's we would have a broadcaster who would state that since the plane has "disappeared" then it not wholly unreasonable to conjecture that the Almighty Himself may have had something to do with it as Don Lemon implied the other day. I would submit to him that God was tired of watching Super Bowl reruns and decided to rapture these two hundred plus souls, since he reported the story that half of football fans believe that God decided the winner of the Big Game.

How far we've fallen in so short a time....

The pic of Fred Phelps on the Home Page of (yuck) AOL

makes him look like the chief poltergeist in the Poltergeist film franchise. Just sayin'...


The whole picture, watching the news, reminds me of The Bedford Incident

a film from the mid-60's.

Logical and reasoned war-mongering which escalates to a horrific ending.

Having lived through the Fifties and Sixties, it scares the crap out of me that we are once again poised to make Russia our enemy and vice versa. It was a very bad time in America, despite what black and white comedies and family shows you might see on TV LAND.

Well, the Peter Principle has shown itself to be extant in 2014

For those who weren't around, the phrase "rising to one's level of incompetence" may not be familiar. The idea was that in management, people are promoted until they can't do the job effectively and thus become entrenched...and incompetence prevails.

Normally I watch or at least have on the TeeVee, MSNBC because in Philly, the lowest level of basic cable includes only that cable news station (I exclude FOX from that classification). So I am home today and decided, just for fun, to put CNN on. It is fascinating to listen to one anchor after another, including the inimitable Ashleigh Banfield, just incompetently wade through this cesspool of "ideation" which they have been provided. On top of everything else that is wrong, mixed metaphors provide great fun: Ms. Banfield was exclaiming in her repetitive fashion that the search was now over two and one-half million nautical miles..."Sit on that for a minute." she said. SIT on THAT!!? Happy Days is on in the afternoon and being broadcast on CNN, there must be some residuals in there somewhere for the surviving cast. Next up: Up your nose with a rubber hose and back to you

But it is all hypothesis-in-hyperbole. Every fourth sentence as uttered by someone is jaw-droppingly non-journalistic or just plain ignorant. I can only imagine that CNN would cover the raging academic debate of whether Fermat's Theorem was still a puzzle or if it had finally been proven by a mathematician, since all of the correspondents had taken algebra in ninth grade. This may all be so complex that it will take competent people months to discern what happened if ever. But when facts fail, they just show the heartbroken families over and over with all the adjectives on loop. And the head-shaking and shrugging! Can you imagine Cronkite, Huntley, McGee, Murrow, or anyone from that era, sadly, tearfully shaking their heads after playing the SAME fifteen second exhortation from the same parent who has literally lost a loved one as though they have heard it for the first time. THAT gets me shaking MY head.

But my favorite is when the anchor says, "Honestly..." That is a refreshing change from the rest of their pap.

"Uh-oh, we are out of time and we'll have to leave it there."
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