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Rare 'fire rainbow' spotted in skies over South Carolina

A rare 'fire rainbow' has been sighted in the sky over South Carolina, dazzling viewers for about an hour before fading away.

The display, known as circumhorizontal arcs, occurs when light hits tiny ice crystals in high-level cirrus clouds. The photo was taken by Tiffany B Jenks and posted on Twitter.

Despite the popular name of 'fire rainbow', it has nothing to do with fire. It is the lower part of a large halo of the sun and runs parallel to the horizon.

It only occurs when the sun is high in the sky - above 58 degrees.


Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest


Jobs, the RW way





Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Scamazon.com

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Batty Man

Toon: Bernie Man

Inside ‘Dismaland’: Banksy’s Sinister Disney-Trolling Theme Park Reportedly Opening This Weekend

This past weekend at their annual D23 Expo, a veritable Comic-Con devoted to all things Mouse House, Disney unveiled plans for ‘Star Wars Land’—a pair of elaborate theme parks that will transport visitors to the land(s) of Star Wars, replete with a Millennium Falcon simulator, a plethora of cosplaying characters, and—yes—a full-service Cantina.

But if getting wasted on intergalactic booze, starting static with a costumed Greedo, and throwing your hard-earning money at a corporate giant isn’t your thing, then perhaps Dismaland is the place for you.

Dismaland is the name of Banksy’s gloriously subversive theme park that is heavily rumored to be opening this weekend—that is Friday, August 21—in the UK. Pictures of its mysterious construction in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England, began surfacing online late last week.

According to the Bristol Post, the amusement park is being billed as a “sinister twist on Disneyland,” and includes a pink dystopian version of the Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, a horse-like sculpture, an S-shaped gas tanker, and various other oddball attractions. The mammoth structure(s) is being built at the Tropicana, a 10,200-square-foot lido site that’s been abandoned since 2000, and the area’s reportedly been closed off for the past several months under the guise of a Hollywood film shooting there called Grey Fox. The construction site had signs reading “Crew Notice Grey Fox Productions” put up around it to distract onlookers, and the so-called film project claimed it was produced by Charles Roven’s company Atlas Entertainment—behind the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice—and directed by Declan Whitebloom, whose representative denied he was in Weston-super-Mare according to The Daily Mail. Banksy’s representative Jo Brooks could not be reached for comment.



The Outlaw Patients

by Katharine Quarmby

On a cold spring evening I catch a fast train from London to Maidstone in Kent, to meet Clark French, a young man with multiple sclerosis. I’m joining him and his companions from the United Patients Alliance (UPA) on a road tour of the UK. The group French founded last year has one, on the face of it, simple mission: the legalization of medical cannabis in the UK.

I arrive a little early at the old Victorian building where the UPA is holding its meeting. French arrives five minutes later, smiling and leaning on a stick, and we go inside. While Alex, another activist, fires up the tea urn, French explains that he has also been firing up, discreetly, nearby. He tells me that the pain, tremors and spasms he experiences from his multiple sclerosis can be controlled with cannabis. Without it, he says, his ability to get out of bed in the mornings, let alone do things like speak at meetings, would be greatly reduced.

Although many UPA members live with painful conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, they are campaigning hard on this single issue, eschewing the wider issue of wholesale legalization. In his speech to the meeting, French stresses that language could help shift public perception — that “patients” should talk about “medicating” and refer to cannabis as a “medicine” rather than as a recreational “drug”. “Multiple sclerosis took so much from me,” says French. “But if prohibition wasn’t there, I could have my life back… we all deserve it. That’s my motivation.”

But it’s not that easy. Whenever French “medicates”, he has to keep an eye out for police officers. He, and other medical cannabis users, have made themselves outlaws, on one charge only.



Bernie Sanders is running as much against the ‘corporate media’ as he is against Hillary Clinton

By Chris Cillizza

There have been all sorts of attempts to understand the appeal of Bernie Sanders. He's the anti-Clinton, saying what he means and meaning what he says. He's a committed liberal who never wavers. He's charismatic -- albeit it in his own quirky way.

All true in terms of how his supporters see him. But, there's also another part of Sanders' appeal: his indictment of the so-called "corporate media" and its allegedly not-so-hidden agendas in the presidential race. That message appeals to the growing sense among liberals that the media is rigged to a) favor Clinton and b) treat politics like a game rather than a serious contest of ideas.

"The corporate media talks about all kinds of issues except the most important issues," Sanders says in response to a question about whether he will attack Clinton. "Time after time I am being asked to criticize Hillary Clinton. That's the sport that you guys like. The reason this campaign is doing well is we're talking about the issues that impact the American people."

While most people associate media-hating with conservatives, it's been a growing community on the left now as well. There's a very really sense among Sanders supporters -- many of whom e-mail me daily! -- that the Vermont Senator is being ignored as a serious threat to Clinton's frontrunner status simply because that doesn't fit the media's pre-established narrative.



The insiders are starting to squeal from the Bern…..

Most families in Wisconsin, it turns out, would save on taxes by moving to Minnesota

On Tuesday, Scott Walker will bring his presidential campaign to Minnesota, where he’ll give a speech on the Affordable Care Act and attend a fundraiser. At those events, Walker will no doubt boast about his conservative record as governor of Wisconsin: an ambitious if sometimes polarizing set of public policies that have reduced government spending, curtailed collective bargaining rights and — as he is sure to remind people — reduced the state’s taxes by more than $2 billion.

Just as predictably, Walker is likely to be asked more than a few questions about the state where he’ll be holding forth, a place where his counterpart, Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, has pursued the sort of agenda that might cause Walker to break out in hives: expanding union membership, increasing school funding and — most notably — implementing a tax hike on the wealthiest Minnesotans.

Comparing the two states under the two men over the last few years has become something of a national sport, after all, a favorite pastime among journalists, academics and politicians alike. Even President Barack Obama has gotten in on the act. Before an audience in La Crosse last month, he paraphrased the local paper by saying that Minnesota was “winning this border battle” when it came to the states’ respective economic fortunes.

And yet, despite all the ink spilled about both Walker and Dayton and their records, almost all of the assessments overlook a longstanding but seldom-discussed fact about life on either side of the St. Croix River: that a majority Minnesotans actually pay a smaller share of their household income toward taxes than Wisconsinites.



First openly transgender official hired at White House

EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) — The White House has hired its first openly transgender staff member.

The White House announced Raffi Freedman-Gurspan's appointment on Tuesday. Freedman-Gurspan is an outreach and recruitment director for presidential personnel in the Office of Personnel. Transgender advocates say she is the first openly transgender official to serve in the White House.

Freedman-Gurspan previously was a policy adviser for the National Center for Transgender Equality's racial and economic justice initiative.

Advocates hailed her appointment as an important step for the LGBT community and for ensuring that the federal government includes the voices and experiences of all Americans.

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett says Freedman-Gurspan's commitment to improving the lives of transgender Americans reflects the values of the Obama administration.

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