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Lunatic Ben Carson thinks USA is becoming BOTH Nazi AND Communist

According to potential Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, not only is the U.S. turning into Nazi Germany but the country is also taking its cues from communists.

In an interview yesterday with Iowa-based broadcaster Steve Deace, Carson said the powers of the executive branch are growing “because if somebody refuses to cooperate, you just pull the noose on them. That’s basically the way a lot of communist countries work, that’s been happening to us over the last several years and most of us are completely unaware of it.”

“The best way to curb that is you get somebody in office who actually understands the separation of powers and is not trying to become a dictator,” he said.

In a Wednesday interview with Andy Parks of the Washington Times, Carson said that ISIS could be easily defeated in no time but President Obama refuses to do it.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/ben-carson-us-turning-communist-obama-refuses-attack-isis

And people actually take this guy seriously as a potential presidential candidate? He would lose all 50 states and his 'coattails' would cost his party all of congress.

Kevin Swanson Is No Longer 'Playing Patty-Cake' With Feminists, LGBT People

On “Generations Radio” this week, host Kevin Swanson brought Religious Right activist Jay Grimstead on the air to warn of the coming destruction of America, and the principles needed to “rebuild civilization” following its inevitable demise. Swanson and Grimstead agreed that society has become imperiled by the dissolution of Christian values at the hands of radical deviants.

“We are at the point where social security won’t provide, euthanasia’s coming on like a steam train,” Swanson said.

“ have destroyed the character of the next generation: they broke down faith, family and freedom, manhood, womanhood. And I’m at the point where I’m not playing patty-cake with the feminists and the homosexuals and the socialists…as many do.”

“A huge percentage of kids coming out of nice little red-state homes and churches get off to the blue-state universities, and they are corrupted again and again and again and again,” Swanson said. “How do we reform education, especially university-level education, where the kids who graduate aren’t more pro-feministic, aren’t pro-homosexual or pro-socialistic, pro-big government and pro-evolution, pro-everything that is anti-Scripture?”

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/kevin-swanson-no-longer-playing-patty-cake-feminists-lgbt-people

Life forms appeared at least 60 million years earlier than previously thought

Geologists from Trinity College Dublin have rewritten the evolutionary history books by finding that oxygen-producing life forms were present on Earth some 3 billion years ago -- a full 60 million years earlier than previously thought. These life forms were responsible for adding oxygen (O2) to our atmosphere, which laid the foundations for more complex life to evolve and proliferate.

Working with Professors Joydip Mukhopadhyay and Gautam Ghosh and other colleagues from the Presidency University in Kolkata, India, the geologists found evidence for chemical weathering of rocks leading to soil formation that occurred in the presence of O2. Using the naturally occurring uranium-lead isotope decay system, which is used for age determinations on geological time-scales, the authors deduced that these events took place at least 3.02 billion years ago. The ancient soil (or paleosol) came from the Singhbhum Craton of Odisha, and was named the 'Keonjhar Paleosol' after the nearest local town.

The pattern of chemical weathering preserved in the paleosol is compatible with elevated atmospheric O2 levels at that time. Such substantial levels of oxygen could only have been produced by organisms converting light energy and carbon dioxide to O2 and water. This process, known as photosynthesis, is used by millions of different plant and bacteria species today. It was the proliferation of such oxygen-producing species throughout Earth's evolutionary trajectory that changed the composition of our atmosphere -- adding much more O2 -- which was as important for the development of ancient multi-cellular life as it is for us today.

Quentin Crowley, Ussher Assistant Professor in Isotope Analysis and the Environment in the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity, is senior author of the journal article that describes this research which has just been published online in the world's top-ranked Geology journal, Geology. He said: "This is a very exciting finding, which helps to fill a gap in our knowledge about the evolution of the early Earth. This paleosol from India is telling us that there was a short-lived pulse of atmospheric oxygenation and this occurred considerably earlier than previously envisaged."



5 More Types of Conservatives to Ignore

In our last installment, we brought you 5 Types of Conservatives to Just Ignore. All of them — The “Hitler Was a Leftist” Conservative, The “Slavery Had Little Or Nothing To Do With the Civil War” Conservative, The “All Abortion is Murder of Little Innocent Babies” Conservative, The “Rush Is Right” Conservative, and The “Racist Birther Dumbfuck” Conservative — we recommended you avoid like the Plague because they are incapable and of unwilling to adjust their opinions or views even when confronted with cold-hard facts. We deemed these types of Conservatives as a waste of your time to debate or argue with, and in the ensuing year since we published the first installment, we’ve come up with another list of 5 More Types of Conservatives to Just Ignore, based on the same criteria as the first list.

Trust us, you’ll want to steer clear of any of these types of conservatives, should you see them in your social media feeds or in your daily life.

#5. The “Change Their Middle Names to ‘Benghazi’ on Facebook” Conservative

Is it wrong that I just laugh whenever I see Bob “Benghazi” Smith comment about Obama “leaving Americans to die” in social media? Does it make me unpatriotic to giggle whenever Jethro “BenghaziNeverForget” Jones calls the president Maobama and insists he is here to declare the Constitution null and void, and himself as ruler king of the nation? Because that’s exactly what I do. Anyone sycophantic enough to not see the politicization of the Benghazi attacks for what they are to change their middle name on Facebook to “Benghazi” — as if we’re all just ignorant to the facts and seeing their middle names will make us look into the “truth” and then we’ll hate Obama too — really isn’t worth more than a chuckle. At their expense, of course.



But Weren’t They Asking For It?

by James Schlarmann

Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks that a certain segment of the population that gets a lot of attention for being “victims” of a crime are getting away with shirking their own responsibility for the crime being committed? This certain segment of the population gets so many headlines and there’s always a lot of pressure on police organizations to solve the crime that was committed, and even more pressure on the district attorneys to secure convictions for those who perpetrate the crimes, despite whether or not the “victim” in this case did anything to make the crime occur. I think it’s time we had a real, frank discussion about whether these “victims” are in fact actually asking for it.

And of course I’m referring to murder victims.

I mean, why all the hub-bub over people being murdered anyway? How are we to be sure that the person murdered didn’t do anything to do deserve it? Can we really say they’re totally blameless if we weren’t there? What if the “victim” was giving the murderer the eyes? I mean, until you’ve been in an intimate situation and had someone give you that, “Don’t you just totally want to murder the fuck outta me right now?” look, you just can’t speak to how powerful that feeling is, and murderers are going to be murders.

We have to ask ourselves some questions about these so-called “victims.”

Did they go out of their house dressed in a way that would make it hard for any would-be murderer to ignore? Did they walk down an alleyway they were unfamiliar with, thereby giving up all their protection from murder, as written in some law book somewhere? Did they walk around town with a giant sandwich board on their necks that said, “I love to be murdered. Please come and murder me,” as they asked every person they could find on the street to kill them? The point is, that we just can never know, and so you have to ask yourself what level of culpability to people have when they are the victim of a crime?


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