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Texas Cops Jail Woman For ĎWalking Without A Licenseí

Charges for driving without license and registrationÖ while walking.

A woman in Hamlin, Texas is fighting charges of driving without a license and expired registration after she was arrested and jailed by cops while WALKING home with groceries.

Wendy Robins is appealing for help with her case as she fears the police department is pursuing a vendetta against her by refusing to drop the charges.

The charges stem from the incident which took place in November. Ms Robins says she was minding her own business walking home from the local store when she was physically accosted by an officer.



Fox News Host: "We Have Saved the Planet" with Wars like Iraq

Remember the planet before America started invading parts of it? God, what a shithole. Just a total mess. Since then, though: pretty much perfect, right? That's the improbable assessment Fox News' Charles Payne delivered on Sunday while discussing criticism of American Sniper.

"It's a pretty simple thing, you watch the movie, he saved American lives," said Payne of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. "And he went through a tough struggle to do it, but it was a job that had to be done." A mostly empty if not unfamiliar sentiment about the war in Iraq. Payne, however, was just getting started:

Look at the death toll that we had protecting people in a different country because that's what America does. We've been the world's policeman, and guess what's happened over the time we've become the world's policeman?

A billion people in other countries have moved into the middle class. We had India on TV earlier. If it wasn't for Americans dying around the world, the rest of the world would be in abject poverty.

"We have saved the planet," concluded Payne, "and if we go away as policeman, it's going to be hell to pay for everyone."


Police used mugshots of black men for target practice. Clergy responded: #UseMeInstead

The idea originated on a closed Facebook group for Lutheran clergy, where pastors were discussing how North Miami Beachís police department had been caught using mugshots of actual people for target practice. Letís send in our own photos for target practice, the pastors decided.

The target-practice story had come to light after National Guard Sgt. Valerie Deant saw bullet-riddled mugshots of black men at a police gun range. One photo was of Deantís brother. Outrage followed in North Miami Beach and beyond as critics called for the police chiefís resignation.

Family outraged after North Miami Beach Police use criminal photos as #HumanTargets. VIDEO: http://t.co/0hzALWdpdW pic.twitter.com/zJ7HFGntNB

ó NBC 6 South Florida (@nbc6) January 15, 2015

The chief defended the department but denied racial profiling and said officers used images of people of all races. The city council banned the practice.

Rev. Joy M. Gonnerman and other pastors chatted about the story on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Facebook group and discussed how to respond to something that was emblematic of a deeper, systematic problem.



'A Form of Permanent Wage Theft': When the Soaring Price of College Isnít Worth It

Ian Sherman was happy to be in Florida's subtropical climate and far from the cold weather of his native Detroit as he walked onto the paved streets of Full Sail University's campus in Winter Park, Florida in the summer of 2006.

Months earlier, the 22-year-old had been working in Detroit's local music scene, and was looking for a way out of his hometown. For a young person diagnosed with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Sherman found the traditional university system route an intimidating prospect. So when a friend mentioned a school in Florida offering programs designed to launch a career in the music business, he went down for an open day.

"It's a beautiful place. I was coming from seeing burnt-out buildings in Detroit to seeing palm trees," he told VICE News. "There was a sense of solace for people passionate about music. It really was a Willy Wonka factory for music dorksÖ Being young, foolish, and seeking instant gratification, I chose what was put in front of me."

A month after his open day, Sherman enrolled in Full Sail's two-year Music Business program, which today costs a total of almost $60,000 before any grants and scholarships. On-campus housing was not an option for Sherman's program, and because of the course's intensive schedule, neither was working. So he took out a mixture of federal and private loans worth a staggering $130,000 to cover tuition, rent, and living expenses.


Bob Dylan, RW delusionist

BD- OK, a lot of people say there is no happiness in this life and certainly thereís no permanent happiness. But self-sufficiency creates happiness. Just because youíre satisfied one moment ó saying yes, itís a good meal, makes me happy ó well, thatís not going to necessarily be true the next hour. Life has its ups and downs, and time has to be your partner, you know? Really, time is your soul mate. Iím not exactly sure what happiness even means, to tell you the truth. I donít know if I personally could define it.

Q: Have you touched it?

