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Enough with the Pity Party, Hillary!

This is the latest Time mag cover:

Who the fuck cares? HRC is a multi-millionaire, has been at the top levels of American Politics for decades, Hangs out with celebrities and pop stars, has raised a daughter who married into even bigger money. Really, Hills, you expect voters to vote you in because life has been hard to you?

Stupid, stupid campaign.

This has to be trolling...

Hillary, be proud of your Wall Street speeches
By John MacIntosh

(CNN)Dear Hillary:

I had the pleasure of meeting your husband back in 2002 at the annual reception of a leading private equity firm. (I was the 30-something finance guy in the blue suit, medium height, medium build, brown hair, Ivy League grad. Maybe he mentioned me?)

I still recall how he shook my hand, chatted insightfully with our small group for a few minutes and then wowed us by recognizing the obscure arrangement the jazz quartet was playing (although I always suspected the musicians had been asked to play it for just that purpose). As I'm sure he told you, it was truly a remarkable evening.



Yes, be loud and proud, Hills....

Today's talking point

Apparently will be that Single payer/medicare for all is just not practical. Wash post and American prospect have nearly identical articles on this....

We aren't allowed to have the nice things that other countries have.

Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch announces retirement in his own, unique fashion

Marshawn Lynch’s run as an NFL player, including six seasons with the Seahawks, is apparently over.

It ended in perhaps the most fitting fashion possible for a player known as much for his reluctance to the talk to the media as the punishment he dealt to defenders — with a wordless tweet.

During the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday night, Lynch tweeted a photo of cleats dangling over a wire and a “peace out’’ emoji, signifying he was hanging them up after nine years in the NFL, including the past six with the Seahawks.

Lynch’s tweet was followed a few minutes later by a tweet from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman offering further confirmation: “Salute to my guy @MoneyLynch … It was an honor sharing the field with you.”


In the age of all-American anger:Bernie Sanders, “The Big Short” & a nation that’s had it up to here


We are always told that life isn’t fair, and most of us accept that truism. I have to be honest and tell my kids that they might not be the smartest, fastest, luckiest or richest people out there. That’s just how it goes. However, “fairness” isn’t the same thing as justice.

The biggest financial crime of my lifetime, the financial collapse of 2008, is a historic injustice that has gone unpunished. The people who caused it also profited from it. The plutocratic class, spanning from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, manipulate politicians to get whatever they want, while the rest of us get almost nothing for our votes. This state of affairs is obvious to anyone who cares to look, and it’s the driving factor behind Bernie Sanders’ strong performance in Iowa. If this election becomes a referendum on that unaddressed outrage, Sanders can and should become the next president.

The housing collapse and subsequent bailout of Wall Street was a graft of Biblical proportions and an animating factor in my own political evolution from Republican voter to liberal. Trillions were spent bailing out banks, eventually making the financial class even wealthier, while the rest of us suffered job losses, declining asset prices and a reversal of hard fought fortunes. There was no reckoning for the kleptocracy.

Conservatives and liberals often agree about the stupidity and injustice of bailing out Wall Street, while leaving the rest of us hanging, but conventional politicians on both sides of the aisle have done nothing to rectify this historic wrong. I would add that this incident stands as Barack Obama’s greatest failure. Regular people paid the tab for the graft and corruption of Wall Street, and frustration and resentment have been brewing ever since, driving the rise of the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Donald Trump and growing white mortality. Despite the greatest economic reaming since 1929, consumers and taxpayers have answered only with self-destruction and impotent rage, while our slimy, gutless and corrupt political class begs more campaign cash from the same people who caused the mess.


Monday Bernie Group Toons

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest






Toon: The Only Thing We Agree Upon

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Mr. Ruboto

Young Women For Sanders Not to Be Underestimated

by Donna Smith

Normally, I would just stay silent if Gloria Steinem said something with which I did not agree. I admire her so much. She has shown so much courage on behalf of women's issues throughout the years that it is a bit absurd for someone such as me to even consider challenging any comment she makes regarding women.

So when I read that she thinks young women who support Bernie Sanders for president are doing so because they want attention from boys, I was angry. The young women I have met in Iowa, in Colorado, in Arizona, and in Maryland who are supporting Bernie certainly do not appear to be seeking male attention or favor. That sort of diminishment of any woman's decision to support Bernie seems beneath us all in terms of the sort of discourse the Democratic presidential race has provided thus far.

When I read Gloria's comment, I thought of the young women I met in Iowa who supported Bernie because of his record on climate issues. Those young women were clear-eyed and intelligent, not boy-hungry, attention seekers. I thought of the young women at the Fight for 15 rally who sewed together onesies to illustrate how difficult it is for single mothers to afford basic living expenses when they don't earn a living wage. Those young women were strong and passionate about Bernie being the only candidate (Martin O'Malley was still in the race at that time) who has stated his support for a $15/hour minimum wage. I thought of the young woman and her children who stopped to chat about Bernie and his support of free college and improved and expanded Medicare for all. What a huge difference those issues would make in her life and in the lives of her children.

It is not helpful to anyone for Gloria to make those kinds of comments about women who support Bernie -- young or not. Now that I am in my 60s, I have well earned the right to support the candidates for public office that I believe best represent my views on the issues that matter to me. I have labored against a system that has oppressed me for many years, and I am ready for systemic change. I believe Bernie Sanders offers the best hope for the change I want to see during my lifetime, and that is what I heard from younger women too.



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