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Friday Toon Roundup 2: Cruz and 2016



Friday Toon Roundup 1: Evil Bigots

Russian cancer patients are killing themselves because they can’t get pain meds

by Katerina Gordeeva

In Feb. 2014 in Moscow alone, 11 cancer patients committed suicide.

“There’s no end to the pain. It won’t stop the next morning, or tomorrow, or the day after,” whispers Tanya, 29, a Russian cancer patient. “It won’t disappear if a tooth is pulled out or if drops of medicine are squeezed into your ear. If you don’t relieve the pain somehow, it eats you up right to the end. It’s absolutely unbearable.”

In line at the oncologist’s office with 14 other people, Tanya and her son, Maxim, wait to see the doctor who will give them a diagnosis and a prescription. Maxim is five years old. Between a green plant, a windowsill gray from cracks, and the battered, old waiting room chairs, Maxim amuses himself, commanding an imaginary army. This isn’t the first time he and his mother have been here. People in line frown at the boy. A pallid-faced man can’t resist and says, “You should have left him at home. You know that, don’t you?”

Young children are a source of infection for older patients. They are dangerous for adults whose bodies have been weakened by cancer and chemotherapy. But Tanya has nobody to watch Maxim. Her mother, Maxim’s grandmother, is at work. And there is nobody else in the family.



Thursday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest











Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Cruz Bruz

U.S. OFFICIAL: The United States has begun airstrikes in Tikrit

A senior U.S. official says the U.S. has begun airstrikes in Tikrit in support of a stalled Iraqi ground offensive to retake the city from Islamic State fighters.

The official says the airstrikes began after the Iraqi government requested U.S. help. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the American attacks had not yet been officially announced.

An Associated Press reporter in Tikrit reported hearing warplanes overhead late Wednesday, followed by multiple explosions.


Republicans can’t stop fighting — even when they aren’t fighting Barack Obama

Since they won control of both houses in last November’s election, everyone has said that Republicans now have to “show they can govern.” But more than that, they have to actually govern, whether they’re showing it or not. And the current intra-Republican conflict over the budget shows that they may have gotten so used to shaking their fists and drawing lines in the sand that many of them can’t imagine any other way to go about negotiating — even when Barack Obama and the Democrats aren’t involved.

Republicans have been arguing bitterly among themselves for days now over a budget resolution — whether it will increase military spending, and if so, whether some of the money will be offset by other budget cuts or not. At various moments the conflict has pitted fiscal hawks against military hawks, the House leadership against uppity backbenchers, and the House against the Senate. The drama, which included a failed late-night vote Wednesday in the House Budget Committee, has largely been around a mere $20 billion of the $600 billion Republicans want to spend next year on the military. It sometimes seems like an endless episode of “Real Housewives,” where even the tiniest disagreement quickly turns to shouted insults and overturned chairs.

Speaker John Boehner is now crafting some parliamentary maneuvers that will get the GOP budget to a successful floor vote in a way that lets everyone tell themselves they won. I’m sure that eventually he’ll get there, though there may be more Keystone Cops pratfalls between now and then. But all this sturm und drang comes before Republicans can even start negotiating with their real enemy in the White House.

It suggests that at least some Republicans — enough to gum up the system — have so assimilated confrontation as a political strategy that they don’t know any other way to operate, even when they’re dealing with their allies (and they’re spurred on by conservative groups like Heritage Action that encourage intra-Republican conflict). The refusal to compromise is a political strategy, one whose efficacy people disagree about (some say the GOP made themselves look terrible with all the crises they created in the last few years; others respond that it didn’t seem to hurt them at the polls). But it was never much of a legislative strategy, if your goal is to actually craft a bill.



Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest







Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics





Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- You Cruz You Lose

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