A: Well, we all do.
Q: Held it?

A: We all do at certain points, but itís like water ó it slips through your hands. As long as thereís suffering, you can only be so happy. How can a person be happy if he has misfortune? Some wealthy billionaire who can buy 30 cars and maybe buy a sports team, is that guy happy? What then would make him happier? Does it make him happy giving his money away to foreign countries? Is there more contentment in that than in giving it here to the inner cities and creating jobs? The governmentís not going to create jobs. It doesnít have to. People have to create jobs, and these big billionaires are the ones who can do it We donít see that happening. We see crime and inner cities exploding with people who have nothing to do, turning to drink and drugs. They could all have work created for them by all these hotshot billionaires. For sure that would create lot of happiness. Now, Iím not saying they have to ó Iím not talking about communism ó but what do they do with their money? Do they use it in virtuous ways?

Q: So they should be moving their focus here instead of Ö

A: Well, I think they should, yeah, because there are a lot of things that are wrong in America, and especially in the inner cities, that they could solve. Those are dangerous grounds, and they donít have to be. There are good people there, but theyíve been oppressed by lack of work. Those people can all be working at something. These multibillionaires can create industries right here in America. But no one can tell them what to do. Godís got to lead them.


Pa.'s new physician general brings an LGBT point of view

Rachel Levine stood tall in the doorway, offered a polite handshake, and took a seat at the L-shaped desk in her drab, blank slate of an office.

The room, with its empty bookshelves, dual computer screens, and not much else, seemed appropriately open to possibility as the headquarters for a woman about to chart new territory.

Levine, who has just been named Pennsylvania's physician general, spent most of her 57 years - at least outwardly - as a man. If the state Senate confirms her appointment, the doctor, who until a few years ago was known as Richard Levine, will become one of the nation's very few, openly transgender people in public office.

When Gov. Wolf announced her on Jan. 17 as his choice for the cabinet post, he cited her expertise in pediatrics, psychiatry, and behavioral health.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/health/20150125_Pa__s_new_physician_general_brings_an_LGBT_point_of_view.html

Colorado seeks permission to grow pot at state universities

After years of trying to stamp out marijuana use on college campuses, Colorado officials are now asking the federal government to allow its state universities to grow their own pot.

The reason, they say, is that the legalization of the drug here has raised questions about its health effects, questions that can only be answered by studying large amounts and different strains of marijuana.

But researchers face bureaucratic hurdles in scoring pot from the one federally approved marijuana farm, a 12-acre facility at the University of Mississippi's National Center for Natural Products Research.

In a letter to federal regulators last month, Colorado Deputy Atty. Gen. David Blake said research into the "medicinal value or detriment of marijuana, particularly those strains not grown and made available by the federal government, have become important to the national debate over marijuana legalization."


Sunday's Doonesbury- Bushwhacking

McDonald's U.S. Fries Have Three Times as Many Ingredients as Those in the UK

McDonald's recently published a video revealing what really goes into their French fries. It's part of their new ad campaign called "Our food. Your questions." in which they try to prove that their menu items are indeed made from recognizable ingredients. Mashable notes that in the video host Grant Imahara "reverse engineers" the process of McDonald's French fry production and finds that while the chain does indeed use real potatoes, there are also more than a few other ingredients. To make a fry ó which at its most basic form is simply potato, salt, and oil ó McDonald's uses 14 ingredients, including strange items like hydrolyzed milk, natural beef flavor, and sodium acid pyrophosphate.

Over on Boing Boing, blogger Mark Frauenfelder points out that that McDonald's locations in the UK serve up fries made from a much simpler recipe. The official McDonald's UK site reveals that they use just five ingredients in their fries: Potatoes, two kinds of oil, dextrose, and salt. Frauenfelder writes that "notably absent" from the UK version but found stateside is methylpolysiloxane, "a commonly used anti-foaming agent that's also an ingredient used to make Silly Putty."

McDonald's should probably get their American fries in check as soon as possible if they hope to improve their image and possibly increase sales. McDonald's spent most of 2014 struggling fiscally and prospects are not looking up. The Wall Street Journal reports that the chain announced a "21% drop in earnings for the latest quarter" this week.


Toon: Deflation Nation

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