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Mr Fish Toon- The Clinton Bill

Bernie Sanders Is The Best Feminist For The Job

A truly progressive agenda is a truly feminist agenda. There’s no getting around that.

When most of women’s day-to-day work goes largely unpaid and unnoticed by money — unpaid work like the birthing and rearing of children, caring for the elders of the family, redistributing resources and social networking, and domestic work — a strong and shame-free welfare system is an imperative. Money can’t and won’t recognize the natural work of the female because money was made by men, for men. It is the oldest tool of the patriarchy. Money recognizes men’s work, and that’s not a coincidence, that was by design, but more importantly it means the value that money places on a service isn’t a definitive value of the worth of the work to humanity. Just because money recognizes and rewards deforestation for example, but can’t see the value in a woman looking after her disabled child, doesn’t mean that caring for disabled children is work of lesser value than felling trees.

In fact, you can pinpoint what is naturally feminine work by looking at where money fails to create the best outcome for humans. Healthcare, for example, is traditional female work, and a glaring example of where capitalism fails. If you let money run healthcare as they do in the States, you end up with a system that creates sick people, rather than helps them. Capitalism dictates that you must get as many customers as possible paying as high a price as possible. When your customers are patients, that means creating as many sick people as possible. And when sick people are completely vulnerable to providers with no negotiation power because not receiving service means, well, dying, there is no ceiling to that price point. It’s not like buying a car; you can’t just walk away when your life is at stake.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2978526/why-bernie-sanders-is-the-best-feminist-for-the-job/#2515jcQpdjPt7Yxz.99

Pro-TPP Op-Eds Remarkably Similar to Drafts By Foreign Government Lobbyists

OPINION COLUMNS PUBLISHED in California newspapers over the last year in support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership use language nearly identical to drafts written and distributed by public relations professionals who were retained by the Japanese government to build U.S. support for the controversial trade agreement.

Take this column by former San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders, who now serves as the president and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, in the San Diego Union-Tribune, titled: “Trans-Pacific trade pact benefits San Diego.”

Much of the language in Sanders’ op-ed also appears in a “San Diego Draft op-ed” distributed by Southwest Strategies, a consulting firm paid by the Japanese government to promote the TPP:

Jerry Sanders: “Notably, the TPP includes Japan, which is significant”
Southwest Strategies: “Notably, the TPP includes Japan, which is critical”

Jerry Sanders: “Trade is essential for sustaining America’s role as the most innovative economy in the world”
Southwest Strategies: “Trade is essential for sustaining America’s role as the most innovative economy in the world”



Scotland Moves Against Wealthy Gentry Who Dominate Land

Centuries-old traditions that led to 430 people owning half of Scotland's privately held land are soon to become history as local communities seek to double their ownership in the nation known for its rugged landscape, sheep, and fine whisky.

While inequality of land ownership is more often associated with developing nations, Scotland embarked on a campaign to ensure land was an asset for the many, not the few, with a landmark bill introduced to the Scottish parliament in 2015.

The move came amid growing tension over the dominance of large, often absent, land-owners whose hold over the country dates back to an era when Scotland was a largely agricultural nation run by the wealthy gentry.

"This is about local communities taking control over their own destiny from absentee landlords," Peter Peacock, a former member of the Scottish parliament, campaigner and co-author of a briefing paper on the reforms, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"Scotland's land grabs took place a couple of hundred years ago ... now communities are trying to get some balance of ownership."



Tickling Apes


TICKLING a juvenile chimpanzee is a lot like tickling a child. The ape has the same sensitive spots: under the armpits, on the side, in the belly. He opens his mouth wide, lips relaxed, panting audibly in the same “huh-huh-huh” rhythm of inhalation and exhalation as human laughter. The similarity makes it hard not to giggle yourself.

The ape also shows the same ambivalence as a child. He pushes your tickling fingers away and tries to escape, but as soon as you stop he comes back for more, putting his belly right in front of you. At this point, you need only to point to a tickling spot, not even touching it, and he will throw another fit of laughter.

Laughter? Now wait a minute! A real scientist should avoid any and all anthropomorphism, which is why hard-nosed colleagues often ask us to change our terminology. Why not call the ape’s reaction something neutral, like, say, vocalized panting? That way we avoid confusion between the human and the animal.

The term anthropomorphism, which means “human form,” comes from the Greek philosopher Xenophanes, who protested in the fifth century B.C. against Homer’s poetry because it described the gods as though they looked human. Xenophanes mocked this assumption, reportedly saying that if horses had hands they would “draw their gods like horses.” Nowadays the term has a broader meaning. It is typically used to censure the attribution of humanlike traits and experiences to other species. Animals don’t have “sex,” but engage in breeding behavior. They don’t have “friends,” but favorite affiliation partners.



Under the Bus, Jimmy, Under the Bus you go....


Sunday's Doonesbury: There's a Market For That

Weekend Bernie Group Toons

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True

Everything Bill Clinton said Thursday to defend his 1996 welfare reform law was false.

Clinton claimed that he left the program with plenty of money for poor people, suggested that it helped reduce black poverty and that it was only the mean, nasty Republicans from the George W. Bush era who gutted it and hurt the poor. Clinton’s distortions of economic history and his own record are so outrageous that — you will be shocked — it is difficult to believe he was being honest.

Here’s what he told protesters at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia:

“They say the welfare reform bill increased poverty. Then why did we have the largest drop in African American poverty in history when I was president? The largest in history. What happened was, all these Republicans got into — the Supreme Court elected President Bush 5 to 4, then all these Republicans took over state legislatures. We left ‘em with enough money to take care of all the poor people who couldn’t go to work on welfare. We left ‘em with the money they had before the welfare rolls went down 60 percent. The Republicans took it away, and blaming me.”

This is not true. Poverty dropped during the Clinton years not because of welfare reform, but because the entire American economy was being juiced by a massive stock market bubble. No credible economist even disputes this. The Clinton bubble was fueled by the aggressive financial deregulatory policies of Clinton and his Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan. When the stock market bubble burst, millions of people who previously would have received welfare fell into poverty.

Welfare reform was an intentional effort to curb financial assistance to poor people, on the grounds that many were simply too lazy to get a job. Clinton turned over a federal program to states, who were effectively allowed to slash welfare funding and impose new work requirements on people who received assistance. Even Republican co-architects of welfare reform concede that the program ended up hurting the poor.



Bernie Sanders Returns Home To Brooklyn

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- Bernie Sanders is back in the old neighborhood Friday.

The democratic presidential candidate will host two large public rallies in the afternoon, 3 p.m. outside his childhood home in Midwood, then a 5 p.m. rally in a waterfront park in Greenpoint.

His childhood home is on East 26th Street; he graduated from James Madison High School. Hollywood's "The Hulk" Mark Ruffalo is expected to attend that rally.

He will then head to Transmitter Park for an event with actress Susan Sarandon, who lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Sanders will be going to Harlem Saturday night for a community event at 6 p.m. the the Apollo Theater on West 125 Street.


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