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Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott’s cozying up to “sexual predator” Ted Nugent reveals he lacks “Texas values

by Jonathan Tilove

American-Statesman Staff

State Sen. Wendy Davis said Saturday that Attorney General Greg Abbott’s affiliation with Ted Nugent – an “admitted child sexual predator” — reveals Abbott’s lack of “Texas values.”

“His values are not my values and I know his values aren’t yours. And, given the cozy relationship he has with an admitted sexual predator, his values are not Texas values,” Davis said of Abbott, her presumptive rival for governor.

Davis was speaking before an enthusiastic crowd of about 200 women at the convention of Texas Democratic Women at Austin’s Wyndham Garden Hotel.

“We won’t let politicians hide behind the venom and the ugly history of predatory acts targeting underage girls by their campaign surrogates,” said Davis. “Let me make this very clear. This isn’t about some aging rock star way past his prime who simply needs to go away. This is about Greg Abbott. It’s about his character, his judgment, his values when he stands on a stage next to someone like that and refers to him as his blood brother.”


Georgia Bill would allow sex offenders at schools

CANTON — Brand new state Rep. Sam Moore (R-Macedonia) is pushing a sweeping law that would allow registered sex offenders to go anywhere they want — even to schools.

Moore, in his first week in office, has turned in a bill that would overturn the crime of loitering and make it so registered sex offenders who aren’t otherwise barred from going to schools or places children gather could go to those places freely.

“I am OK with that,” Moore said Thursday, adding that he meant only those who were off parole and not barred from those places. “The reason I’m OK with that is the assumption is they have done their time. If they’re still a danger to society, they should not be free. … Am I saying it’s not creepy? It’s definitely creepy.”

Moore is the sole signer on House Bill 1033, which also prohibits law enforcement officers from forcing residents to identify themselves under any circumstances. Moore said that is a practice that violates Fifth Amendment rights to silence and was the original intent of the bill.


Acne bacteria found in grapevines named for Frank Zappa

The late rock musician Frank Zappa has his name on some creative compositions, but this may be a first: Researchers have attached his name to a bacteria best known for causing human acne, but now they've found a form of it in grapevines.

Don't worry, unlike in teenagers, the strain that evolved to live in the vines doesn't bother the grapes at all. No need for Clearasil on your zinfandel.

The researchers gave the bacteria an unlikely name, Propionibacterium acnes type Zappae, to honor Zappa.

The research group is based at the Center for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems and Bioresources in San Michele all'Adige, Italy. They were looking at the microbiome, the community of microorganisms that live in grapevines.



Yanukovych 'tried to leave'

Source: Sky News

Ukraine's border police blocked Viktor Yanukovych from flying to Russia and the embattled president is thought to be 'hiding' in the country's east, the newly elected parliament Speaker says.

'He tried to take a plane to Russia but he was blocked in doing so by border police. He is currently hiding somewhere in the Donetsk region,' Oleksandr Turchyno was quoted as saying by Ukrainian news agency Interfax on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's border guard service said that a governor and a mayor from the president's eastern base have fled to Russia.

A spokesman for the border guard service, Oleh Slobodyan, said Kharkiv regional governor Mikhaylo Dobkin and Kharkiv Mayor Hennady Kernes left Ukraine across the nearby Russian border on Saturday.

Read more: http://www.skynews.com.au/topstories/article.aspx?id=952577

Weekend Toons!






Former Guantanamo detainees seek damages

Source: AAP

Five former Guantanamo detainees are seeking damages for what they say were years of sexual, mental and physical abuse at the US detention centre, where they were held without charge or trial.

The men from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Algeria, who are now settled in other countries, alleged on Friday in a US appeals court they were subjected to forced nudity, sexual harassment and beatings, first in Afghanistan and then at the military jail in Cuba.

Justices will make their ruling in several weeks, but one of them, Judge David Tatel, said military and civilian officials at the Pentagon had failed in their duty.

"Their job is to protect the detainees from abuse, they failed to do so," he said.

Read more: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/02/22/former-guantanamo-detainees-seek-damages

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