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My racist SAE fraternity brothers broke my heart


William Bruce James II

There will never be another black SAE. I wish there had been one less.

My former fraternity broke my heart this week. A video posted over the weekend allegedly showing members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity’s Oklahoma Kappa chapter chanting a disturbing song has once again evoked the images of deep hatred and cruelty that we too often choose to ignore in our country. To say it was racist is not enough. It hit me in the very core of my soul.

I know those bus rides well. I was a member of this chapter 14 years ago. The second black man to be initiated in those halls. We had our own songs—different songs—but songs we sang on every bus trip to every date party for four years. We didn’t know where the songs came from or who made them up or even what some of them meant, but we sang them so often we all knew them whether we wanted to or not.

Now, 14 years later, my “brothers” sing this song. This is what gets their spirits united for a great night out with their friends and their dates (one of which, thank God exposed them). This is what binds them. But I remember what binded us. I remember the True Gentleman.



Man throws 'Jesus' license plate at brother, cuts him

POINT MARION, Pa. (AP) — State police say a man has thrown a "Jesus" vanity license plate at his older brother during a fight in Pennsylvania, cutting him badly enough to require treatment by paramedics.

Forty-five-year-old James Wiles, of Springhill Township, is charged with simple assault and harassment over the argument with his 47-year-old brother on Feb. 24.

Police say Wiles' brother was cut by the plate's sharp edge.

A preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for March 31. A district judge in Fayette County will determine then whether Wiles will stand trial.


How Reddit Became a Worse Black Hole of Violent Racism than Stormfront

One section of the Web forum is dedicated to watching black men die, while another is called "CoonTown" and features users wondering if there are any states left that are "nigger free." One conversation focuses on the state of being "Negro Free," while another is about how best to bring attention to the assertion that black people are more prone to commit sexual assaults than whites.

But these discussions aren't happening on Stormfront, which since its founding in 1995 by a former Alabama Klan leader has been the largest hate forum on the Web. They're taking place on Reddit, a huge online bulletin board. Reddit was recently spun off into its own independent entity from Advance Publications, the parent company of mass media giant Condé Nast, which also owns Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and 20 other print and online publications that reach an estimated 95 million consumers. (Advance Publications is still a majority shareholder in Reddit.) Reddit has been hailed as the last bastion of free speech on the Internet, an unregulated and vibrant community of users who post whatever they want and rely on the community around them to police their content.

The world of online hate, long dominated by website forums like Stormfront and its smaller neo-Nazi rival Vanguard News Network (VNN), has found a new — and wildly popular — home on the Internet. Reddit boasts the 9th highest Alexa Internet traffic ranking in the United States and the 36th worldwide. Many of Reddit's racist subreddits are among its most popular.



Why Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server Is Less Odd Than You Think

There are more pragmatic than pernicious reasons why a government official would want to use personal e-mail and their own server
March 11, 2015 |By Wendy M. Grossman

People bypass the careful arrangements made for them by IT departments all the time: They forward corporate e-mail to private addresses on Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!; they insert untested USB sticks into machines; and they copy files onto their own devices. Usually they do these sorts of things in order to get work done more efficiently. In running a private mail server Hillary Clinton was doing a more complex version of the sort of thing millions of other Americans do.

Calling Clinton's setup "home brew" makes it sound as though she got someone's nephew to knock together some untested code running on a Raspberry Pi computer. The reality is she seems to have used well-known, well-regarded suppliers. Political point-scoring aside, the fact that many are calling her arrangement home brewed shows how much the widespread use of Web mail has changed expectations. As recently as a decade ago it was not uncommon for those with some technical ability to run their own mail servers. Now it's considered kind of weird, even among geeks who deplore the privacy-invasive centralization of such services.

I set my server up in 2003 to do three things: consolidate myriad historical e-mail addresses; reduce spam; and ensure I controlled my most critical communications function. My setup works just as well as Gmail or Hotmail but no one scans my messages to target advertising and no one can get the complete back archive by cutting a secret deal. Clinton's motivations are unlikely to be identical but I'd expect control to be on her list, especially given her political history. Having her own server also frees her from changing her address every time her work status changes. It also keeps her from being at the mercy of mass-market providers that chop and change services for their benefit, not hers.

The two main reasons for the public to be concerned about her decision to use a home-based e-mail server rather than the one officially maintained by the Department of State are transparency and security.


Is It Sheldon Adelson’s World?


Thomas L. Friedman

The symbolism was too powerful to ignore. As anyone who watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last week in Congress knows, one of the people prominently seated in the House gallery was the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a primary financial backer of both the Republican Party and Netanyahu. As The Washington Post’s Colby Itkowitz reported, at one point Adelson’s wife, Miriam, accidentally knocked her purse off the House gallery railing and it hit Representative Brad Ashford, a Nebraska Democrat seated below. The Post noted that Adelson had given $5 million to the G.O.P.’s Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, which had spent $35,000 in a failed effort to defeat Ashford in his 2014 race against Representative Lee Terry. Ashford later joked to The Omaha World-Herald: “I wish I’d opened the purse. Do you think she carries cash?”

We certainly know that Mr. Adelson does. And when it came to showering that cash on Republican presidential hopefuls and right-wing PACs trying to defeat President Obama (reportedly $150 million in 2012), and on keeping Netanyahu and his Likud party in office, no single billionaire-donor is more influential than Sheldon. No matter what his agenda, it is troubling that one man, with a willingness and ability to give away giant sums, can now tilt Israeli and American politics his way at the same time.

Israel has much stricter laws on individuals donating to political campaigns, so Adelson got around that in 2007 by founding a free, giveaway newspaper in Israel — Israel Hayom — whose sole purpose is to back Netanyahu, attack his enemies in politics and the media, and enforce a far-right political agenda to prevent any Israeli territorial compromise on the West Bank (which, in time, could undermine Israel as a Jewish democracy). Graphically attractive, Israel Hayom is now the biggest-circulation daily in Israel. Precisely because it is free, it is putting a heavy strain on competitors, like Yediot and Haaretz, which both charge and are not pro-Netanyahu.

Adelson then bought the most important newspaper of the religious-nationalist right in Israel, Makor Rishon, long considered the main backer of Netanyahu’s biggest right-wing rival, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. Last March, in an interview with Israel Army Radio after the Makor Rishon sale, Bennett said: “It saddens me. Israel Hayom is not a newspaper. It is Pravda. It’s the mouthpiece of one person, the prime minister. At every junction point, every point of friction between the national interest and the interest of the prime minister, they chose the side of the prime minister.”



Even the 'stache can get it right sometimes....

Koch's fighting climate research funding probe

The conglomerate owned by conservative activists Charles and David Koch said it won’t cooperate with Senate Democrats’ investigation into its potential funding of skeptical climate research.

The company’s top lawyer released a letter late Tuesday that he sent last week to Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), invoking the First Amendment to fight the probe.

He further accused the senators of trying to infringe upon Koch’s free speech and free association rights.

“To the extent that your letter touches on matters that implicate the First Amendment, I am sure you recognize Koch's right to participate in the debate of important public policy issues and its right of free association,” Koch General Counsel Mark Holden wrote in the letter.



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