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Climate imbalance – disparity in the quality of research by contrarian and mainstream scientists

A new paper has been published in the journal Cosmopolis entitled Review of the consensus and asymmetric quality of research on human-induced climate change. The paper was authored by John Abraham, myself, and our colleagues John Cook, John Fasullo, Peter Jacobs, and Scott Mandia. Each of the authors has experience in publishing peer-reviewed responses to flawed contrarian papers.

Despite the 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming supported by peer-reviewed research, expert opinion, the IPCC reports, and National Academies of Science and other scientific organizations from around the world, a large segment of the population remains unconvinced on the issue. A new commentary by Edward Maibach, Teresa Myers and Anthony Leiserowitz in Earth's Future notes that most people don't know there is a scientific consensus about human-caused climate change, which undermines public engagement on the subject.

This 'consensus gap' is in large part due the media giving disproportionate coverage to climate contrarians. In our paper, we sought to evaluate whether that disproportionate media coverage was justified by examining how well contrarian hypotheses have withstood scientific scrutiny and the test of time. The short answer is, not well.



Cops keep neighbors from helping injured dog in street

A Denver resident is speaking out after 7News video showed Denver police keeping neighbors from helping a dog hit by a car Wednesday night.

"It was in shock; its pupils were totally dilated. It couldn't really move," said neighbor Ross Knapp.

The video shows the dog, who had a collar and leash but no tags, lying in the street for nearly 90 minutes as it gasps for air. Knapp said he gave the dog water and tried to comfort it but that Denver police threatened to arrest him.

"I had one of the officers tell me I had to leave and couldn't be near it. I tried a couple of times to go back, and he just finally said I'm impeding on an investigation and if I came back I'd be arrested," Knapp said.

The dog died minutes before Animal Control arrived. Denver Police told 7News that they followed policy.

Read more: Cops keep neighbors from helping injured dog in street - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_25545386/cops-keep-neighbors-from-helping-injured-dog-street

Gas station signs with gay slur causing controversy in LaGrange Georgia

By Rachel Stockman
LAGRANGE, Ga. — A sign with a gay slur on it is upsetting some customers at a LaGrange convenience store.

The owner said he put it up because he was sick of customers coming in with saggy pants. The sign calls customers a gay slur if they choose to wear saggy pants.

“I came up with that sign, nobody else did,” said Anil Patel, who owns PCA Food Store on Hogansville Road. “Since that sign went up there, I don’t see no pants down in my store, because they read the sign and they decide what they want to be.”

“I couldn’t believe they put something like that up,” said customer Joshua Southern, who said he plans to no longer shop at the store.



Woman Was Told She Needed To “Repent” For Being Raped At My Christian College

by Samantha Field

My back was pressed up against plexiglass, a wall of windows facing out into the hallway. I was on display, an exhibit for other college students to peer at as they walked to their classes.

The counselor opened up a cabinet behind her -- it was stuffed with off-brand tissue boxes, and I wondered if that was all she had in those cabinets. She set a box on her desk, within my reach.

“How is the wedding planning going?”

“We’re not getting married anymore," I told her. "He called it off.”

My ex was smacking his lips, brownie crumbs on the corners of his mouth. He looked at me and told me: “I just can’t trust that you’re going to be a godly, submissive wife.” I cringed.



"we fed him a good f--ken’ six f--ken’ serves underneath that door once a f--ken’ day man,”

Man pleads guilty to endangering life of four-year-old son at yet another Adelaide ‘house of horrors’

A FOUR-year-old boy weighing just 8.3kg was kept in his squalid bedroom for 12 days while the father shoved food under the door once a day, a court has heard.

The man, 27, today admitted endangering the boy’s life while the boy’s mother, 23, has denied charges of criminal neglect and endangering life. She will face court later.

Police officers arrested the pair after they were called to a house at Gilles Plains, in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, last October following a complaint of domestic violence.

They found the malnourished four-year-old boy among filthy conditions later described by SA Police Commissioner Gary Burns as a “very disturbing and distressing scene”.

Soiled nappies could be seen piling up in a bedroom, while dozens of energy drink cans and vodka bottles were strewn about. A pervasive stench officers described as “overpowering and putrid” could be smelled from the front yard.



