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Sunny Northwest day stuns ISS astronaut

Reid Wiseman
This never happens – perfectly clear from California to British Columbia. #Seattle in the middle.

It's also nearing kicking 1967 out of the record books. Saturday will be Seattle's 41st day at 80 or warmer (with nary a cloud to be found on the satellite image, or seen by the ISS.) The record is 47 days at 80 or warmer. (2nd is 46, 3rd is 45 days.) Long range models suggest the record is not out of reach.



What It's Like to Be a Black Cop in St. Louis County


PASADENA HILLS, Mo—Martise Scott had made it. He escaped the inner-city ghetto of north St. Louis, went to college, and got hired as a police officer for the St. Louis County Police Department. It was 1985, and he was one of about 50 black officers in a force of about 700.

"We were the lucky few," says Scott, who was first assigned to patrol the wealthy white suburbs in west St. Louis County.

He still remembers the looks he got from homeowners when he responded to calls. And the comments police officers made about African-American defendants. It wasn't long before he realized that the black crack dealers and users he arrested would get longer prison sentences than the predominantly white cocaine dealers and users.

"It's a thin line for a black officer," says Scott, now 49. "Nobody understands what it's like to be on both sides. You walk a tight rope."



Toon: Inside the hacked files of D.C'.s elite!

Mother of Higgs boson found in superconductors

by Michael Slezak
A weird theoretical cousin of the Higgs boson, one that inspired the decades-long hunt for the elusive particle, has been properly observed for the first time. The discovery bookends one of the most exciting eras in modern physics.

The Higgs field, which gives rise to its namesake boson, is credited with giving other particles mass by slowing their movement through the vacuum of space. First proposed in the 1960s, the particle finally appeared at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, in 2012, and some of the theorists behind it received the 2013 Nobel prize in physics.

But the idea was actually borrowed from the behaviour of photons in superconductors, metals that, when cooled to very low temperatures, allow electrons to move without resistance.

Near zero degrees kelvin, vibrations are set up in the superconducting material that slow down pairs of photons travelling through, making light act as though it has a mass.

This effect is closely linked to the idea of the Higgs – "the mother of it actually," says Raymond Volkas at the University of Melbourne in Australia.


Weekend Toon Roundup 3- The Rest


The Issue




Mr. Fish

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- Who needs a strategy?

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- Crook

Don't Stop Me Now

Toon: I wish I could talk to you

Lunatic Ben Carson thinks USA is becoming BOTH Nazi AND Communist

According to potential Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, not only is the U.S. turning into Nazi Germany but the country is also taking its cues from communists.

In an interview yesterday with Iowa-based broadcaster Steve Deace, Carson said the powers of the executive branch are growing “because if somebody refuses to cooperate, you just pull the noose on them. That’s basically the way a lot of communist countries work, that’s been happening to us over the last several years and most of us are completely unaware of it.”

“The best way to curb that is you get somebody in office who actually understands the separation of powers and is not trying to become a dictator,” he said.

In a Wednesday interview with Andy Parks of the Washington Times, Carson said that ISIS could be easily defeated in no time but President Obama refuses to do it.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/ben-carson-us-turning-communist-obama-refuses-attack-isis

And people actually take this guy seriously as a potential presidential candidate? He would lose all 50 states and his 'coattails' would cost his party all of congress.
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