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Inside the Clinton paid speech machine

What, exactly, do you get when you pay a Clinton $285,000 for an intimate, closed-to-the-press speech?
By ANNIE KARNI 05/20/16

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s highly paid speeches — whose transcripts they steadfastly refuse to release despite pressure on the campaign trail — are cloaked in secrecy.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both seized on the issue, raising red flags about what the Clintons say behind closed doors to Wall Street firms and other groups that they don’t say in public. By digging in their heels, the Clintons have only drawn more attention to the question: What, exactly, do you get when you pay a Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars for an intimate, closed-to-the-press speech?

In Bill Clinton’s case, it turns out, you get a dose of the full, unplugged Bubba.

A transcript of a private, $285,000 paid speech Bill Clinton delivered last year at the “China-U.S. Private Investment Summit” in Austin, Texas, obtained by POLITICO, offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the Clintons' controversial paid speaking gigs — and some insight into how the former president holds court out of sight of the press.


Sanders says he's backing DNC chair's primary opponent, wouldn't reappoint her to DNC

Washington (CNN)Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday said he supports Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Democratic opponent in her August 30 primary, adding that if he is elected president, he would effectively terminate her chairmanship of the DNC.

Sanders, whose campaign has engaged in an increasingly bitter feud with the DNC chairwoman during his presidential bid, said in an interview set to air on CNN's "State of the Union" that he favors Tim Canova in Florida's 23rd congressional district. Canova is supporting Sanders.

"Well, clearly, I favor her opponent," Sanders told Tapper. "His views are much closer to mine than as to Wasserman Shultz's."

Sanders added that if he's elected president, he wouldn't reappoint Wasserman Schultz to head the DNC.


Judge orders Idaho to pay $250,000 in "ag-gag" law fallout

BOISE, Idaho - A judge has ordered Idaho to pay nearly $250,000 in legal fees following a lawsuit and ultimate repeal against Idaho’s “ag-gag’ law.

The law that outlawed undercover investigations of operations at farms was found to have violated the First and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

The motion filed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a coalition of national nonprofits was approved by District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill.

"The American public has a right to know when the meat industry is breaking the law, and Idaho's 'ag-gag' law was a blatant violation of free speech," general counsel to PETA Jeffrey Kerr wrote in a press release. "This ruling is a warning to other states that PETA will challenge 'ag-gag' laws, we will win, and it will be costly for the state."



Too bad they can't take it out of the pockets of the reps that voted this law in.

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Traitor Flag

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Bernie Sanders attends downtown SF union rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined hotel and restaurant employees for a boisterous afternoon rally in San Francisco’s Financial District on Wednesday in which the workers demanded the right to unionize.

Sanders showed up about 4:30 p.m. at the event in the plaza at 101 California St., near the Le Meridien Hotel, and briefly spoke to a cheering crowd of about 500 people.

“I’m proud to be here with you to tell the Le Meridien to negotiate with our workers,” said the Vermont senator, who stood on an elevated platform to speak.

Sanders, wearing a blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up, spoke for about five minutes.

“I’m here to demand the wealthy and the multinational corporations to pay their fair share,” he said.



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