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Marijuana proposal expected to make 2016 ballot in Arizona

PHOENIX - A proposal to legalize marijuana in Arizona is on track to qualify for the November ballot as the state joins a growing movement looking to loosen pot laws around the country in the November elections.

A spokesman for Arizona's leading recreational marijuana initiative says the measure has already collected about 140,000 of the 150,000 signatures necessary to get on the ballot. The campaign intends to collect more to account for disqualified signatures. Backers have until July to collect the remaining signatures.

An unusual alliance has formed to oppose the measure. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and backers of a separate pot measure seeking to qualify for the ballot have come out against the plan.

Arizona is one of least nine states that have pending recreational marijuana initiatives this year.


King: Why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate in the running for the White House


Today — on what happens to be Dr. King's birthday — I am proud to endorse the presidential candidate who I believe most embodies the values and ideals of the man who scared the hell out of the American government and was assassinated in 1968 after so bravely fighting against the Vietnam War and for income equality.

As a general rule, I don't trust many politicians, but I trust Bernie Sanders — the man walks the walk and talks the talk. He is, without a doubt, the most consistent politician in America and has been fighting for universal health care, access to education, equal pay, equal rights and the complete overhaul of how we do justice in this country for his entire career. I dig it.

Twelve months ago, I'll be honest with you, I could fit all I knew about Sanders into a few sentences. It went something like this:

“Hey Shaun, what do you know about Bernie Sanders?”

"The senator in Vermont? The disheveled dude? He's the real deal. Not in it for the money. Heard him on TV a few times kicking knowledge about income inequality and he was the truth. I keep hearing that he's a socialist."

That's it. That's pretty much everything I knew about the man.

I didn't know he was born and raised in Brooklyn.



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Courting minority votes, Bernie Sanders launches tour at HBCUs

In an effort to court minority voters, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign is launching a tour — officially dubbed “Feel the Bern” — of historically black colleges and universities. On the docket Thursday night: South Carolina State University in Orangeburg.

South Carolina and Nevada are holding their primaries in February, and are next up after the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

Stops on the tour include Tennessee State University in Nashville; Alabama State University in Montgomery; Jackson State University; Florida A&M University in Tallahassee; Virginia State University in Petersburg; Howard University in Washington, D.C.; the Atlanta University Center; and Benedict College in Columbia, S.C.

Though the sites were announced on his website, exact dates have not yet been confirmed. Each stop is expected to include notable members of the black community. Socialist philosopher and social justice worker Cornel West joins Sanders at his South Carolina State University event. (West previously criticized Barack Obama’s “Wall Street, drone presidency”).

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