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Russian Lawmaker Proposes Mailing Putin Sperm to Impregnate Russian Women

I’ve heard of disseminating ideas, but this is ridiculous.

The Russian-language newspaper, Trust, is reporting that an actual lawmaker—albeit one with a history of strange ideas—has introduced to the State Duma a bill that proposes extending the greatness of Russian by having children using the sperm of Vladimir Putin. To the best of our research, the Observer is the first to translate this strange proposal into English.

“The essence of my proposition is simple”, says the Chairwoman Of Parliamentary Commission on Women’s affairs, Children and Family, Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina. “Each female citizen of Russia will be able to receive by mail the genetic material of the President, get pregnant from him and have a baby. These mothers will be receiving special allowances from the government.”

Ms. Mizoulina, who holds a PhD in law, made the proposal in a roundtable discussion regarding the issue of fertility and Russia. She went on to describe what would happen after President Putin’s babies were born, presuming that they will be male, at least in the translation commissioned by the Observer.

“And after the birth of the child, he will have to be given to be raised into the special institutions that resemble Souvorov Schools with the aim that he will be loyal to the Motherland and personally to the President of RF.” A Souvorov school resembled the “military boarding school” concept familiar to Americans and RF means Russian Federation.

Read more at http://observer.com/2014/11/russian-lawmaker-proposes-mailing-putin-sperm-to-impregnate-russian-women/

Cape Coral man buys foreclosed home, finds body inside

"The inside was a mess," Wilson said. "It looked like (someone) was packing to move. There were a lot of boxes, some pictures of children on the fridge."

Authorities told Wilson the most recent piece of mail was from November of 2011 and unpaid taxes went back three years. The corpse was on the floor of the master bedroom next to the bed. Longtime neighbors say an older woman from Miami last lived at the home with her sister, but they hadn't seen or heard from her for several years. She was described as nice, but reclusive.

Some thought she moved, others said she just disappeared. Outside, the grass grew long and the community speculated. Inside, Wilson said all that remained were bones, skin and the smell of remains. In the living room was a bird cage and piles of feces.

"You couldn't tell who it was," Wilson said. "You couldn't tell if it was a male or a female ... it's disappointing and a sad thing that nobody cared enough to check."


New Study Finds Life-Threatening Formaldehyde Levels at Fracking Sites

by Amanda Frank,

People living near fracking sites have reported health problems for years, with symptoms ranging from respiratory ailments to birth defects. But because air and water quality are often not monitored near fracking sites, surprisingly little is known about the overall public health impacts of the gas drilling process. To help fill the knowledge gap, a new study explores air quality at fracking sites across several states and finds numerous instances of toxic chemicals above national safety standards.

Coming Clean and Global Community Monitor conducted the air quality study in six states – Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Wyoming. It is the first peer-reviewed study on air pollution from fracking that uses samples from multiple U.S. sites.

Breathing Toxic Air

Local residents collected air samples near fracking wells and production pads, as well as wastewater pools and processing stations. (In New York, for example, samples were collected near compressor stations on natural gas pipelines, as the state currently has a moratorium on fracking.)



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