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Chris Christie Suggests College Students Should Sell Themselves To Investors To Pay Tuition

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) spoke about student debt, school choice and teacher accountability at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, on Thursday. Christie is expected to announce a presidential run soon.

After delivering an account of how his father, an excellent student who was accepted at Columbia University, enlisted in the Army instead because he couldn’t afford the tuition, Christie said debt-free college was not the answer.

Christie said students shouldn’t expect to receive a degree that will significantly improve their earnings for nothing, but he mixed more conservative rhetoric with an acknowledgement that students should be able to receive some assistance.

He cited his father’s choice to attend Rutgers University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting after six years of both attending school and continuing to work, as the reason his father was able to get a career working on Wall Street for 40 years. Christie’s father attended through the G.I. bill.



Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest






Middle East


Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Police

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Running for President

Every Kill A 'Good' Kill: How Police And The Media Cooperate To Disparage The Dead

by Tim Cushing

Cops kill a lot of people. Depending on who's counting, they've already killed between 385 and 470 people this year. This isn't to say that some of these killings weren't justified, but when details begin leaking out about the those killed, the amount of force in relation to the threat posed is often questionable.

Because no PD wants to look like the home of trigger-happy thugs, the media spin begins almost before the "suspect" has expired. Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, shot by Boston cops, was instantly memorialized by law enforcement and a compliant press with the following:

"allegedly radicalized by ISIS social media"

"may have been planning to attack police"

"preparing to launch an ISIS-inspired attack"

"wielding a machete"

"under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force"

The "machete" turned out to be just a knife, albeit a "military-style black knife," because black knives are inherently more evil and dangerous than those in any other color. #blackknivesmatter

What appeared to be a mishandling of a potentially-dangerous situation is now a fully-justified kill of a terrorist. Everyone is just supposed to take these claims at face value, despite the assertions raising more questions than they actually answer.



Youth Unemployment and Dr. King’s Dream

By Senator Bernie Sanders:

Many years ago I was honored to be among those who marched on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was there for his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and I heard him say that African-Americans live “on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.”

Dr. King taught us that the struggle for justice is economic, as well as social and legal. As he said in Memphis, a few short weeks before his death:

Our struggle is for genuine equality, which means economic equality. For we know now that it isn’t enough to integrate lunch counters. What does it profit a man to be able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if he doesn’t have enough money to buy a hamburger?

“We have come here today,” Dr. King told us in Washington, “to dramatize a shameful condition.” We have seen progress, but that shameful condition persists. Too many Americans still live in poverty. Many are working in poverty, too, because they can’t earn a living wage. And if we don’t do something about it, the generations to come will have it even worse.

That’s why I have joined with Rep. John Conyers to introduce the Employ Young Americans Now Act. It will provide $5.5 billion in immediate funding to employ one million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24, and to provide job training to hundreds of thousands of others.


Sanders: 'This is not a protest campaign'

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders isn't running to push Hillary Clinton to the left, the senator said on Thursday, rejecting the idea that his long shot candidacy is aimed at issues, not winning.

"This is not an education campaign. This is not a protest campaign," an animated Sanders said at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington. "This is a campaign to win."

Since announcing his campaign for president in late April, Sanders has been greeted by sizable crowds in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Though he finds himself polling far behind Clinton, Sanders has been her most potent progressive challenger so far.

But political watchers and pundits have suggested that Sanders's primary effect on the race will be to push the former secretary of state to the left on issues, not mount a credible challenge to her for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders rejected that notion on Thursday, arguing that while he is aware his pathway to the presidency is far more uphill than Clinton's, he has a chance.


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders: Media are inept and GOP agenda is hidden

What does Bernie Sanders think of the media’s performance so far this campaign? Barely adequate. The huge speaking fees Bill and Hillary Clinton have accepted? Wrong question, he says; you should be asking why anyone pays them. How about primary debates? Sanders says the entire system should be redesigned to bring Republicans on stage with Democrats.

As Hillary Clinton stayed out of sight this week, fundraising and preparing what is sure to be a highly produced presidential campaign launch speech in New York on Saturday, Sanders, the senator from Vermont who also is seeking the Democratic nomination, was mixing it up with the media.

The contrast was notable. Clinton has yet to put herself in the situation that Sanders eagerly embraced Thursday morning, as he engaged in a frank give-and-take with reporters over breakfast. He delivered some lines it would be hard to imagine Clinton ever uttering — not because they reflected his socialist outlook, but because they were so blunt.

“Campaigns are not baseball games,” Sanders scolded. “What did I read in the paper today? Gov. Bush is getting a new campaign manager. You know who cares about that? About eight people in the world. Nobody cares about that.”



Michigan Governor Signs Law Allowing Adoption Agencies To Reject LGBT Parents

Source: BuzzFeed

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a package of three bills into law Thursday that would allow publicly funded adoption agencies to turn away parents on religious grounds.
Critics uniformly contend the measures are tailored to let agencies refuse adoption to LGBT couples. Republican proponents argued they were protecting people of faith and resisting an attack from LGBT advocates.
Snyder, a Republican, issued a statement that said the laws were “putting Michigan children first in adoption, foster care practices.”
“The state has made significant progress in finding more forever homes for Michigan kids in recent years and that wouldn’t be possible without the public-private partnerships that facilitate the adoption process,” Snyder said. “We are focused on ensuring that as many children are adopted to as many loving families as possible regardless of their makeup.”

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/dominicholden/michigan-legislature-passes-bills-allowing-adoption-agencies?utm_term=.eg6O4dDo#.oaVbQJQZB

Bernie Sanders Announces Family Values Agenda

WASHINGTON, June 11 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today outlined a family values agenda, a package of legislation to provide paid family and medical leave, paid sick leave and paid vacation.

“When you look at what other wealthy countries are doing, what you find is that the United States of America is the only advanced economy that does not guarantee its workers some form of paid family leave, paid sick time or paid vacation time. In other words, when it comes to basic workplace protections and family benefits, workers in every other major industrialized country in the world get a better deal than workers in the United States. That is wrong,” Sanders said.

“Last place is no place for America. It is time to join the rest of the industrialized world by showing the people of this country that we are not just a nation that talks about family values but that we are a nation that is prepared to live up to these ideals,” he added.

Speaking at a Capitol news conference, Sanders announced the introduction of the Guaranteed Paid Vacation Act, a bill that would provide 10 days of paid vacation for employees who have worked for an employer for at least one year. A recent study by Oxford Economics found benefits of taking time off from work include higher productivity, greater employee retention, increased workplace morale, significant health benefits and a boost to the economy.


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