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Monday Toon Roundup 2- Cartoonists

Monday Toon Roundup 1-GOP

Ringside with Dione

Speeding toward pale, icy Dione, Cassini's view is enriched by the tranquil gold and blue hues of Saturn in the distance. The horizontal stripes near the bottom of the image are Saturn's rings. The spacecraft was nearly in the plane of the rings when the images were taken, thinning them by perspective and masking their awesome scale. The thin, curving shadows of the C ring and part of the B ring adorn the northern latitudes visible here, a reminder of the rings' grandeur.

It is notable that Dione, like most of the other icy Saturnian satellites, looks no different in natural color than in monochrome images.


Toon: Chrispie Hug

Are You Part of The Parrot Political Movement?

...I’m not saying these news network are wrong or right, I just want to point out if your beliefs are based solely from these then you didn’t choose your own beliefs. You are a Parrot who randomly spews facts for bird treats, do birds get treats? Is that more of a furry animal type thing? I know dolphins get treats, surely parrots must.

Anyways, throughout social media all I see is copying and pasting. Then some exchanged insults in the comments below it. Then I’m sure both sides feel like they did something for their country. I got 10 likes on that post “Take that Obama!” or “Take that Chris Christie!” or “Die !!!!” For me it’s mosquitoes, die you bastards!! Where’s the dislike button?

What I’ve learned is to ask a direct question and wait for a hilarious response or at least an entertaining one. For example I was debating with a gentleman about the roll out of “Free” Community College. The quotes are there to let you know that I know nothing is free and it will cost taxes to achieve said system, that’s for any conservatives reading this. He said “The government is never the answer.” I hear this repeated all the time, so I knew to ask a direct question. “How would you achieve a low cost or possibly free education system that’s easily accessible across this nation with out the government? Or even a transportation system?” Of course all of this is up for debate and could be done without government technically, but I wanted to know if there was anything behind what he had just repeated to me. Nope just a Parrot.

Another example I recently ran into. A lady said “Waterboarding saved America from multiple terrorist attacks after 9/11/2001″. Great repetition, “What proof do you have validating this statement?” I’m not saying it’s not true, but Americans have died here and overseas sine 9/11/2001. You can debate all day about torture, but there’s no way to know for sure of how effective it is, and again I got no answer. Then I was called a “Libtard” by someone else chiming in. When did asking for proof or any other sources force you to be on one side or another? I noticed Parrots work in groups and like to repeat each other. Thank you news networks for this.

The rest


Bishop who performed exorcism over same-sex marriage to bless Arizona legislature

A bishop who tried to exorcise the Governor of Illinois over his support for same-sex marriage will open the new session of Arizona’s state legislature.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois has been selected by the Catholic Church’s Phoenix Diocese to speak at the Mass before the opening of the legislative session.

Equality activists have reacted with shocked at the choice – as Paprocki last year attempted to perform a long-distance exorcism on Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, when he legalised same-sex marriage.

During the exorcism, Paprocki conducted “”prayers of supplication and exorcism in reparation for the sin of same-sex marriage”.



Legendary Cartoonist Robert Crumb on the Massacre in Paris

Robert Crumb is considered by many to be the single best cartoonist America has ever produced. The creator of counter culture icons like Fritz the Cat, the Keep On Truckin guy and Mr Natural, Mr. Crumb was inducted into the comic book Hall of Fame in 1991, the same year he moved his family to France, where he has resided ever since. Writer Celia Farber reached him at his home in Sauve, France on Friday, January 9, 2015, to talk about the massacre of cartoonists and others in Paris this week.

Celia Farber: Have journalists been calling you today to talk about the assassinations at Charlie Hedbo? Are you willing to talk about it?

Robert Crumb: Liberation wanted me to draw a cartoon, so I did this cartoon for Liberation about it. So far, you are the first American journalist that’s asked me to talk about it. I’ll talk about it, yeah.

No other journalists have called you? Really?

No, you’re the only one. You don’t have journalists over there anymore, what they have is public relations people. That’s what they have over in America now. Two-hundred and fifty thousand people in public relations. And a dwindling number of actual reporters and journalists.

Read more at http://observer.com/2015/01/legendary-cartoonist-robert-crumb-on-the-massacre-in-paris/

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Bored

Sunday's Doonesbury- Torture Tips

Gotham from Above

More amazing images and the story here:

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