Trial of Occupy activist struggles to find jurors impartial to protest movement

Jon Swaine in New York

It is the most important question being asked of dozens of New Yorkers lined up as potential jurors for the trial of Cecily McMillan, an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer: what do you think of her protest movement?

Unfortunately for those keen on the swift procession of justice, a series of Manhattan residents who presented themselves at the criminal courthouse this week declared that they strongly disagreed with it – and could not promise to be impartial about one of its members.

“I’m involved in Wall Street things. I’m on the Wall Street side, not their side,” George Yih, one of a group of prospective jurors whose names were plucked from a tombola by the clerk, said under questioning from Judge Ronald Zweibel on Wednesday. “They can protest all they want, but they can’t brainwash my mind.”

Yih was removed from a shortlist for the panel that will decide if McMillan, 25, assaulted Officer Grantley Bovell by striking him with her arm at Zuccotti Park in March 2012. McMillan denies the felony charge and says that she was reacting to having one of her breasts grabbed from behind. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.


Deluded Bankster-loving idiots.

Special-Ed Student Who Recorded Bullies Accused of Felony Wiretapping

In Pennsylvania, a high school sophomore with developmental disabilities was convicted of a crime after recording classmates threatening to "pull down his pants"
After being regularly shoved and tripped, and nearly burned with a cigarette lighter, a tormented special-needs student in Pennsylvania decided to take matters into his own hands. He secretly recorded the abuse on his school-issued iPad, and his mother eventually submitted the evidence to the school’s principal. But instead of punishing the teenage tyrants caught on tape, administrators decided to call the police, who threatened the 15-year-old boy with felony wiretapping, but later reduced the charge to disorderly conduct. He was found guilty on March 19.

This isn’t the first time that developmentally disabled kids have covertly recorded bullying on school grounds, but it’s the first case where the victim has been criminally convicted for doing so. At least nine such incidents occurred across the country between 2003 and 2013, often resulting in the firing of school employees, the expulsion of students and legal settlements worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while it shouldn’t make much of a difference, previous incidents have mostly involved parents slipping discreet spyware into their children’s pockets, rather than the child taking action.

In 2011, an Ohio couple received $300,000 after they secretly taped teachers verbally abusing their 14-year-old disabled daughter with remarks like “It’s no wonder you don’t have friends,” and in 2012, a New Jersey father posted an audio clip on YouTube of his 10-year-old autistic son getting called “a bastard” by a classroom aide.



Following the lead of the Feds, I see. Punish the whistleblower.

Protesters want Gates Foundation to stop investing in prison operator

By Lornet Turnbull

Here’s something you won’t see everyday: protesters outside the Seattle headquarters of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation proclaiming social injustice.

On Thursday, about two dozen immigrant-rights advocates and other demonstrators gathered outside the foundation’s Fifth Avenue offices, demanding it dump its investments in one of the nation’s largest operators of private prisons.

Specifically, they want the Gates Foundation — whose co-chairman, Bill Gates, has been a steadfast supporter of immigration — to divert the $2.2 million that its trust invests in The GEO Group.

The world’s largest operator of private prisons and detention centers, GEO runs 59 facilities across the country, including the 1,500-bed Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.



The Doom Loop of Oligarchy

by Ezra Klein

1) In the year's scariest economics book, Thomas Piketty argues that capitalism, left unchecked, subverts democracy by always and everywhere concentrating wealth at the tippy-top. That creates a class with so much economic power that they begin wielding tremendous political power, too. And then they use that political power to further increase their wealth, and then they use that wealth to further increase their political power, and so on.

2) You might call this the Doom Loop of Oligarchy: wealth buys power, which buys more wealth. You can see it playing out over the last two weeks in American politics.

3) Let's begin with the economics. A new study by economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman shows that the richest one percent of US households have almost doubled their share of the nation's wealth since the 1960s. One percent of the country owns more than 40 percent of the wealth — and that share is rising.

4) In contrast, the bottom 90 percent of the country owns less than 30 percent of the nation's wealth.

5) If you look closely, the rise of the one percent is actually the rise of the 0.1 percent. In the 1960s, this group owned about 10 percent of the nation's wealth. By 2012, they owned more than 20 percent.



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