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Hyperlinking is not copyright infringement, EU court rules

Source: TF

Does publishing a hyperlink to freely available content amount to an illegal communication to the public and therefore a breach of creator's copyrights under European law? After examining a case referred to it by Sweden's Court of Appeal, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled today that no, it does not.

The European Union has been expanding since its creation in the 1950s and is now comprised of 28 member states, each committed to EU law.

One of the key roles of the EU’s Court of Justice is to examine and interpret EU legislation to ensure its uniform application across all of those member states. The Court is also called upon by national courts to clarify finer points of EU law to progress local cases with Europe-wide implications.

One such case, referred to the CJEU by Sweden’s Court of Appeal, is of particular interest to Internet users as it concerns the very mechanism that holds the web together.

Read more: http://torrentfreak.com/hyperlinking-is-not-copyright-infringement-eu-court-rules-140213/

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Last Orca to Die in the New Zealand Stranding Was Comforted by a Compassionate Bystander

New Zealanders are reacting with concern and outrage to the recent tragic death of nine orcas who stranded on their shoreline this week (International Dolphin and Whale Stranding Network), but also with touching compassion.

A Southland woman held an orca as it lay dying and crying out near Tuatapere, while the rest of its pod lay dead on the beach on Tuesday night.

Debra Drain was one of the first to reach the nine stranded mammals, near Blue Cliffs, after a tramper told her husband Jeff Drain he had seen them while walking the Hump Ridge track.

Mrs Drain said several residents raced to the beach only to find eight of the orcas had already died.

They had been pushed up against rocks, with their flesh torn from them, and the last one was still crying out, she said.

“I couldn’t leave so I hugged a dying orca as it cried for its life.” Southland Times.

And when the local Maori (the Ngai Tahu) representatives arrived, they gave the deceased orcas a traditional blessing.


Paula Deen lands $75 million investment deal

Paula Deen is cooking up quite the comeback.

The celebrity chef and former Food Network star recently inked a lucrative deal with Phoenix-based private investment firm Najafi Companies worth between $75 million and $100 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Called Paula Deen Ventures, the new partnership will be the umbrella name for Deen’s many brands, including Paula Deen Foods, Paula Deen Media, Paula Deen Restaurants, Paula Deen Cookware and Paula Deen Home.

A press release on the new venture said Paula Deen Ventures will be headed by food-industry veteran Steven Nanula, who as CEO will help “develop progressive business initiatives as well as strengthen existing partnerships.”

Nanula told the Wall Street Journal the company is currently courting potential TV networks and retail chains.



Tom the dancing bug TOON: Bible Math!

Photo of Papa John's dough explosion leads to #Doughmageddon on Twitter

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- After one Twitter user spotted pizza dough spewing out of an Edinburgh recycling bin near a Papa John’s in Scotland, a photo of the expanding ingredient went viral on social media.

Ailsa Burn-Murdoch spotted the dough explosion while she was on her way to work and shared it with the pizza chain.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/Blog/2014/02/11/Photo-of-Papa-Johns-dough-explosion-leads-to-Doughmageddon-on-Twitter/9491392147894/

An impressive conversation with Wendy Davis

By Tod Robberson / Editorial Writer

The editorial board and members of the newsroom just finished our candidate interview with the two Democrats running in the gubernatorial primary: State Sen. Wendy Davis and Reynaldo Madrigal, a judge in the Corpus Christi area.

I have to say, the collection of Democratic Party candidates gets weirder by the day. Davis goes way beyond the party’s platform in advocating open-carry handgun rules for all licensed gun owners in Texas, kind of like she wants to relive the days of Gunsmoke. Madrigal parts ways with his party in declaring himself unabashedly anti-abortion. Together, they make Greg Abbott look downright liberal.

But that’s the nature of Texas politics today. If you want to get elected as a Democrat, you’ve got to aim at the center, and that’s absolutely what Davis is doing. Whether she’s got a chance is an open question. As she says, Texas is misportrayed as a “red” state. It’s actually a non-voting state. She says she can win by waking up all those sleeping non-voters out there. That’s how she won her Senate seat in a district that was drawn to favor a Republican win.

I found Davis thoughtful and extremely well informed. She knows the nitty-gritty details of the debate between local control versus statewide management of highway/transportation expenditures. She can cite chapter and verse on payday lending and why it needs to be regulated more tightly (which it does). On the question of abortion rights — the issue on which she filibustered in the last session and gained national fame — she’s adamant that women and their doctors are the ones best equipped to determine fetal viability (20 weeks versus 24 as defined by the Supreme Court), not a bunch of state legislators. Okay, on that point, she’s definitely to the left of Greg Abbott.


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